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Originally Posted by Blompcube
looks like it's thinking of pissing on your strat.

i think people trust their pets with their gear a bit too much

Nah, it's cool. she asked first.


Originally Posted by TNfootballfan62
Jenny needs to sow her wild oats with random Gibsons and Taylors she picks up in bars before she settles down with a PRS.

Set up Questions? ...Q & A Thread

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Where are you Slash?
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nicolasrivera, you're on MLP aren't you? Sweet pic btw
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Yes i am.

keep the pets on those instruments people!!!!
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This is the best idea for a thread ever, I'll try and get a picture as soon as possible.
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Nicolasrivera, what's the story behind that LP?
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Doesn't really like Slash
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Originally Posted by Cathbard
I posted this in an earlier thread but here goes again:

I have some others with different gear but I'll have to dig them up

Sweet cookie tin amp dude!
Originally Posted by musicjunkie207
The time I fell on my face on a trampoline and cracked my neck, then proceded to run around the yard in a blind panic screaming "I hope I'm not paralyzed! OH GOD I THINK I'M PARALYZED!"

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d a v e
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Her name is Zoidberg and she likes guitar

Peter Frampton: "Homer Simpson wrecks my pig, Cypress Hill steals my orchestra.... and Sonic Youth is in my cooler! Get outta there you kids!"

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^what the hell is it?

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^looks like a rabiit
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Good vibrations.
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This thread is so awesome.

OP's one wins because it's so freakin' exotic and well-executed.

311's is soo cuuuute :3

Cathbard's is cool (esp. the Tim Tams)

You all must have some really obedient pets...if I had a dog/cat I wouldn't let it anywhere NEAR my guitar.
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The picture in the first post is so awesome.
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God I wish I had a kitty now...
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also available in 3D
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Does this one count?

There's a corner of my Champ, a bit of cable, a stringwinder and a slide. Oh, and a cat.
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I'm a pretty flower :D
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I would post something, but I don't think my dog or my ferret would co-operate with me long enough to get a decent picture
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Originally Posted by Tedward

old pic lol

I freaked out when I thought the tail was an arm at first.
Originally Posted by snipelfritz
Man, I forgot how freaky those old school movie skeletons are. Especially that jerky stop motion way they move.

But seriously, everybody knows skeletons don't exist in real life.
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Her name's Cookie.

Originally Posted by jxljxl
Fais wins at life

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Originally Posted by slash4114
Sweet cookie tin amp dude!

Thanks, there are more details about it here.
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that's one badass lizard
Originally Posted by lemurflames
I had a Blackstar. I felt like I was lied to by Chappers, that fat ****.

Originally Posted by Roc8995
Rob Chappers would tell you he couldn't tell a cat from a dog if it would get him more hits on youtube.

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