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Join Date: Feb 2006
First Act Wal-Mart guitar (First Acoustic)
Carlos acoustic (Was my dads. He handed it down to me) <3
Fender Squire Bullet (First Electric)
First Act tiny little combo amp (First amp)
Line 6 Spyder II
Boss DS-1 (First Pedal)
PRS SE Custom
MXR Phase 90
B-52 LS 100 half stack (First stack)
Vintage Cry Baby Wah (Free from my shop teacher haha!)
MXR Ten band EQ
Soon to be TC Electric Flashback Delay Pedal
and of course tons of other things I don't remember lol
Paul Reed Smith SE Custom
Paul Reed Smith Mike Mushok Baritone
Squire Bullet
Carlos Acoustic
Epiphone Banjo
Mesa Boogie DC-5
B-52 LS-100 and Matching cab
and tons of miscellaneous stuff
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Join Date: Mar 2007
Location: Ontario
This is a pretty fun idea, let's see!
Epiphone Sg Special-first guitar(Sold)
Epi starter pack amp-first amp(Sold)
Traynor YCV40(Sold)
Big Muff Fuzz(Sold)
Boss DS-1-first pedal(Sold)
Small Clone Chorus(Sold before I ever even used it. Sat in my room for 2 months
Michael Kelly Valor Custom-First "Mid Range" guitar
Roland Microcube(sold)
Genz Benz Tribal 2x12(sold)
Peavey 5150
Homemade custom 4x12(sold)
Emperor 6x12 (which I am currently trying to sell for an orange 4x12)
Boss DD-6
Boss NS-2
Boss TU-2
Maxon OD808
LTD EC-1000
Schecter PT Custom

Pretty odd seeing all of the gear you've gone through over the years, never really though about it
Fender CP Jazzmaster
Schecter PT Custom w/ Dimarzio crunch lab/liquifire
Marshall JCM2000 DSL+Orange 4x12
Orange Tiny Terror+Mesa Electra Dyne 2x12
Boss TU-2/NS-2/DD-6
Maxon OD808

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Join Date: Apr 2011
Location: Sweden
Cort Strat
Ibanez SA260 FM
Ibanez DL10
Marshall 8100 Valvestate + Marshall cab <3
Gibson SG Faded
ESP Eclipse II AHB <3
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"Diggin' the blues"
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Join Date: Jan 2011
Started off with a peavey stage pack and it's crappy amp, upgraded to an epiphone sg and the same crappy amp, upgraded to an excel acoustic, upgraded to a martin from the 50's (it was passed down in my family) then upgraded to a fender american standard strat (with texas specials) and the same crappy amp, and then upgrade to a spider 4 line 6 15 watt amp, I've tweaked it to sound better so please don't damn me to hell for having a spider, I'm 15 I can't afford a good amp after buying my strat lol
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shecter guy
Join Date: May 2010
haha i'll see if i can remember it all..

Amps: Ibanez Toneblaster 15w (sold)
Peavey Rage 158 (sold)
Peavey Microbass 50w
Peavey TKO 115 bass amp (currently serves as my night stand, didn't know it was a bass amp when i bought it)
Marshall Valvestate 100R 1x12 combo (blew up on me twice, still trying to find a use for it)
Peavey Bandit 112 (sold)
Peavey Vypyr 75 (still in use, hoping to upgrade to the tube 60)
Fender Champ 600 5w amp (first tube amp, sold it for $75)
Some weird crate stack that has like an 15" speaker for the bottom cab (sold)

Guitars: Cort HSS strat copy (still have it, first electric i played, has a fantastic neck and i love the quirkiness the electronics have going on, even though it sounds like crap)
JCX Telecaster copy with silver sparkle finish (my first electric of my own, sold it)
Gibson Faded Flying V (traded for another guitar)
Schecter Damien 6 (love this guitar, will never sell it)
PRS Santana SE (old model, traded it)
Schecter Hellraiser C-7 (traded)
Jackson King V JS32 or something like that (sold)
Squier Stagemaster 7 (sold)
No Name Les Paul Custom copy (returned for badly repaired neck)
Epiphone G400 Custom (3 pup model, sold)
1979 Ibanez L6-S copy (fixed it up, still playing)
Epiphone G-310 with Dimebucker and EMG PA-2 boost (sold)
Ibanez Stagestar (sold)

Basses: Squier Affinity series P-bass (first bass, still play it. has an amazing neck on it)
Jackson 5 string (sold)

Effects: Cheap Ibanez Fuzz pedal (returned)
Boss MT-2 Metal Zone (sounded great with the Gibson and the bass amp haha)
DOD Multieffect pedal (sold)
Zoom G2 (sold)
Zoom BX1 (broken)
Danelectro FAB Chorus/flange (both sold)

Acoustics: two crappy unbranded acoustics and a cheap Ibanez AE i still own

....i have had so much crap. Wish i had kept a few items so i'd have a better rig. I still wish i never sold the Hellraiser or the PRS :/

Current rig: Shecter Damien 6
1979 L6-S copy
Cort HSS strat copy
Peavey Vypyr 75

Squier affinity series p-bass and the Ibanez acoustic
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Just Call Me Zacch.
RealGuitarHero's Avatar
Join Date: Jan 2007
-Silvertone Paul Stanley Apocalypse Special(The Crappy one)(Sold)
-Karaoke Machine used as an amp(Destroyed)
-Marshall MG10(Sold)
-Dunlop Crybaby GC-95(Sold)
-Squier MIK Stratocaster (Stolen)
-Line 6 Spider III 75w(Sold)
-Ibanez Turbo Tube Screamer(Sold)
-Boss MT-2(Sold)
-EHX Big Muff(Sold)
-EHX Small Clone(Sold)
-Ibanez Tube King Distortion(Sold)
-Fender Baja Telecaster
-Crate GFX120212
-Boss BF-2(Sold)
-Dunlop Jimi Hendrix Wah
-Boss ME-50
-Jasmine Acoustic

Right now I have the Tom Delonge Stratocaster used by the guitarist of Farewell on layaway until the end of November, Purely for the reason that it's too close to my brother's birthday to justify buying anything for myself.

Oh and I'm trying to get a Crate Vintage Club and some single pedals, after I acquire the VC I'll probably sell my Crate and ME-50 to afford them haha.

So I guess my wishlist is, Crate Vintage Club 50 212, Ibanez Tube Screamer, MXR Flanger, Rocktron Banshee Talkbox.
Originally Posted by barden1069
A "tubescreamer" is a person paid by a guitarist to stand behind the amp and scream at the tubes. This terrifies the tubes into overdriving and delivers a thick, harmonic-rich tone.
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^^ Le prestige.
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Join Date: Sep 2010
Location: Portsmouth, UK
Hmph, okay then. In no particular order (can't be arsed, it's 3am for god sake)

Encore 3/4 sized starter piece of crap
Encore starter piece of crap amp
Stagg SG copy (left handed, a relative bought it for me thinking that because I do everything else left-handed, I play guitar lefty)
Squier Affinity Strat (Still have it, probably my favourite guitar, upgraded it with an Irongear Hot Slag and Alchemist 90 and a black pickguard, it is sexy.)
Fender Frontman 15 DSP
Roland Microcube
Behringer Hellbabe Wah
Line 6 Spider II 15 (I know right..)
LTD Viper-MM
Peavey Valveking 212
PRS SE Santana II
EHX Metal Muff
Blackstar HT-5
Boss NS-2
Line 6 Toneport UX1
Morley Tremonti Wah
Bugera 6260 + Laney 4x12
Ibanez RG7321
Ibanez Prestige S1220
Schecter Omen FR Extreme
Peavey Milestone Bass
Randall RG75G2
Boss GT-8

You can see the ascent from god-awful gear to pretty decent gear there Only stuff I actually have left is the Schecter Omen, Squier Strat, Randall RG75G2, Boss GT8, Peavey bass and Line 6 UX1. All of that in about 1.5 years. And I'm only 17. God, I'm such a gear *****.
Originally Posted by Cathbard
You don't need epic tone in the bedroom any more than you need mood lighting to masturbate.

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UG's Dark Pokemon Leader
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Join Date: Nov 2007
Location: New Paltz, NY
Oh boy, semi-long list complete with commentary coming up. For those interested in just the gear it's highlighted, but there's something good at the end if you read it all.

When I was 7 my dad got us the following:

Jazmine By Takamine Acoustic
Some no name 3/4 scale guitar with an amp and speaker built into it that broke a month later
Some Yamaha HH Superstrat/shitty 10W amp combo

I mucked with them for about a little longer than it took the tiny one to break, got bored and then stored the others in my basement closet for over a decade before I decided to play for real. By then the moisture had warped the acoustic and semi corroded Yamaha gear. I got the Yamaha stuff back to working order but within 3 months I found myself in a band of other beginning musicians and it was Christmas time so I bought the following:

Epi G-400
Marshall MG15DFX
Danelecrto FAB line of pedals
(I got the OD, Metal Dist, Echo, Flange and Chorus for myself and the Rock Dist for my then rhythm guitarist and also a Rock Distortion for my then bassist. Shit was $10 NEW, I didn't know about or care for tone back then and I figured I was getting a good deal)
Digitech Expression Factory 7 (Chiefly because it was not just 1 Wah, but 2 as well as a bunch of other things that I didn't really appreciate at the time, but love now)
A Capo
A Glass Slide
(which I can count on two hands the number of times I've used)

That was fine and dandy for a while until my then rhythm guitarist decided to buy a Fender Frontman 212 which then prompted my bassist to get a larger amp and my drummer to then hit his drums harder and louder. By then, I'd learned a little about good tone, but just enough to know I hadn't earned good tone yet. So still being a noob and not one to be outdone by my RG I bought:

Marshall MG 100HDFX Head
Marshall MG 410A Cabinet

Not the best of gear, but it was a Marshall stack and even if it didn't sound like a true Marshall it got me playing more. Volume wise, it also blew the Frontman out of the water. Nowadays I don't use it much except for a stage prop. I set it up and plug a dummy cable into it and then set my real rig up to my smaller amp, which I then place behind the stack and mic up.

Christmas rolled around again and my dad bought me an

Epiphone Casino

and because I knew he was getting me it and because I didnt want him playing either my G-400 OR the new Casino I bought HIM a

Fender '69 Thinline Telecaster reissue

which he loves. Unfortunately for him he doesn't get to play it often due to work and stuff so I can pick it up and use it pretty much whenever I want. That said it's his and as it's not my first choice for the 'Fender tone' I usually don't touch it. But it is available.

Using some leftover xmas cash I upgraded the pickups in my G-400 to Gibson Burstbuckers and since then have referred to it as proper SG.

Over the following summer I built my

Samba Firefly with Seymour Duncan P-Rails

which is basically a PRS knockoff with a Floyd Rose. Fun project. Learned a lot about guitars, gear, luthiery, and myself. You can find the build log in my sig. Probably wont be repeating the experience but a lot of the gear on my dream list has to be custom made and DIY is a lot cheaper than going to a custom shop so we'll see.

Around the same time I sold the Yamaha stuff to a coworker with small hands. One of the key factors of me buying the G-400 was that the neck on the Yamaha was way to thin and narrow for me to use. My dad bought it when I was a kid because the salesperson said the tinier neck would be better for my then child sized hands, but at 19 my hands were less then petite anymore. When my more then petite coworker said she wanted to get into guitar I practically gave her the Yamaha guitar and amp. I took the meager amount of money I got and put it towards a

Boss RC-20 Loop Station

at the suggestion of my guitar teacher. He figured that since I didn't have any way to record myself at the time, I should get a looper so that I could critically listen to my playing and hear where I need to work on something. It also has the added benefit that I can record a rhythm track and then work on my lead lines over it. In terms of developing my playing it was the best investment I've yet to make.

Winter comes again and now I'm transferring from Community College to a legitimate school come January thus ending my first band and opening the social possibilities of finding a new band. Not having the room for the stack, not wanting to be embarrassed in front of 'real' musicians with the MG, 3 years of chop building, increased confidence in my abilities, a semi-developed ear for tone and Christmas yield a

Marshall Class 5
Vox AC30 AMPlug

What can I say? I have a thing for gold knobs and curly script. Also, vintage British tone. The amp allowed me to actually jam at open mic nights with other musicians without having to worry about my gear's tone and I could then focus on making my tone sound good through my playing. As such I totally blame my amp for finding me in a new band right now. The AMPlug made practicing at night while my roommate slept possible and thus allowed us not to want to kill each other.

The next two years go by pretty quick so I'm just gonna list the rest here in the order I got them:

Electro-Harmonix Q-Tron +
Apogee Duet
ModTone Chromatic Tuner Pedal
Electro Harmonix Big Muff Pi with Tone Wicker
Line 6 Echo Park

The best part about that Echo Park is that I literally just got it a few days ago as a belated birthday present. Thing kicks a serious amount of ass. Been meaning to make a NPD thread about it but I'm waiting to try it out in a band setting before writing up a review. But with the Loop Station and some internet backing tracks it sounds pretty epic. I've tried a few other Digital Delays before deciding that this was the one I wanted and I gotta say, it has the most usable Reverse delay out there. Sure it's a bit gimmicky and not something I'll use on every song, but it can fit into my band's sound and IMO it does it better than others.

And that's all she wrote for now. We'll see what this Christmas brings me. I'm graduating so I'm hoping I can finegal my parents into a JTM-45 clone or a real AC30 so I don't have to lug the MG stack AND the Class 5 around any more. If you've read this far you're a fool. But you also get a cookie and that's nice too.
Epiphone G-400 w/ Gibson Burstbuckers
Epiphone Casino
Marshall Class 5
Boss RC-20 Loop Station
DigiTech Expression Factory 7
EH Q-Tron +
EH Big Muff Pi w/ Tone Wicker
Line 6 Echo Park

My PRS with SD P-Rails Build

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Location: new zealand
I'm amazed at how much gear some people have, and even more amazed when some of those people end there lists with "when I graduate", I find it rather interesting

bought for me:
Squier Affinity Strat
Ibanez acoustic

bought by me:
Peavey 6505 212
Schecter C1 Hellraiser
Schecter C1 Blackjack ATX FR
Zoom G2.1Nu

given to me:
some shitty Ibanez something-or-other

I'm hoping to purchase a Peavey 6505+ head and cab over the next few years, if my bank balance allows me, but most likely not

Modest I know, but it does the trick
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Join Date: May 2010
Everything in order of acquisition.


Shitty no name acoustic (somewhere here)
Seagull MJM 6 (still have it, sounds awesome)
Ibanez ARC 300 (sounds great, still have it but don't get along with the ToM)
Memphis Electric (Beater, meant for finish testing)
Jeff Loomis Sig (Still have it, going to sell it though, ash + maple + emg = no go)
RG 7421 (Only got to play it for a few weeks before started refinishing it, need to install pickups then im done)

...and then an incoming fanned fret Vik custom 7 Saviour.


VoxAD15VT (still have it, kickass practice amp)
Pod XT (worthless, sounds ok through a power amp and cab)
Dual Rectifier ---> Mesa 2x12 (sick shit, a little overkill)
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Join Date: Dec 2010
Location: Finland
Used Yamaha CS-40 acoustic
Yamaha FG700MS acoustic (still in very frequent use)
Tokai SG-43 (First electric wohoo!)
Roland Cube 30x
Epiphone Thunderbird IV VSB (Bass, sold)
Gallien-Kruegen Backline 110 (Sold)
DIY guitar :3 Stratocaster copy, I named it Jaycaster!
DIY 1x12" cab
DIY Dr. Boogie distortion pedal (from a friend)
DIY Booster (I made it! )
Ibanez footswitch!!
Seiko tuner!
Savaged power supply for pedals!
Zoom 505 II, it broke some time ago :3
Oh, and fu**ing many picks.
That's pretty much it.
"You can't play fast unless you play slow"

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I make things and stuff..
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Join Date: Feb 2007
Location: Belleville Ontario for now.
GK acoustic
First act electric guitar starter kit
Cort Zenox Z-42
Simon Patrick Luthier acoustic
Ibanez RG350mdx
3-4 homemade guitars
Indie Super T

First act starter 15watt amp
Traynor 30 watt amp (dunno model)
Rocktron Velocity
Line 6 spider 3 120watt combo (converted to head)
Homemade 2x10 cab (using the spider's speakers)
Berhinger Vampire head (for recording)
Peavey Valveking 100watt head
Ibanez 4x12 cab with a deep red textured tolex re-finish

Digitech RP80
Boss metalcore pedal
Boss NS-2 noise suppresor
Korg Pitch black tuner
Digitech bad monkey
Boss dd-3/7 and Boss Bcb-60 (coming soon)

Been using Everley picks since day #1
Rocktron chameleon 2000
Roland GP16
Audio Technica wireless
Peavey valveking
Clydesdale custom case
Indie super T black (modded with active and passive pickups)
Daisy Rock Rock Candy Special
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Join Date: Oct 2010
Location: UK

Squier Bullet Strat (Dad owns it, now its 1000 miles away)
Some off- brand acoustic i got for 18 (Rotting 1000 miles away)
Ibanez GSA60 (Dad owns it now, still plays it. Though it plays and sounds horrible)
Stagg Flying V copy (Rotting away in its case. The neck and pickups are ruined)
Washburn D10S-12 (Dad owns it now, still plays it)
Epiphone Futura Prophecy EX (Love it. Great neck)


Some Cheeta 10-watt amp (gave away for free)
Fender Frontman 15 (Rotting away with the shitty Squier and the acoustic)
Roland Cube 60
Bugera 6260

The next aquisition is probably going to be a pro series Jackson or a PRS SE. I'll see what happens this Xmas once i scrape enough money together.
Regarding the furry fandom from the man himself:
Originally Posted by Axelfox
Please understand how little we as a community care

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officialBOSS pedals hater
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Join Date: Feb 2006
Location: Montreal
I'm amazed at how many people still write it "Squire"...
My sig is clean.
and my name's Thomas.
Wanna see my rig?
My band (Facebook)
My band (Bandcamp, free EP)
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UG's Death Metal Terran
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Location: Inside a Seige Tank
Alright let's see.

When I was like 12, I was given my first acoustic, an old MANN Acoustic, it was beaten all to hell, the bridge was lifted off the body, it was just a pile of shit.

x-mas of 07 - got my first electric (Behringer MetAlien starter pack) It actually wasn't all THAT bad, the amp was garbage but the guitar although bad, I've played worse. I've since sold it along with the amp.

x-mas 08 - got my first quality acoustic from my grandfather, a nice discontinued Fender.

Got my Jackson Kelly 3rd hand as a grading present.

x-mas 09 - got my roland cube 30x (selling)

I was given a classical guitar from my uncle before he shipped out.
I was given a boss metal zone for a gift (sold it)
I was also given a dunlop cry baby.
I was also given a jay turser strat because the girl who had it never ever used it. (sold it)

I bought my Sammick Bass and amp with summer job money, and also bought the second series of JS jacksons (JS32 Rhoads) (Sold it to buy another guitar)

And I got my Bugera 333xl half stack from all of my family members. I bought all my recording stuff myself.
- Yes, My name is actually Terran -
- Not just a Starcraft fan -

Terran > Zerg and Protoss
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Can't you hear me knockin
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Join Date: Sep 2008
2008 - 12 Years old (not far off 13, only a couple of months away) First guitar and amp...

Epiphone G400 - Great guitar for a beginner, quite a thin neck and the pickups can get muddy, but still, with a couple of upgrades it'll be a useful guitar to have for alternate tunings. The only guitar I had for 3-4 years and got a lot of hours on it, will never be sold.

Line6 Spider III 30w Combo - To be honest, it's not great but hey, it's an amp and it makes sound. Yes, it does sound quite digital at times but it gets you there and for practice amp it'll do, can be made to sound decent with time and I'll keep it until it no longer works.

2011 - Been playing for 3 years and advanced quickly, know what I want and like, saved the money for this, 16 years old when I got this guitar.

Gibson Les Paul Custom 68RI - Amazing, amazing guitar! The neck fits like a glove, the action is low and slick, bends are effortless. Sustains for days, neck pickup is smooth and great and the brdige can really add some punch and make it scream. Great for everything from Jazz to covering Metallica and Dream Theatre! Hold tuning well, sounds great, especially through a Marshall halfstack (JVM410H) Wouldn't trade for the world. My first Gibson and definitely one the best guitars I've played, well worth it.

Next year, it's likely that I'll be getting a new amp, probably a half stack with a Marshall head of some kind (JCM800, Vintage Modern or JVM)

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Ok...lets see the biggest succession of terrible gear you have ever seen :P

(1)Local Luthier-built classical guitar.....1st guitar, it sucked, I smashed it, even though I'm the type to freak about chipping any of the other guitars

(2) "Elevation" black strat copy....piece of crap...it wasn't even made of wood...however, it made me a tiny profit :L

(3) Roland Cube 15x....oh god how much I hated that amp...

(4) Epiphone les paul std...wish I didn't get that neck injury, it was a dependable guitar

(5) Crate gt1200h and matching cab...decent set up for metal, one trick pony unfortunatly

(6) Marshall Guv'nor deluxe 2..it just gave up on me one day..have no idea how to fix it

(7) Crate vt212...great amp..bought it very cheap..the effects are crap though :L

(8) Gibson Melody Maker...I adore this guitar...it's still my main axe..perfect for my small hands

(9) Vintage Telecaster v2...cool guitar, great for crunchy rock sounds

(10) Sx st57 strat...sounds great...needs better tuners and bridge though...but the core sound is impressive for a 50 euro guitar (worth more, got it in a closing down sale)

(11) Karina accoustic...never came across them before...but it's a beautiful guitar...difficult to play though (small hands)

(12) sx dg160..bought in another closing down sale for half nothing..great workhorse guitar..i bring it with me when I'm teaching my students

(13) Takamine eg540 (i think...can't be arsed going upstairs and checking :L)... Fantastic guitar, minimal faults..sounds orgasmic plugged in

I need to invest in some pedals next...and a new amp eventualy..
Follow me on twitter!!

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Me like guitars
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Location: Edmonton
oh god, where to begin

(in order acquired, * indicates still owned)
Godin SD*
Epiphone LP custom plus*
Squire stratocaster
Godin Freeway Classic
Fender mexi standard tele
Gretsch 5120*
Godin Progression
G&L LSAT Classic*
Ibanez S570B
ESP Eclipse II*

Roland Cube 15
Randall RG100SC
Traynor YGM4 (1973)*
Marshall AVT 50H (matching 4x12)
Fender HRD Python*
Peavey 6505+ combo* (with Peavey Windsor 4x12)
Mesa Boogie Roadster (with mesa Stiletto 4x12 and traynor 4x12)

Hamer Chapparell
Ibanez (some kind of SR)
Fender Mark Hoppus*
Spector Legend 4
G&L L-2500*

Bass amps:
Fender rumble 100
Peavey tour 450 (with peavey tour 115 cab)
Ampeg SVT-3 Pro
Eden Nemisis NA650 (with above peavey cab)*

and lots of pedals, virtually none of which are still in my collection
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Join Date: Aug 2010
Location: Michigan
Peavey Predator Plus
Marshall 10watt amp (sold)

Digitech bad monkey
Fender Frontman 15g

Fender MIM Strat (squier series, whatever that is)

Big Muff pi russia

Laney GC50

Fender 69ri Mustang

Digitech Digiverb
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Is cooler than you
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Lets see,
In Order:

Encore Classical Guitar,
Encore Electric Guitar,
Kustom 10w amp,
Behringer FX Pedal,
Ibanez TCM-50,
Fender Custom FMT HH Specieal Telecaster,
Jackson RR5,
Ibanez Jem 77FP.
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