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I agree with Black by Pearl Jam, they didn't play it 4 days ago
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Dark Therapy
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Originally Posted by wannabestoner69
I find Opeth's mild stuff to be beautiful. Benighted is one of the best and most beautiful songs ever and all of damnation is awesome.

I totally agree that Opeth's softer stuff is beautiful. I personally think Patterns in the Ivy II and Isolation Years are quite beautiful.
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Zoot Allures
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starts 1:15

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These lyrics, so insightful

Originally Posted by Kumanji
How about you don't insult my friend's dead mum, you prick.

Originally Posted by JDawg
Too be he had to be a dick about his crayons.
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Blue Light by Bloc Party.
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Originally Posted by Jyrgen
Hey man, I fix'd your post, hope you don't mind.

Yeah, the NIN version is pretty emotional too, but the Johnny Cash version is just so haunting because it was recorded pretty much right before he died.
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Don't know if these have been said:

Elliot Smith - "Between the Bars"
Warren Zevon - "Keep Me in Your Heart"
Smashing Pumpkins - "To Forgive"
Red Hot Chili Peppers - "Hey"
Aerosmith - "Seasons of Wither"
Pink Floyd - "Marooned"
Mars Volta - "Asilos Magdelena"
Lykke Li - "Tonight (Live Acoustic on Youtube)"
"Natasha Bedingfield - "Soulmate"
Mandy Moore - "Umbrella"
Incubus - "Southern Girl"

Tenacious D - "Dude, I Totally Miss You"
The Beatles - Abbey Road Medley and "Something"
Peter Gabriel - "The Book of Love"
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doesn't like slash
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The Angel and the One by Weezer

"There are two wolves fighting inside all of us - the wolf of fear and hate, and the wolf of love and peace." The grandson listened, then looked up at his grandfather and asked, "Which one will win?", The grandfather replied, "the one we feed".
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Originally Posted by BullonParade
brian eno anyone?

Yes! I don't listen to a lot of his music but "St Elmo's Fire" is one of the happiest songs ever and "By This River" is possibly the saddest song I have heard.

I am not a huge fan of Animal Collective like a lot of people nowadays, but i do like a lot of their songs, and in my opinion "Fireworks" is the most beautiful song ever. It is just so powerful.

I have to be in the mood to listen to all three of those songs. I don't just listen to them whenever, especially "Fireworks". Here is a link to all three:


By This River:

St Elmo's Fire:

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Tool- Wings for Marie/10,000 Days

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Im gunna step outside the norm and say

Feel - Robbie Williams.
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'Z.Z.'s Song' by Joe Satriani
'Patience' by Guns
'The Ballad' by Millencolin, probably just becuase of the singer's voice.
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Us and Them - by both Pink Floyd and BTBAM.

iSupport the Philadelphia WHYEaglesWHY, RIPPhillies, Flyers, Union, and Sixers.

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Hardly ever posts anymore
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Sigur Ros - Untitled 3. It has to be!

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Ms Rebridge
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Chocolate Coffin - Neutral Milk Hotel
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Originally Posted by CGB89
Cemetery Gates- Pantera.

Your Decision - Alice in Chains.

Double Fixed
Originally Posted by jimmyled
You have a Badger Song avatar!!!!!

Originally Posted by Oprah

Monkey Ball Sack

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They Move on Tracks of Never Ending Light by ThisWillDestroyYou.

It's not a metal song.
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Chloroform Girl - Polkadot Cadaver

You can't find me another song that can make sick and creepy so sweet and sexy.
Originally Posted by Jackal58
Nothing is stranger than being anonymous.
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