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The Judist
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stupid sexy Grandmeister

Someone talk me out of it
I could turn up to gigs with just that and a cab and very little tap dancing.

In all seriousness, am looking for something good for generic rock/blues-rock sounds and the occasional venture into chug chug chug territory, for gigs up to 200 people capacity.
Shortlist so far

the above H&K
Jet City JCA22H
Engl Thunder 50
Engl Ironball
Mesa Rect-o-verb 25
Mesa Mark V 25

i.e. heads no wider than 540mm. What do we reckon is best value or best overall?
Not many dealers out here on Mars so can't really try any.
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Originally Posted by The Judist
Someone talk me out of it
It ****in' sounds bad man, much like the mix between a cheap wooden chair and a razorblade.
Originally Posted by The Judist
for gigs up to 200 people capacity.
Get a PA system or play in places that have PA systems.

Then, let's make a list for clarity.
Originally Posted by The Judist
1. Jet City JCA22H
2. Engl Thunder 50
3. Engl Ironball
4. Mesa Rect-o-verb 25
5. Mesa Mark V 25
1. yeah will do blues and rock, but I've never liked amps with EL84's for the chugz.
Also you'd need some serious boost to chug on that.

2. fancy hybrid amps?
That might be the hybrid amp for you then.
Don't have any idea how it does blues nor rock though.

3. I'd get that one if I was you.
Still not a fan of EL84's for anything really, though it does rock good, it does blues nice, and I've yet to hear an ENGL that doesn't chug good.

4. yeah, nice and everything, though it costs lotsa money on this side of the pond.
Plus you plain can't chug good on a recto, come on.

5. for that money you could get a powerball II here.
It will sure do rock and blues good though.
Chugz I don't know but I wouldn't bet on that.

I'm biased though, the only mesa I like is the lone star, and that's not for the chugz.

For what you're wanting to do and having to look at a small head anyway, I'd either go for the ironball, or maybe an orange dual terror.
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KillRoy Ver 3.0
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I have the Tubemeister 18 and I'm really happy with it but you will need a retube right off the bat. The stock Chinese tubes sound awful and really handicap the amp and a lot of people's opinions of it.

Also, I found that the cab you use with it plays a big difference in the sound quality. I did try one in the store with the matching H&K 212 and it was kinda meh, but when I plugged it into a Dr. Z Z' Best 212 it really came alive. I ended up with an EVH 5150 112 (for at home) and I really like the way it sounds with that, a nice full all around sound. When I jam with my band, I am running it through a H&K Warp 7 412 and it definitely sounds pretty huge and monstrous.

For what it's worth, I play a lot of metal mixed with ambient effects laden cleans and I'm running it with a POD HD500 and primarily a Gibson Les Paul
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Hell TS I should have thought of that - get a 50w 5150 III and be done with it.
Name's Luca.
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if high gain is your goal the 5153 50 watter is your solution.

the grandmeister is basically a midi FX platform not an amp. its more than an amp but less of an AxeFX. and IMO its not fully a product without the midi pedal making it about 1500 bucks. what it offers is quite incredible with teh ipad mess and all. but thats what your paying for. is it 1500 bucks worth of tone? HECK NO. that mesa, mini recto, etc will crush it.

then again, as a swiss army gigging amp, its really had to beat that feature set. its basically the works best cover band amp.
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