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The Gaming Thread VII - All Your Base Are Belong To Us

This is the thread for everything gaming-related. Console gaming, PC gaming, online gaming. Is it considered video game related? It goes here.
Feel free to ask any gaming related question, there will be many here willing to help you out.
The Rules of the Gaming Thread, version 7.0

#1- Stay on topic! This is not an MSN convo, and it is not the place to discuss TV shows, guitars, homework, kittens or the mother of your neighbour. It's called the Gaming Thread for a reason.

#2- No unmarked spoilers! If you're going to post spoilers for a game, please mark them properly. An acceptable way is:

massive spoiler

#3- No spam. Spam and disruptive posts will be reported.

#4- Please refrain from posts consisting of only "Hello everyone" or "Hi people!" or "goodbye people!". If you want to announce your arrival or leaving, at least make it gaming-related.

#5- Do not quote pics. It will help to keep things speedy. Instead replace the URL with something that'll explain what picture you are referring to.

#6- Respect the opinion of everyone and no flaming!

#7- It is forbidden to post any links to copyrighted material, such as torrents, game ROM's or CD keys.

#8- If your question is not answered, try again later! If no one can answer it at the moment, chances are there will be someone who is able to help you at another time! Are you stuck on a game and can't progress? Try GameFAQ's, they have FAQ's for most about every game ever made. If you are having hardware issues, Google is always your best bet. Someone else has probably had the same problem as you!


In the posts below I will be putting up everyone's gaming ID's (including Steam).

If you're not listed, please post your ID in the same format as those in the list, or send me a PM and I will add you as soon as I can. You also might wanna say which games you are playing online, and I'll put those up next to your name.

And if you play World Of Warcraft, THIS is the group for you: http://groups.ultimate-guitar.com/worldofwarcraft

Originally Posted by Ichikurosaki
sloth is hacking away feebly at the grass because he is a sloth but he was trying so hard ;_; hes all "penguin im HERE i am here to help you penguin"

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Gaming FAQ
Thanks to Metacarpi for helping with this

Should I get a PS3, 360 or Wii?!
The best thing you can do is to take a look at existing and upcoming EXCLUSIVE titles for both systems, and see which ones you’d like to play more. At the end of the day, you’re buying the console for your own enjoyment, and it’s a lot of money to spend, so spend it on what you want, not what might be perceived as “cool”!
If you are looking at getting a new console, but don’t really know what to expect from each of them, just scroll down to the console guide below. It will give you some of the basic facts, and can probably answer a few of your questions. For more in-depth thoughts and opinion, just post in the thread.

Is Game X Better Than Game Y?
Yes. And No. Depends on who you ask. Every game has it’s fans and it’s detractors, so there’s no right answer (although if a lot of people are saying Game Y sucks, then the chances are Game X would be a better choice!). Gaming is subjective! One man's trash is another man's treasure!

Do I Need a HDTV To Play My PS3/360?
No, you certainly don’t NEED a HDTV to enjoy your gaming console; they are both compatible with regular TV’s. However, if you want to get the most out of the graphical capabilities of your console, you may want to consider investing in a monster telly! It really makes it look a whole lot better! You can also plug your console to a computer screen, if you have one that supports HD resolution, but you need the right cables and the right inputs on your graphics card for it.

Is This The Right Place To Talk About This?
If it has any relevance AT ALL to gaming, gaming platforms, games, gaming hardware, accessories etc, then this is the place to discuss it!

Who Should I Ask About What?
To be fair, all of the regulars (and irregulars! ) here will be happy to help with any questions you have, but here’s a rough list of what people “specialise” in!

Demon Wolf:
RPGs, PS3, Xbox 360
Fishyesque: Everything gaming related
GLP_Arclite: PC, PS3
Metacarpi: Final Fantasy, Xbox 360, Gears Of War, retro
Ichikurosaki: ANYTHING RPG related!
Superblob: Rareware games, Nintendo
Smokey Amp: Gears Of War, Xbox 360
bulldozerbob: Xbox 360, technical issues
Gaz_m2k5: PC

PlayMadness: Xbox 360, DS, Wii, japanese gaming
whitenihilist: Xbox 360, Nintendo DS
NinjaVampirate: Final Fantasy
eterom11: Nintendo
lp345: PC, Nintendo
cakeandpiemofo: Nintendo
R.Shackleford: PS3, Metal Gear
john_latchem: PSP, console networking
duggyrocks: PS3
Count Seanula: 360, FIFA, Final Fantasy
Zaphod_Beeblebr: Final Fantasy
Kyose: RPG's
sonsie: PS3, PC
UraniYum: Fight Night Nutter
Creelers: PC

So come on in, you’ll find us a friendly bunch, eager to help and discuss all aspects of gaming! One word of warning though, if you get sucked in, you may find it hard to escape!
Originally Posted by Ichikurosaki
sloth is hacking away feebly at the grass because he is a sloth but he was trying so hard ;_; hes all "penguin im HERE i am here to help you penguin"

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Demon Wolf
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UG username- gamertag/PSN-ID

XBOX 360

_InsanitY_'s - AV4EVA08
_Mayday_ - MaydayDan
_Tenacious_ - NsK x Storm x
*yournamehere* - Squadron 434
.smudged. - yoyodoodle
01chardw - christophe245
3lusiv3 - Mr 3lusiv3
666_Pounder - GallowsGallery
AcdcKicksAss - AcdcKickzAss
Ace88 - dorazio13
adamstartin - spawn rhino
a guitar's life - HateCrewReaper
Ahh Shaith - Ink Armada
aixelsydevahi - aixelsydevahi
akm1020 - jezzus stick
Alex-158 - alexTOC158
A Lost Radio - The_Paranoia
AnAngrySquirrel - Maystack
angusfan16 - Vile and Filth
Arch Enemy 65 - Arch Enemy65
Art_Of_Guitar - XenosapienV
AtThisVelocity - AtThisVelocity7
Austyn6661 - xTABx ARK4Y
awal93 - Da Kr3w 4893
Azwethinkwedo - H1LIKU5
B3low3mpty - endovana
BaconFrenzy117 - Baconfrenzy117
BassJfred- SYN Corleone XD
BassyJoey - Mr Crimp
Bbfat24 - Bbfat24
BeastlyBassist - Seanslaught
beatlemaniac-93 - KatyaKit
beethovens dad - beethovens dad
Big Mac n Fries - Big Mac Bandit
billie joe 182 - foggy182
blackenedktulu - Blackenedktulu
Bonesaw - UCCE Bonesaw
Boredguitarist7 - hahaha ur dead
Born_to_shred - Sazz Razamatazz
Bowlingforcerea - JR Cash2249
bpp1991 - Vicari0us
BringMeTheCalm - BringMeTheCalm
buckethead_jr - buckethead jr
bulldozerbob - bulldozerbob
Bullet-Rule - M3tal Bassist
Bunson666 - Ninja Rath
c0m2011 - FlyinLumberjack
Cammeh - Mossy Muka Man
CaptainCannibal - Anthem 13
CaptainOfSmug - Darth Deimos
Carswell98 - Carswell98
caught22 - whitewalls22
ch715dallat - ShockedChris
chazbcwarlock - x666charlie666x
Cjb Scotland - Cjb Scotland
Clincher09 - Clincher09
clincher09 - Clincher09
CLVPX - Dark Hax0r
CM_X5 - colinx5
convictionless - fps masta AOF
Count Seanula - Count Seanula
CowboyUp - Paran0id Joe
Cpt.Jackass - FightTheHorizon
Dahaka - Albionix
Dannystrumpop- Mycoe
DanRev - Dangrimmy
DanteR* - Aspartame92
daytripper75- Marauder2112
ddranthony92 - ddranthony92
Dead_Space - Rossdog12
Deaths Icecream - Gilbanator09
Death_switch - Ardiendo
Defaulted - TheTacoDoctor
Demonology - Cpt II BENNY II
Demonology - x Demonology
Demon Wolf - GeneralWaltz
dhutton - dearjack91
Dilweed - mcdilweed
Dilweed - mcdilweed
Dobzilla - Dobzille Moose
Donkey Fly - The Donkey Fly
duncanxdonuts - FrenchGamerKid
Dyer's Eve - Noonster III
Erik_Aero - ErikAero
EvilWeevil - BR1NSOP
ewb333 - ewb333
extra heavy - johnnyDiamond08
fallenangel20- IV Geogaddi VI
Fate_of_Mind - Laugh Oul Loud
Feischti - LieutenantFeist
Firequacker - TsunamicGPlaya
FlanHappyFlan2K - MetalBroski
floppypick - WaR HaydeH
Freezer Burn- Shad0wSpark (with the 0 being a zero)
Froddy - Froddy07
fronkpies - fronkpies
Gerbs - Gerbs UK =D
Gibsonrocker14 - xC0d3Blu3x
ghostnineone - ghostnineone
Gods Waffle - Bolby The Beast
gooey moo - Gooey Moo
gorgggg - GorGenator
Grenade24 - SnowMonkey13
guitarnoob_100 - Chris2194
HaKattack - Coke_hakola
happytimeharry - MasterShake07
hardrock1315 - Satiate517
Helium - CruXii
Hellish Wolf - Hellish Wolf
HeritageQB11 - JavManJ200
Hexagram - lefty151
highway62 - dazed777
Holy. - HuNgRyZ
Hypnotisation - SloikyPoiky
IbanezPlayer27 - TehKittteh
Ichikurosaki - MariaGackto
Ichimaru - Dream Away Rain
Ikilledkenny - Ja22 Hands
Imdeth - MrScott11
integralbirth- fuddermudgeon
iron_mike25 - FOOmike25
isabiggles - isabiggles
isan - LT Com Ambrose
iSlash - VRSlashGnR
I_CaughtFire- LiamVengeance
Jabman - x Sgt DEagle x
Jack_White455 - wolf1515
Jako215 - JerkwaterJako
James Water2 - Led Head1991
JMcG92 - JMcG92
John_latchem - Latchem72
JPJ_12- Alex001206
JTsparx - DeathMcGuns
kammy1221 - IamJust0ne
Kankuro - ClivetheGlide
Keyphur - DiscoStu52
kidsilcon - Kidsilicon
Kiffa - Uncle Chris GBR
killerswan - KILLERSWAN
killzy - elitekiller24
King ofKumbucha - Gore0bsessed
King ofkumbucha - Gore 0bsessed
KWAL562 - KWAL562
Kyle Gass - vxM 3 R C Yxv
Lefty99 - Lefty99
LetTheBassPlay - Lackeydude
LiBam - SkinnyBamBam
Lilacwine27 - LilacWine7
LoneMNRocker - LoneMNRocker
macmancometh - GentlemanJim321.
maidenrulz19 - Alfredo5150
MasterMongoose - MasterMongoose0
MattIsTheCosby- pacmanghost x
MattPerson911 - MattPerson
MclovinPnWns - Mclovin93
met(al) - met666AL
metacarpi - Metacarpi UG
metalrobot- xmetalrobotx
MiasmA- xxxMiasmAxxx
MisfitsBass138 - TediousJack
ML7- ML7
Moleman_1991 - Moleman1991
Moon1n1te - luckrobert
Mr. President - typoofreality
Muse-Citizen - MuseCitizen
Musicianamedave - Vanillaface44
musicianamedave - Vanillaface44
Mutant Corn - Mutant Corn
myguitarskucks1 - death muffin68
nanna_guy414 - renbean6663
Neer - ShuroTheAimbot
Nelsean - NecRoSeaN
Nevermindaboutm - Thom Johnners
Niftynico148 - NicoBro
NightmareXT - Shredd3d Wh34t
Ninja Vampirate - banter 0o
NoobMuncher3000 - NoobMuncher3000
Oli_88 - Elmotheewokking
Opeth_Death - XxMisanthropexX
Osiris77 - Osiris7837
Ostinattos - Ostinattos
pimpslap1236 - colonelcancer53
pinkhaze29 - UA Madcap
pix3lboy - pix3lboy
Portuguese_boy - HumanAbstract92
Primus2112 - MongrelPraxis
punkbassist19 - GotDeparted
questionmarc - Questionmarc7
Rammstein_Fan15 - ridder91
RampagingAcorn - RampagingAcorn
RaveRock - The Wumpzor
Regibald - Bald Regibald
Rhythman - DG Nado187
Rob E - Wardy888
rockstar_jones - FenderShredder
Rockwolf - CaptainYes
RubberPuppiessu - ShowingMyCactus
ryand111 - ryand111
RyANDeRLeGEnd - RASTA Ryan92
Saf1- Saf4
Saphrax - Saphrax 85
schmalex1 - zombishakespear
Sealcubmassacre - Andypeebs
Section 5 - YouGotOwend
severed-metal - Beyond The Mind
Shaned - Shreddeth
sheldonpardy- xShelly Px
skullguitarist - bloodyangelgurl
skullguitarist - syber615
Slinov - Slinov
Slut - KwaiChangCaine
Smokey Amp - Smokey Amp
SOADwannabe - EnigmA sGi
soccermom - Wazid
Soundgarden1986 - Shevil
spartanTHC - predator1505
spitfire6860 - Cornacopia
Spockleatard - JeffDoomsday
Spoonylove90 - Spoonylove90
Spoonylove90 - Spoonylove90
Steve The Plank - Enjerica & Steve The Piank
Strato-Massacre - StratoMassacre
StreetLight3989 - deadkennedy3989
StrokeMidnight - Atomic Gamer
Summonancer - Glowing Feegle
SuperBlob - RNHornets
System Overide - Grimm503
TalonbladE - Xeranex
TalonbladE - Xeranex
Televibe - stef m 1986
Terrodar - Terrodar
thefrigginbob - BEARitone
The Leader- Findrin
TheNextJimi - Soccer918
thenextkirk92 - Mr That Spartan
Thepoison92- ThePoison33
The Spoon - The Spoon 360
thewho68 - jack candle
thoraxe - gagey boi pwnz
ThunderFingers - Death Sarge
ticklemeemo - parahn0id
Timoros - Timoros6SiC6
TOAOIsaac - Viking Isaac
toineman - al1114
Tom589 - Tom589
tommo619 - GrieveNoMore
tonedeafidiot - imeistermandude
trivium036- grimnarf
TrP6 SeNiLe - TrP6 SeNiLe
Von. - Bruckensturny
WARLOCK123 - Louis6789
Warp3r - R34V3RZ
Waster - Brian Destiny
Waterboy799 - Waterboy799
Whatley2212 - Whatley2
WhiteUnggoy - WhiteUngoy55
whodat - El Interlocutor
Wulphy- Polar Baird
xLoGit3k - xlogit3k
x Misanthropy x - III Subz3ro III
[x]Huffy[x] - huffy409
Yanks4Life92 - Yanks 4 Life 92
yellowfrizbee - yellowfrizbeex
yoyodunno - t3havilo
zackR- zaack92
Zetaspartan2552- VINTAGErockstar
Zolom - Cetadon

Originally Posted by Ichikurosaki
sloth is hacking away feebly at the grass because he is a sloth but he was trying so hard ;_; hes all "penguin im HERE i am here to help you penguin"

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Playstation 3
1avatar328 - skyei
Adam124 - addy-ant
AstheticsOfHate - Allshalperish
BaconFrenzy117 - Baconfrenzy117
BeastlyBassist - BeastlyBassist
BigFatLiam- Uberpownage56
Blackbullet - Shibuib
BlueAltitudes - BlueAltitudes
BrokenLaney_DBC - John7331
CM_X5 - colinx5
C O B H C - ESPguitarist21
Captain Panda - Uberturtle
Chatterbox - De_Villiers
Cobain is King - Ferdasyn
Count Seanula - CountSeanula
Davester000 - Davester000
Death_switch- Ardiendo
DemonDante - Y2Ken
demonbreed - Demonbreed
Demon Wolf - AxlOrnitier (EU) and Silkworms (US)
Diminishedfaith - DeadAimHeadshot
Drakathan - SneakySoul
Drkxero13 - drkxero13
Dudeman5000 - Dudeman5000
Finis - Finismundis
Fishyesque - Vendetta1105
Friendly Stoat - SamF
GLP_Arclite - ArcliteTemplar
Gallagher2006 - NorthernEmber
Gelato - Andronomy
ghostnineone - ghostnineone
Ichikurosaki - FF_Kisaragi
JackalUK - WelshJackal
Jaymz2K - Saint_Jaymz
Jesus the strat - ajm007
KieronC07 - KieronC92
Kilobyte - Zeroxxed
Kyose - Naphiel
Lilacwine27 - LilacWine
Logz - logz
Maiden_Beast - Father_Uzi
MasterOTheMetal - Urownstupitity
metal-murnanes - jimsworthy
Metal-X - SoulCrusher87
Metalfan#3 - ThirtyFive
Mr.Witty - poinkster
Nemesis260 - Nemesis260
ninnipinni93 - ninnipinni93
NovemberRain273 - whatev27
PinoyxRockar - noelsans
PlayMadness - PlayMadness23
R.Shackleford - Chuche_02
RSOB Bass - RSOBBass
Rundle - Falsey4
Scorzerci - Scorzerci
Scrubs - Scrubs42
SG_dave - SG_dave
Slider01 - J91D
Sn^ke - Phlebotomized
Snuffles - camyw
Sonsie - ChocolateBear123
Spoony 101 - dirty_monkey_101
SquirrelJonGoff - JonGoff
SystemOvADown - SystemOvADown
The Admiral - Malbouro
The Leader- Findrin
TheReverend724 - KeziaNights
The poison92- ThePoison33
Tikiman - CaptainCrabs
UraniYum - Scoobiddidy
Volcomgrifter - mrweaver1
WTF!!is a TAB - MetuulGuitarist7
Wanttolearn - Rofl_Mao
Zaphod_Beeblebr - Zaphod6578
andrew12398 - stopsign1234
aznrockerdude - TheAbsolution
bigmac2244 - jahneh
bklinger83 - klingdog01
bogeaqyt - boge
bungeeboy- thebiff
craig_241 - craig_241
creelers - creelers
davedoom - wammbarro
deepestpurple - stefan_k
dgme92 - ConDar
duncang - duncangp
el rulfo- gsg9zaitsev
eterom11 - Lord-MacTooth
faiizow - Faiizow
garfgarfgarf - garfgarfgarf
geetar_man0 - Freerider43
genghisgandhi - Mahatma_Khan
guitarnoob_100 - Whiski_Guy
hankscorpio - Milius
happytimeharry - happytimeharry07
helsinki_vampir - PnKnG8909
john_latchem - Latchem72
lbc_sublime - johnnymac9
leprechaun_sean - leprechaun_sean
lordofthefood1 - TheWizastWiserd
matt169 - mdg16
meh! - hunnymin1
moleman_1991 - moleman1991
mr. riff - Dicer7
mulletboy14 - DrPepperPHD
no lolage - FAMOUS-cupcake
nospacesallowed - nospacesallowed
oZone_TNS - oZone07
paintITblack39 - Colenier
rasveer - rasveer
rjdusa - rjdusa
rojomeansred - TIeriusMAC
simmy17 - simmerman11
skylerjames13 - SkylerJames13
slash fan #1 - dunlopsrule
snausages - phoop_
stef123 - stefan_k
stepco12345 - UltraSteveo11
sweeping steve - guitarlad
tancanada - tannerxtragedy
tancanada - tannerxtragedy
the_astronaut - properboraz
theguitarist - theguitarist
the~unforgiven - mattp17
tubyboulin - tubyboulin
wesseem - JackApple
whipwreck - whipwreck
wigzwamz - SN1X_T3H_PWN3R
x0rsist - adam1337
yellowfrizbee - yellowfrizbee
Originally Posted by Ichikurosaki
sloth is hacking away feebly at the grass because he is a sloth but he was trying so hard ;_; hes all "penguin im HERE i am here to help you penguin"

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The following is Wii, Super Smash Bros Brawl and Steam ID's.

Wii (thanks to magicninja for the original list)
metacarpi: 5541 7063 8977 9934
cakeandpiemofo: 0606 5078 1407 8002
pureebil333: 4562 7205 3638 8028
Open Fire: 1156 4422 3820 5703
Sean13: 4714 2245 6869 9488
Ralbert07: 5718-0546-9340-8520
Blash: 7205 7723 0897 5314
Magicninja: 2462 8367 0274 3492
Maus24: 7820 3477 6933 9454
NoobMuncher3000: 1858 1667 4568 5921
nexteynate: 0331 9837 0500 5724
JamieB: 5345 7168 6502 7602
blackendtkullu: 8283 6344 8297 6084
guitarfreak333: 8464 6548 3875 1091
DeSean: 3694-2557-3526-7141
donkeyman: 1702-6368-5309-2105
lmnop: 4820 2542 9218 0481
guitarguy0153: 8259 4230 4771 6846
baddewd: 2713 5922 9500 1618
StreetLight3989: 5152 2606 3277 6397
Iceman: 6038 4490 5315 1113
bored2death: 1462 9323 4593 7778
J.A.R : 7054 3894 4223 2011
zEp101: 7263 2636 6750 7003
pftyeaiplaybass: 4527 7334 9842 5302
Zackie EL: 1124 3283 9864 5992
Bowlingforcerea: 5079-2384-3775-1785
JeffWiredBeck24 (ALEX): 6926 8498 5151 0382
Benjy: 2790 0953 2625 9965
AceofBlades: 4908 8891 2955 3432
bobthesgman: 5200 7390 0246 1851
RevaM1ssP1ss - 5774 5473 3786 7209
imdeth - 8238 4261 6057 0001
damnphrophet - 0903 2580 7686 8427

Call of Duty Modern Warfare Reflex
byob_soad2 - 3136 1883 4169

Animal Crossing City Folk Codes

RevaM1ssP1ss - 3222 9655 8807

Mario Kart Wii Codes

Imdeth - 2922-8588-6535


COD: Black Ops DS

BlessedRebel15 - Solja Grl

Thanks to JeffWiredBeck24 for the Brawl ID's.

UG Super Smash Bros. Brawl Friend Codes
JeffWiredBeck24 - 4167 4152 5523 (AlPO4)
cakeandpiemofo - 3652 2785 6579
dont_cry789 - 3437 2742 5742 (???)
PlayMadness - 1719 2857 4472 (BOB)
StreetLight3989 - 0516 6941 7366 (MATT)
i have to pee - 5412 9635 1384 (ew0k)
joebraves92 - 0387 8557 6228 (JOEYD)
thefoldarsoldar - 3480 2214 0610 (???)
DarkDude110 - 5455 9075 0663 (DKRZR)
bluehawk15620 - 4940 5225 4768 (gravy)
anepicmistake - 4552 9778 0651 (Clint)
Iceman_8319 - 2148 7805 6053 (JUAN)
kyurah - 2535 3355 7381 (DAVID)
Mrs. Lovett - 0645 5498 0197 (Rikku)
Markieman - 2148 7821 7025 (Mark)
Dreadnought - 3909 7180 4488 (Z)
Grizzzley - 0173 1019 1439 (???)
SuperGrunger111 - 5198 2287 0803 (YT!)
Blackholesun00 - 2320 6065 9435 (MARTN)
cloüd1 - 1203 9159 5375 (Cody)
Ralbert07 - 1934 0340 8658 (MORSP)
SuperBlob - 3007-9553-8200
xX*Zeppelin*Xx - 1762-4126-8203
RevaM1ssP1ss - 3265 9152 8245 (REVA)
imdeth - 3910-6624-2943 (Scott)
deadkitten - 1291-2585-6542


Adam124 - gnr124
Art_Of_Guitar - leviathan_1189
AstheticsOfHate - faceeraser567@hotmail.com
BeastlyBassist - http://steamcommunity.com/id/beastly396
BigFatLiam - Big_Fat_Liam
Blackbullet - Drag_on88rr@hotmail.com
Cornmancer - Cornmancer
Dartmaster - http://steamcommunity.com/id/TheDartManDavid
Death_switch - Ardiendo
Demon Wolf - dwdemonwolf
Diamond Dave - black_daveth
Drkxero13 - drkxero13
Finis - http://steamcommunity.com/id/finis
FuzzBox91- rustinpeace91
GLP_Arclite - http://steamcommunity.com/id/Arclite - XfireID - Arclitetemplar
Gaz_m2k5 - http://steamcommunity.com/id/gaz_m2k5 - XfireID - gazm2k5
GisleAune - GisleAune
Guitar Guy21 - njusten
Guitar_Dan_666 - http://steamcommunity.com/id/OpethDan
Hoodoo Child - http://steamcommunity.com/id/hoodoo_child
Ichikurosaki - ChronoPhantasy
JackGuack - Millswjack
Jackolas - http://steamcommunity.com/id/jackuk
Kensai - KjellD
Kilobyte - zeroxx
LazyLatinoRocke - yoeasypunk
Masonpwiley - http://steamcommunity.com/id/mason
Msu_Man04 - Jamin4Guitar
Primus2112 - http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198008058056
Regibald - Regibald [DOAC]{CG} http://steamcommunity.com/id/regibald_doac.
Slinov - Slinov
SuperBlob - RobotNinjaHornets
Weenie_Beenie - http://steamcommunity.com/id/legganaragim
babakkatt - svempa99
bendystraw - bendystraw49
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Again, if you want to be added to any of these lists, either send me a PM or post in the thread and I will put you up.

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sloth is hacking away feebly at the grass because he is a sloth but he was trying so hard ;_; hes all "penguin im HERE i am here to help you penguin"

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So which one of the three leading gaming consoles should I buy?
The best bet is to post a question in the thread and you'll get some in-depth opinions, but below are some basic facts about each console which might be worth reading up on first of all!

But before you go, read this: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Xbox_3...rosoft_Xbox_360

List of the exclusive games for each console. THE most important thing to know when getting a new console... after all, you'll be getting it for the games!

-Xbox 360-

The 360 uses a disc tray capable of reading games, movies (DVD), CD's and other optical media. All models use detachable harddrives, but even though it uses 2.5" SATA hard-drives you can only use official ones supported by Microsoft. Regular ones will not work. Some features include USB 2.0, 10/100 Ethernet, HDMI and two memory card slots for the 360 memory card unit. Voice communication is handled by the console, which allows for cross-game communication. All 360 games can also be installed to the harddrive, which makes the console run much more quietly.
It supports up to four wireless controllers and three wired. The 360 currently has no motion control, but there are plans to release Project Natal in 2010 which is a full-body motion controller.

-Release date-
November 22 2005 in North America, Canada and Mexico. December 2 2005 in Europe and December 10 2005 in Japan.


There are five models of the Xbox 360. The Xbox 360 Core is the entry level Xbox, it came without a harddrive and used a wired controller (unlike the more recent models that all come with a wireless controller).
It has now been replaced by the 360 Arcade, which comes with a 256MB memory card, wireless controller and five arcade games pre-installed.
The most common model is the 360 Premium, also known as the 360 Pro. It comes with a 20GB or a 60GB harddrive, wireless controller and a headset. It recently got a price-cut, and has been discontinued as of August 2009, and will continue to be sold until the supply has run out.
The Elite model comes with a 120GB harddrive and a black matte finish, with the controller and headset in the same color. The latest 360 model is called the 360 Slim, and comes with wi-fi and a 250GB harddrive.

-Backwards compability-
The 360 supports almost all games released for the original Xbox. A list can be found here: http://www.xbox.com/en-us/games/bac...tygameslist.htm

The Xbox 360 uses an online system called Xbox Live, which was established with the original Xbox and recieved a major update for the release of the 360. It allows the user to create a profile, join message boards, access the Xbox Live Arcade and Marketplace and communicate with other members. It supports video and audio communication.
Xbox Live has an annual cost of 49,99 USD, and currently has over 20 million subscribers. If you do not want to pay, you can create an Xbox Live Silver account for free, but it will not allow you to play multiplayer games or access all features of the Arcade and Marketplace.
The Xbox Live Marketplace is the virtual market designed for the console and allows users to download purchased and promotional content such as demos, expansions, videos, trailers, podcasts, etc.
The currency is Microsoft Points and are purchased through Xbox Live with a credit card. You can also get prepaid cards.
The Xbox Live Arcade is an online service which distributes downloadable video games for 360 owners. It has a wide array of classic arcade games, original games and even games from other consoles such as the PS1 and PC.
The 360 currently has no web-browser.


-Playstation 3-

The Playstation 3 features a slot-loading Blu-Ray drive for games, movies (both Blu-Ray and DVD), CD's and other optical media. All models have 2.5" SATA hard-drives which can be changed by the user. Some features include Bluetooth 2.0, gigabit Ethernet, USB 2.0 and HDMI 1.3. It supports up to 7 controllers connected via Bluetooth. The PS3 controllers have motion-control achieved by tilting the controller, but Sony have plans to release a full motion controller in 2010.
The PS3 is region-free.

-Release date-
November 17 2006 NA, March 23 2007 Europe

Sony Computer Entertainment

There's five models of the original PS3, usually referred to by their harddrive size. 20GB, 40GB, 60GB, 80GB and 160GB. In august 2009, a sixth and new model of the PS3 was launched entitled the PS3 Slim. It's smaller, lighter and consumes less power, but it does not support installs of third party operating systems like the previous models. It can't play PS2 games either. It comes with a 120GB harddrive.

-Backwards compability-
All PS3 models play PS1 games, but only the 20GB and 60GB PS3 models released in North America 2006 fully support PS2-games through hardware emulation. The 60GB model released in Europe in march 2007 has partially software-based PS2-emulation, and so does the 80GB model released in the US later that year. The more recent models of the PS3 have no PS2 compability.

The PS3 uses a unified online system called the Playstation Network, which is free to use and you can create as many accounts as you want. In the Playstation Store you can download demos, trailers, videos, podcasts, extra game content and old PS1 titles. You transfer money from a credit card and use it to buy content from the store. You can also buy Playstation Network Cards preloaded by a specific sum, but they are currently only available in South Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong and North America. Japan uses a ticket system.
Another feature is Playstation Home which is a community-based online service, and it allows the user to create a custom avatar and interact with other people. It has been downloaded by 7.5 million people.
The PS3 also has a built-in web browser.


-Nintendo Wii-

The Wii is the leader of the current video game generation with over 50 million units sold (to compare with the 360's 31 million and Playstation 3's 27 million). It uses a slot-loading optical media drive that reads both Wii Optical Discs and Gamecube games. Unlike the 360 and PS3, the Wii's main focus is motion-control. The controller is called a Wii Remote (Wiimote for short) and uses a combination of infrared light and accelerometers to sense its position in a 3D space. You point it at something called the Sensor Bar, which is placed on your TV.
Other features include 2 USB ports, 512MB internal flash memory and an SD slot card. It has no HDMI support.

Release date-
November 19 2006 in North America, December 2 2006 in Japan and December 8 2006 in Europe.


There is only one model of the Nintendo Wii. It has no harddrive like the 360 and PS3, instead it has a 512MB internal flash drive and SD memory card support. Nintendo issued an update earlier this year which allowed users to download Virtual Content and WiiWare directly on to a memory card, to make up for the console's insufficient storage.

Backwards compability-
The Wii supports all Nintendo Gamecube software, and also its controllers and memory cards. However, you can not use the Wii Remote to play Gamecube games, so you need a Gamecube controller to play GC games and a Gamecube memory card to save them. Online and LAN functions available on Gamecube titles are unavailable on the Wii.

You can access the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection Service through the Wii's built in Wi-Fi, or with a USB-to-Ethernet adapter. It is free of charge, and uses a 12-digit friend code system for players to connect to each other. Each Wii has its own unique 16-digit code for use outside of game features. Apart from multiplayer gaming, you can download old games from various systems (such as NES, SNES and N64) through the Virtual Console, which is a part of the Wii Shop Channel. The Wii also uses Opera as a web-browser.


There it is, a rundown on what each console can offer. Remember that different consoles suit different types of gamers, so there is no definitive answer as to what to get!

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sloth is hacking away feebly at the grass because he is a sloth but he was trying so hard ;_; hes all "penguin im HERE i am here to help you penguin"
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-Gaming PC-

First of all: Getting a new graphics card? Read this first!!!


(Disclaimer: The following was written by Arclite, a self-proclaimed PC elitist. Do not take offence)

If you, like many genetically superior gamers, wish to attempt gaming on your PC instead of your pitiful games consoles, there are several things you should consider.

1. Are you of sufficient breeding to hold such a majestic, revered position in the gaming world?

2. Is your PC up to scratch when it comes to gaming? if not, how much are you willing to spend in order to get a gaming-grade system?

A system which can run any game currently released on maximum settings may be quite expensive, probably going for around £800-£1000. If that's too pricey for you, consider lowering your expectations regarding the visual quality of games and you can probably get something a fair bit cheaper that will satisfy your needs. Also, you can probably get a better system, more cheaply if you build it yourself instead of buying prebuilt from a store.

If you aren't sure how well your PC will run a specific game, here's a nifty online tool which lets you check:


The main components to look at when buying a gaming PC are the processor (CPU), Graphics Card (GPU) and RAM. There's more to be said about these than there's space for here but these are the points you definately shouldn't cheap out on. Ask in the thread for some clarification or suggestions about any gaming system you're looking at purchasing, or trying to put together. If any PC gaming regulars are online there's a good chance they'll take a little time to help you out (though we aren't tech support, so don't moan at us since we aren't paid to take it ). If noone with any PC knowledge is online to give you a hand, chances are the computer thread might be able to help you with technical questions, and if that fails, there's always google.

3. Are the games available on the PC the kind of things that a lowly, non PC gaming peasant like yourself are worthy of playing?

The PC gives you access to pretty much every genre ever. If you have a 360 gamepad as well as a mouse and keyboard you can play more or less ANYTHING. Download Steam, it's a digital distribution platform that sells pretty much everything and has regular BRILLIANT sales that lets you pick up many games, very cheaply. On top of this, PC games tend to be quite a bit cheaper even when buying boxed copies from a store (this being one of the major advantages of PC gaming).

Finally, the PC is a completely open platform. Unlike the PS3, Xbox 360 and Wii, there's noone to stop a game being made, noone to regulate the content, and anyone is free to make and distribute whatever they like at whatever price they like. it's easy to develop a PC game and there's virtually no red tape to consider. The sheer number of independent or free to play games available to play on the PC is mindblowing and you can spend weeks playing great games without spending a thing.


Handheld section coming soon!

Originally Posted by Ichikurosaki
sloth is hacking away feebly at the grass because he is a sloth but he was trying so hard ;_; hes all "penguin im HERE i am here to help you penguin"
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And number seven is on the way!

Thank you very much for your patience, you may now post. Just remember to follow the rules, and have fun!

As always, a huge thanks to Fishyesque for creating the second thread, and providing a bulk of the information. Thanks to Metacarpi and Arclite for helping out with various stuff, and thanks to everyone who uses the GT and makes it such a great place! Down with dullShep, Garrus for president!

Originally Posted by Ichikurosaki
sloth is hacking away feebly at the grass because he is a sloth but he was trying so hard ;_; hes all "penguin im HERE i am here to help you penguin"
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First post? >_>


Rest of y'all posting before he said can go to hell

EDIT: To piss off Kyose further down the page.... NIER.

You are standing in an open field west of a white house, with a boarded front door.
There is a small mailbox here.

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Only DW and a few others will get this but oh well.....
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So, anyone else pissed when you only find credits in Dead Space?
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First post lololololol
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Took you long enough

Awards nao plz
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First page get.
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Hahah, awesome!
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Creelers and WhiskeyFace, mind removing your posts so all OP fit together?

Cheers people, GTVII is oooon!

Originally Posted by Ichikurosaki
sloth is hacking away feebly at the grass because he is a sloth but he was trying so hard ;_; hes all "penguin im HERE i am here to help you penguin"
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i technically got the last post in GT

edit: i just noticed my tags arent up there

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Well, I'm proud to be on the 1st page of the epic GT. DW, nice wallpaper, but it needs MOAR Miranda

Originally Posted by Kilobyte
Suddenly, gamers. Thousands Tens of them.

Gamers. Gamers everywhere...
Don't THREAD on me!

Would you listen to this and maybe crit?I'd do the same way for you

And if you've got any sort of problems, Ask Guru Pete

You will click this...

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I can live with 2nd post this time, I got first last thread. >_>

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