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Your ENTIRE Rig History

Post every piece of equipment you've ever had here, you'll probably be surprised with how much you had. I certainly was.

In order of purchase;

- Some shitty acoustic I don't remember any details about
- Marshall Rocket Deluxe - I see this as my first!
- Marshall MG15CDR - First Amp
- Liberty SG copy
- Digitech RP80 - First pedal
- Tokai Love Rock LS150 - First quality electric
- Rocktron Banshee Talkbox
- Rocktron Utopia G100
- Ibanez EW20ASE - First quality acoustic
- Black Knight CTB-42M - First and only Bass
- Dunlop Crybaby GCB-95
- Behringer GMX212
- Bugera 333XL - First valve amp/half stack
- Charvel Desolation DS-2

Pretty sure that's it, not much of that remains though! Current rig;

- Charvel Desolation DS-2
- Tokai LR LS150
- Dunlop GCB-95
- Bugera 333XL
- Behringer GMX212
- Ibanez EW20ASE

That's all I use in a gig setup, I still have the Marshall Rocket Deluxe but it is very rarely used. I keep it for sentimental reasons, with it being my first guitar. Everything else has been sold or given away!

How about you guys?

Waits for Tom1.0 to enter
ᶌῖᶌα ɭα ɌεᶌσɭƲʈιʘϰ

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Tom 1.0
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I cant remember
Originally Posted by Lemoninfluence
I'm not familiar with police procedures.

1977 Burny FLG70
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Ha. Edited at the same time you posted.

Coincidence? I THINK NOT!


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Gimme a beer!
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Originally Posted by Tom 1.0

I cant remember

Washburn USA Custom Shop
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Federal Agent
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Location: the ozarks
Fender F-25 Acoustic
Squier Jagmaster
Line 6 Spider 3 15 watt
Boss DS-1
Boss SD-1
Boss PW-2
Crate V5
Boss CE-3

Guitars:Fender Am. Standard Telecaster, Gibson SG
Amp:Fender Blues Jr.
Pedals:EQD Dream Crusher->Polytune->PH-1r->Fulldrive 2->Barber LTD->Catalinbread DLS->CE-3->Strymon El Capistan->EQD Ghost Echo
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*Incoming Wall of Text*
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Two unbranded acoustics as I was learning and growing, then one Admira Virtuoso classical acoustic. Still have the Admira and the larger of the two unbranded ones. Got a footstool around then, still use it but need a new one as it's breaking apart on me.

1st electric: Fender Squire Stratocaster. Bought at same time as Peavey Rage 158 SS combo and Digitech RP50. Have since sold the Strat.

Next a USA Stratocaster and a Roland Cube 60, both of which I still own (good quality stuff there)

Unbranded Volume pedal (still have it but it's broken), within a week of getting that got given a Boss MT-2 Metal zone (still own and use because I got nowt better )

Also a Jackson SL3MG Soloist, followed by an Ibanez RGA470AHZ. Still have those too.

At some point (can't remember when) got a Boss RC-20 Loop Station, Boss Volume Pedal, Boss GE-7 Equalizer, HH Studio 50 Combo amp, Ibanez Weeping Demon Wah and various cases and leads and tuners etc. Still have all that stuff, though have lost/had stolen various leads over the years.

Next buy: Blackstar HT-100 + 2x12 cab.

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Tom 1.0
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I really cant

I will try... wont be as exciting as most peoples though...

Fender Dreadnought Acoustic.
Squier Affinity Strat.
Squier SP10 Amp.

Squier Affinity Strat.
Epiphone Explorer.
Marshall MG100DFX.

That was it for 8 years of gigging and playing.

Then I took a year off....

2010 - now, in no order because I cba to check...

Ibanez Prestige S1675 (sold)

PRS SE Cu22 (sold)

LTD MH401 (sold)

Ibanez 7321 (sold)

Blackheart Killer Ant (sold)

About 4 Blackstar HT5s (sold)

Marshall 1912 (sold)

Peavey Valveking (sold)

Line 6 SV Hd100 (sold)

Line 6 V30 412 (sold)

Orange Rocker 30 (sold)

Peavey 6505 (sold)

Orange 212CB (sold)

Champan ML1 (sold)

Fender JR Strat (sold)

Ibanez RG1570 (sold)

Ibanez J Custom RG1822 (sold)

LTD VB401 (sold)

Ibanez RG1527 (sold)

Epiphone G400 (sold)

Carvin DC727 (sold)

ENGL Steve Morse (sold)

Gibson Les Paul BFG (sold)

Ibanez RG3270 (sold)

Vintage VRS (sold)

Squier 72 Tele (sold)

LTD PH600 (sold)

Charvel Model 3 (sold)

I currently play this lot:

Epiphone Explorer.
Line 6 POD HD300.
Laney VC50 212
Roland AC60
Ibanez RG7420.

I like playing different things, but I can no longer afford to do this shit, so I am going to stop buying midrange stuff and only buy high end gear from now on, so no more spamming NGDs.

Originally Posted by Lemoninfluence
I'm not familiar with police procedures.

1977 Burny FLG70

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*Incoming Wall of Text*
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Woah, you sell more stuff than a guitar shop

How'd you finance it in the first place??
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Tom 1.0
Hot For Teacher
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Location: UK
I work and use the profit from flipping gear to buy more.

I have only ever had 3-4 guitars at one time.
Originally Posted by Lemoninfluence
I'm not familiar with police procedures.

1977 Burny FLG70
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Location: Limerick, Ireland
Tom 1.0 has had many fingers in many pies by the sounds of things.

Lorenzo acoustic (gave away to a beginer)
Greg bennet les paul copy
15w drive amp
boss ds1
Marshall mg100
fender mex strat
ehx big muff + digitech whammy
laney gh50 and marshall 1960
dunlop wah
boss delay
boss loop station
seymore duncan pick up replacement
blackstar ht5 amp
ehx reverb
gibson les paul limited edition
line 6 pod studio

I dunno if writing that list just made me proud or depressed

I think I have more gear than sense
07 Gibson Les Paul LE
06 Fender Mex Strat - SDJb Jr, duckbucker, lil 59
Cry Baby 95Q-> Digitech Whammy -> DD3 -> MXR Micro Amp-> TU 2
Holy Grail ->Boss Rc20 Loop Station
Laney GH50 with Zilla Fatboy 2x12 (celestion g12-65)

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*Incoming Wall of Text*
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Ah fair enough. Sounds like a plan
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Location: South Africa
my first guitar
>a random crappy classical, but you gotta start somewhere right?

Cort Strat copy
>still have it today, want to get rid of it though - it has some major intonation issues

Laney Hardcore amp
>like a small 20 watt or something rig with awful tone. I donated it to my school

Johnson classical of sorts
>one up from my first one - it's my campfire guitar now

Starfire Mega-10
>was a "gift" - it's a really nice old classic amp, although I suspect that the overdrive function needs fixing. The only info I can find on this amp on the net is another dude looking for more info on his Mega-10. But mine primarily serves as a bookshelf now

Maxwell Les Paul copy
>was an upgrade from my Cort. Then it degenerated the other week (thank goodness - what an awful guitar!)

Roland Cube-60
>my primary amp

Boss FS-6
>to work with my Cube-60

Takamine EAN60C
>beautiful classical I liberated from my teacher

Boss ME-70
>I love this unit

Paul Reed Smith SE Singlecut
>nuff said
Originally Posted by So-Cal
who cares what colour it is i just want it all in my mouth

My band's new single is out! Go check it!
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ESP through Potato
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Join Date: Aug 2010
J.D Brothers Strat Starter pack with amp - First Guitar!

Line 6 Spider 3 - Somewhat decent amp

ESP Eclipse FR I - One of the best things I've ever put my fingers on!
+ A bazillion Jazz 3's.
Originally Posted by luxeion
i keep asking my dad for wood. but he keeps getting annoyed (he's working on a house). and i'm too young to go outside.

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Intriguingly opinionated
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Join Date: Oct 2004
Location: 1980's

1. Ibanez GSA60
2. Vintage VS6
3. Ibanez RG320DXQM (Sold)
4. Fender Light Ash Strat
5. Martin Graphite II
6. Ibanez GRG170DX
7. Ibanez RG7620
8. Epiphone Dot Studio
9. Jackson CS Soloist
10. Ibanez RG550MXX-DY
11. Ibanez RD828
12. Vigier Excalibur Surfreter
13. Caparison Applehorn
14. Epiphone Joe Pass Emperor II
15. Vigier Excalibur Indus
16. Godin LGX-SA AAA
17. Godin Multiac ACS-SA
18. Suhr Exotic Modern Carve top
19. Eastman 7 string Archtop
20. Parker Nitefly Mojo Flame
21. Fender Standard Telecaster


1. Vantage 15 Watt amp (Sold)
2. Roland Blues Cube (actually my dad's)
3. Boss ME-50
4. Mesa Boogie F50
5. Roland Microcube
6. Korg Pandora PXR4
7. Roland VG-99
8. Boss BR600
9. Line 6 PocketPod
10. Boomerang The Rang III
11. Ibanez Jemini
12. Suhr KokoBoost
13. Ibanez DAG1
You've read it, you can't un-read it!
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Mr Winters
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Join Date: Jun 2010
-Stagg S-300
-Roland Micro-Cube
-Boss Metalzone
-Boss ME-25
-Charvel Predator (borowed from a friend)

The end.
I have no sig
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officialBOSS pedals hater
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Location: Montreal
on average, I usually buy 2-3 guitars/year, 2/3 pedals, and one amp, and I've been playing for 5 years now. I keep everything, too, so it might be long to track everything, but as far as I remember:

yamaha c40 classical, yamaha pacifica 012, ibanez ibz10g, boss ds1, l6 pod xt live

2007: ibanez rgt42fx, got a ibanez les paul copy from 1977 for free, bought laney linebacker 65 from the 80s (poor year)

2008: bought Fender Jaguar, an awful lot of pedals (EHX Big muff, small clone, holygrail+, crybaby 535Q, mxr phase90, and then some), ibanez tcy10 acoustic, crate flexwave half stack, traynor ycv40wr

2009: Gibson SG, some more pedals (IIRC: planet waves tuner, carl martin surf trem and red repeat), fender twin

2010: orange ad30 and mesa cab, fender 1967 blackface bassman, musicman silhouette, gretsch g5122, carl martin classic flange

2011: fender jazz bass standard, gibson les paul goldtop, blackout fix'd fuzz, strymon el capistan (hasn't been a very expensive year)

I have very most likely forgotten a lot of things, and I didn't include any of my other gear such as my keyboards stuff and my electronic drumkit, but it's pretty much what I got. I am also possibly going to get myself some sort of telecaster this year =)
My sig is clean.
and my name's Thomas.
Wanna see my rig?
My band (Facebook)
My band (Bandcamp, free EP)

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Originally Posted by Tom 1.0
About 4 Blackstar HT5s (sold)

I actually luaghed at that
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Started off with an Encore strat and Peavey amp.

Then to a ES-175 copy and a Marshall MG15something

Got my first good acoustic, a Takamine EG523SC. Which is now sold. I miss it severely.

Then an Epiphone Les Paul Black Beauty and Fender Frontman 212

Then an Orange Tiny Terror

Then I got my Gibson Les Paul Standard, which I still have.

Then my amp got upgraded to a Marshall Vintage Modern, which is my main amp still

Then I got a Fender JA-90 Tele, still have that.

Then I recently (two days ago) a Hughes and Kettner Tubemeister head and cab, a Fender USA Collectors Edition 65 reissue 1997 Stratocaster.
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He's such a psycho!~
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Location: Canada
Alright, in order of purchase:


October 29 - Late '80s model BC Rich Platinum Series Assassin(sold in August 2010)
Around Christmas - Traynor DG15R


End of June, beginning of July - Behringer Ultra Flanger(sold September 2010)
End of July, beginning of August - Dean MLX


January 10th(my birthday) - Randall RX75RG2(selling now)
June 20somethingth(graduating present) - Vintage VS6(sold March 2011)
June 20somethingth(like, the day after I bought the Vintage) - Digitech RP90(traded January 2011)
September 20somethingth - Washburn D10S
October(?) 2011 - DiMarzio Super Distortion/PAF Pro pickup combo(put in Dean)
December 8th - BOSS OD-3(traded January 2011)
December 25th - Fender Hot Rod Deville(traded June 2011)


January 2011 - Digitech Hardwire Valve Distortion
January 2011 - BOSS CE-5 Chorus Ensemble
February 2011 - Digitech Turbo Flanger
February 2011 - Digitech Metal Master Distortion
Mid-June 2011 - Schecter Damien Elite FR(ordered in March)
End of June/early July 2011 - Roland Cube 80XL

And hopefully for my next birthday I'll have a Warmoth to add to that list. =D
Originally Posted by SlayingDragons
Nah, I prefer to tune lower. My tunings usually go into weird Hebrew symbols.
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Dirk Gently
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Location: Upstate New York
I haven't had that much stuff for all the time I've been playing.

Harmony Rocket (ES-335 copy)
Fender Squier Series Stratocaster
Peavey Blazer 158
Epiphone G-310
Fender M-80 1x12 amp
PRS Standard 24
Mesa Boogie Mark IV

Fender American Standard Stratocaster
Fender American Deluxe Telecaster
Epiphone 12-string (not sure model number)
Martin Backpacker

Martin 6-string acoustic (cheapy)
Vox AD30VT modeling amp
Fender 2x12 solid state amp
Boss delay pedal
Boss chorus pedal
Dunlop Crybaby
Line 6 modulation modeler
ProCo Vintage Rat

Digitech multi-fx unit
Zoom 505 multi-fx unit
DOD multi-fx unit
Digitech Whammy

* Bolded are the things I still have.
Hi, I'm Peter

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