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Unhappy [Serious] Is your family racist?

Mine really is, I mean like. Back at my old house, my mom and dad had a confederate flag on the garage door, and they were super conservative and they hated Obama. I never really got into the whole racism thing, but I was like 12 when I realized the N-word was bad when I said it at school.

Is anyone else's family racist?
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That explains why you are so racist then


I hate Taylor Swift
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No because i live in a developed country
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Originally Posted by EndTheRapture51
That explains why you are so racist then

yeah, racism is a learned behavior, kids aren't racist by nature, they learn that shit from somewhere

as long as you're aware of that OP then you can address that problem in yourself, and work towards not being like them. from the sounds of it you already disagree with them and see why its wrong, so you're pretty much there

On topic no, they're not. Some of my family are very old, and aren't really aware what is and isn't offensive, they honestly mean well, but I've had to explain why what they're saying is offensive a few times. But they're not racist
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No. It must suck for people with racist fams. Racism sucks.
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My dad definitely is.
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My immediate family no, but there are some members of my extended family that are. My Grandfather, while a good man in many ways, was unfortunately a product of his time (born in 1909) and was very racist, although he managed to conceal it near the end of his life.

Also he was German, and although he fought in WW2, some of his progeny turned into skinhead wannabe "master race" assclowns. Unfortunate, but not much to be done about it other than refuse to associate with them, which I've done for many years now.

I spent too many years in the military, seeing the good and the bad in an exceptionally diverse group, to think that the color of one's skin has a damn thing to do with what kind of a person they are.
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not entirely, but my mother had some negative encounters with black people that impacted her views on them.
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My uncle sort of was. He died of cancer.
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u failed dis city
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My extended family, yes. Instead of addressing the fact that they're middle aged curmudgeons who no one would enjoy working with, they blame all of their missed job opportunities on anyone who has darker skin. My grandfather generally addressed Obama as a "jiggaboo" president, but he didn't genuinely hate black people.
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My parents say some racist shit sometimes. Probably my dad more than my mom.
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Karl Marx
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My family is extremely racist. The only jokes my dad tells are racist. He did grow up in Ohio though and everyone is racist there.
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a bit. but i get them to try harder to be better people.
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My mum doesn't try to be, but she does make a whole load of unwitting stereotypes all on her own. Its mostly only against asian cultures, but it can get a bit bad.

My dad is kinda racist. Not in an aggressive sense, but a lot of his life has been coloured (no pun intended) by things that could give him that viewpoint, the biggest being when his house was broken into by a gang of black guys when he was a bachelor. He's an irish catholic and lived in some vaguely conservative part of America during most of his teens. Then, he had a very long business career here in the UK, which is where he undoubtedly met many a fellow thinker and now he's retired, its kind of a 'off-colour joke' racism.

My sister is somewhere in between those two.
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Not overtly. Filipinos tend to be scared of black people, so yes, my parents are racist.
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Neo Evil11
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Did you sit out your ban or did the mods finally realize they had no right to ban you?
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I can't believe you are whoring yourself out like that.

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silent caution
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If you have any family member in late 50s and older they are racist cause they seen and lived through shit.
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wait weren't you banned? please ban this loser again
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mildly. people probably can't tell unless they knew them really well.
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My dad is a ****ing ridiculous bigot. He makes so many comments about race, sex, culture, sexual orientation etc. and I used to believe them until I realised he was so full of shit (partly thanks to the pit) that it was pointless listening to him anymore.

I don't have much contact with my mother's side of the family so I can't tell you that but I'm pretty sure they're a lot better than my dad.

It's really painful when you're struggling with your own sexuality (I thought I was bisexual but I don't think I am) and you see your parents making horrible comments against gay people on TV.
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