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Latest build -



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This is a remodeling I did a few months ago to my Epiphone Special SG, It's a pretty nice guitar for what it is but I wanted to do something to it and this was my first time redoing a guitar. When I was coming up with ideas for what color it should be and what electronics I should have.

This is the guitar before I did anything to it, the pickups are terrible in it so they had to go anyway and I wanted a new color.

This is it before I started sanding, it almost looks as it's trying to say "Don't change me, I'm beautiful already!"

Here it is hanging in my shed after I sanded it and masked off the chrome pieces for the bridge, You can see that I dug into the wood some but that was intentional. I didn't really like the curve that was there.

Here it is after quite a few coats of white, originally I wanted to do white and probably do what some people on youtube did and get a barrel of water and paint and make a swirl design like Steve Vai.

I decided to keep it simple and mask off some lines that I thought were cool and do a few coats of black which came out nice.

After the black dried I removed the tape and put some clear coat on it, I didn't go all the way around the guitar with the lines, I just stopped at the front and the bottom of the guitar.

And here is the finished product, I installed a Seymour Duncan Hot Rodded Humbucker set (SH-2 Jazz neck, SH-4 bridge) got new pots and chrome knobs from Warmoth and made sure I got a push/pull pot so I can coil split and I also got some pickup covers from musicians friend so it looks nice and more like an older SG.
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while looking for a cheap but playable guitar to try out some modding, i came across this axl. with some tlc and a lot of work, it turned into a pretty decent guitar.

I left the original Axl EMG single coils and threw in a Lace Hemi that i hadn't liked for my other guitar.
The three knobs are Vol, Tone, and Bridge Vol. Each push-pull pot turns on/off one of the pickups. In theory i thought that down should be on and up off, to prevent bumping it accidentally, etc; but the opposite felt better in practice, so i had to rewire it.
The three-position slider next to the humbucker selects one of the coils or both together. The three-position switch near the jack switches from parallel to N-M series + bridge, to all in series. The 5-way original pickup selector now chooses capacitor options for the tone control.
I had to do some cavity extending…actually, quite a lot. All I had was a power drill, but it worked in the end. It slipped a few times and scratched up the surface….but that was why I had chosen this guitar in the first place. Also one of the saddles was missing its height adjustment screw. I propped an unused key in there and eventually removed the other screw and superglued the key in place.

electronics before:

and after:

With so little experience at guitar wiring, I managed to draw up a very elegant and simple diagram to beautifully coordinate all of these functions. …And it just happened to be completely wrong. I had mistaken the actual changes needed to set the pickups into series, and had to draw it up again—this time limited by the parts I'd already mounted and wired. It took a lot of head-scratching and two more tries at soldering it all together, but in the end it all works. The only drawback is that in full series, cutting the neck and middle pickups will cut the signal—a killswitch. I had wanted to avoid any dead zones, but i ran out of options. Every other combination works, though.

It's not my favorite guitar, but it gives a decent variety of sounds and has worked well as my traveling axe. When no effects are available, throwing it into full series usually gives enough power to coax some bluesy distortion from the amp (I got decent tone from an old solid-state bass cube a friend lent me). The variety of options built into the guitar allow me to search out a decent tone whether I'm playing through a strange amp or going from my old PODxt straight into the mains. It plays well and I haven't had any problems with the original hardware so far.

i created a thread at http://www.ultimate-guitar.com/foru....php?p=30169568 for questions or comments
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Ok, so this guitar started off as a £50 swift "black wicked" guitar:


What I did was replace all the hardware with black, knobs with white, added "hybrid" active/passive pickups, removed the floyd rose bridge, filled in the cavity with wood, put a hardtail bridge in and re-shot the body in satin black.


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Alright, so I finally got around to finishing my octopus guitar, I'm kinda meh about it though:

Has a Seymour Duncan Phat Cat instead of whatever crappy pickup it came with. It sounds good, but idk, I think I could've done better. But it's only my first attempt!

On the other hand, this isn't really a guitar but I consider it still relevant, I'm very pleased with my Spaceman Spiff Ukulele I finished the other day:

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Who's in a bunker?
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did a swirled paint job on a crappy Squire i picked up in a pawnshop. needs a touch up but it still turned out better than i thought it would.
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Turned my dad's old Squier Affinity from 2002 to a single humbucking guitar with tone and volume control, well actually didn't solder the tone yet and I'm not sure if I will, sounds pretty decent without it.

https://dl.dropbox.com/u/14187718/IMG_0424.JPG (the one on the right)
https://dl.dropbox.com/u/14187718/IMG_0445.JPG (yup I know it's missing high E, didn't have a spare one lol)

Anyways, sorry for bad quality pics, Iphone camera sucks ass

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This is how it was before i painted it and changedmost of its components I really didn't like the color and the volume pot was dead so I decided to go with an overhaul :P

And this is what it looks like now I need to put everything back and do some minor tweaks but its almost done.

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Here's a guitar I just finished making for a friend that (in my opinion) has a really cool customization element. To start, its a chambered semi-hollow body with a redwood top and Seymour Duncan Alnico IIs.

The friend is a big fan of the Grateful Dead so instead of an f-hole, I cut the Dead lightning bolt in the top. Inside that chamber, I installed a string of LED lights. The lights are controlled by a foot switch that lets you change the color and blinking pattern of the light that comes out of the lightning bolt.

Here are the LEDs inside the chamber

And here is the paint job for the foot switch

You can see more of my work at MonikerGuitars.com

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Latest build!

May the Force be with You.
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Here's a better pic of the build I posted about recently.

You can see more about this project including some video here

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Decided to post one of my own builds, since it is a new passion of mine. This was a gift for a friend's wedding. The body is solid maple with a dragon carved into the body. The neck was made with a strip of maple sandwiched between 2 pieces of sapele and I used a piece of bolivian rosewood for the fretboard. The flame inlay was done using some of the leftover maple rather than the typical mother of pearl type of inlay. I veneered the headstock with that same maple to tie the whole thing together. I made my own truss rod for this, as well as making my own nut with a piece of claro walnut rather than bone. The tuners are standard with a 14:1 ratio, and I used 2 dual humbucker pickups. I went with a pigtail wraparound bridge and incorporated 2 push/pull pots as well as the 3 way on/on/on switch to give more tone control in selecting the pickups.
The trouble areas I found were:
1) getting the radius of the fretboard just right. I went with the standard 12" radius used on a Les Paul, but since I am making most of my own tools from scratch instead of just ordering them, getting this type of thing right can be a little tricky. Also, I have not yet figured out a way to make a proper compound radius to allow very low string action without buzz after a certain point on the fretboard.
2) getting the right shaping on the neck for optimum strength versus comfort while playing. I'm using a 1/2" router bit to rough shape the neck, and sanding afterwards. But I am too afraid of making the neck too thin and flimsy, but it still feels too beefy and bulky to play.

This is only the 2nd guitar I've ever made, so it is very much still a learning process. If anyone has any tips or tricks, please share.


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Before. Standard Fender Baja Telecaster.

And after...

Metal kangaroo above neck pickup. Got given it at a meet and greet with Tommy Emmanuel.

The Rolling Stones logo. Hand painted by myself. Sanded the finish down to the paint, then painted it on then put a clearcoat over the top.

Then the control plate has been turned around.

Also I changed the jack from the standard tele jack to a les paul one so I can use an angled jack as well as a straight one.

Thinking about putting a humbucker in the neck too.

Unfortunately the colours aren't that clear in the pictures but they're very bright and vibrant. The colour of the body hasn't been changed at all either, despite it looking like it has been.

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Just finished my tele-gib project. Gotta to love that beefy twang.

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So...this is technically my first mod.

I have a Fender Stagemaster (essentially a "Super Strat" model designed by Squier; see here ).

Before pic:

It has some high-powered stock pickups (HSH config), which I quite like. However, I've been wanting to put some actives in it. I've had 2 SD Blackouts for about 6 months and never had the time to do the work of installing them. And now I do have the time!

I will be doing the following:
  • De-activating the single coil pickup, to let it sit as a "dummy" pickup;
  • Installing 2 SD Blackouts (with accompanying 9v batteries);
  • And installing a 3-way switch.
  • Edit: I also did some painting, as you can see.

So, a fairly basic pickup replacement, but quite an upgrade I think, in terms of pickup power. Currently, the old pickups are taken out (except the single coil, which has the wire snipped off of it). I'm waiting on a 2nd Trembucker Mounting Ring* and the 3-way switch, which both should be here Monday or Tuesday. It's all fairly basic soldering stuff once those come in.

*Because, for some reason, one of the SD pickups came with a mounting ring and the other didn't; and SD trembuckers are longer & thinner than regular humbuckers. That means, the 2nd Blackout will NOT fit in the stock mounting ring.

I will post "after" pics when the pickups are installed!

Edit: Got the pickups installed; they're amazing! Pics soon.

I'm going to put a few tasteful splashes of white pain on the guitar as well. It's also missing a pickup height adjustment screw (because I lost one), so I'm going to buy a few.

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So here's my recently finished Fender Baja "Keefcaster". All done by hand by myself.

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I guess you could call this my first mod. I started out with an Aria STG003, boring as you like, cliche colourscheme of strat.

I didn't play it much, it didn't sound too great with the stock pups so I decided to modify it. I sanded it right down to the body, treated the wood, got a new pickguard and decent enough pickups, done all the wiring and came out with this;

I may get a new neck for it at some stage, I ****ed up with the nut since I was gonna install a floyd rose bridge. Once I get another neck with a standard nut I'll update the results.
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Here is the finished product!

Work done:
  • Installed Seymour Duncan Blackouts
  • Re-did the wiring
    I was originally picking up some terrible country station, because the wiring was grounded wrong and turned into a "ghetto" antennae.
  • Painted a Star of David on the one arm of the guitar. (Removed the star.)
    I'm a Messianic Jew, so the Star of David is cool. The 12 lines (kind of faint in the picture) represent the 12 tribes of Israel. Ephraim come home!
  • Used a paint marker to paint the silver lines.
  • Use gold leaf paint to paint the stripe behind the bridge.
    Besides the stripe behind the FR bridge, there's also splashes on the lower edge. If you look closely, you can see those spots are also where the original coat of black paint chipped off. I figured I might as well make those spots contrast the original color and therefore be "artsy".

I kind of like that it has weird, vintage vibe-look now. And it sounds wonderful!

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While I was banned for pit nonsense :P I (with quite a bit of help from my good buddy Punkacc9 from Short Scale) did some serious modding to my red strat. My band has had problems finding a bassist because every good one in our area is currently taken, so we went about turning my start into a guitar/bass hybrid. It's essentially a cleaner version of Scott Lucas's (Local H) setup.

Now bassists, right about now I'm going to ask you calm your tits, I am fully aware that this is not the same as having a real bass player and having been the bassist in a band before, I know how much well written bass lines mean to a band's sound. But my goal is not to completely replace bass guitar (well kind of) but to provide a low end that my band's live sound is missing. Now that that's out there, on to the specs and pics.

So the general Idea here is:

Guitar pickups>knob 1 vol/knob 2 tone>guitar out>custom killswitcher>pedals>amp

P-bass pickup on E+A>knob 3 volume>bass out>custom killswitcher>octave multiplexor>bass amp

We built a "stereo" input/output killswitch pedal so I can turn off and on either signal with footswitches.

The guitar pups are a texas special and SD P-rail, 5-way switch, the p90 part is wired in the bridge pickup and the rail is wired as the middle, switching is pretty much self explanatory (but if anyone want's more info just say so)

The second jack is on the bottom edge by the original jack.

And the pics (Punkacc9 did the woodwork, I did all the electronics):

The pickguard (w/b/mint) on right. Made by Cooterfinger from Short Scale

Bass pickup route

Route Closeup

Bass Jack route

Parts installed and wired

Strung Up

At last week's Band Practice (it now has comp stripe decals)

Not my foot or marshall

Not my feet, amp or pedals, these two were taken when our other guitar player was trying it out

New song demo from that practice with our new singer. There are two guitars, mine is the phasery one throughout the song, any bass you hear is the bass pickup through the octave multiplexor into an fender SS twin (So the bass is a bit woofy, I'm going to get a bass amp when I haz the cash). My guitar sound is the phaser on a zoom G3 into a cyber twin SE, clean is a modded twin reverb model on the cyber twin and the dirty is the '58 deluxe model (I am a Neil Young fan, afterall) Other guitarist is using an ibanez single-cut with EMG-HZs into a marshall something or other combo, I don't remember, clean is the amp, dirty is a vox satchurator.

Recorded on the drummer's iCraphone 5
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Well Ive done a couple projects recently. One was a Jem-style kit build, the other is a GSA60 light mod.

Here is a video demonstration

Here is the Jem-style build

And another video overview
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