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Proggy Post-Hardcore WIP - using my own tuning(c4c)

I wanted to change up the song-writing process this time so I felt like trying to write a song in a funny tuning, so I kinda made up this tuning which I thought would work well, I dunno if it already exists but I thought it sounded nice. I don't think it really makes the music sound much more different than what I usually write though.

Anyway, there's a lot I'm not quite happy with for what I've got now, the transitions mainly. I just don't feel like they work at all after Verse A, I just kinda liked the riffs I came up with really. I think the pizz strings are a little pointless too so I might get rid of them.

Would just like to hear some suggestions and opinions on what I've got so far.

c4c of course

EDIT: Done a bit more work on it, I think the transitions work a bit better now, v10
EDIT: Sort-of finished, but not happy with it yet, v12
EDIT: Slightly changed the ending, extended the final verse as well, think I'm happy with it now, still v12
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If you like post-hardcore with a bit of prog... http://soundcloud.com/sebyumgoong

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This is simply beautiful. It feels like you've really stepped up your drum game (not that it was bad to begin with). I think the transitions work fine, to be quite honest. The next three stand alone riffs are quite cool, too. However, the pull-off/tapping one I don't think really works. Maybe take that one out. I think you'll be able to pull off the transitions.

As always you never cease to impress me.

The clock strikes midnight
When tomorrow and today collide
The moon is at its highest
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Ha thanks a lot man. I'm glad people notice the drums coz they do take a fair bit of effort to write. But I don't think I'm gonna use much of the random riffs at the end, they were kinda like verse ideas mainly and I ended up coming up with something anyway. I had a listen to it again today and I'm still not happy with the transitions, even if you said they worked haha.
If you like post-hardcore with a bit of prog... http://soundcloud.com/sebyumgoong
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This was nice. Feels dreamy.
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Amuro Jay
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Well, first of all, major props for practically inventing a new tuning that actually works.

The first transition is done pretty well, but I'll agree with the strings being unnecessary. That could have been handled by a clean guitar.

Verse A is absolutely beautiful, by the way. The way the distorted guitar comes back in is done very well.

I think it flows pretty well into Verse B, which is awesome.

Verse C, though, I can see what you mean about not liking the transitions. It was a little abrupt and the continuity was interrupted. Sorry to say that I don't have any advice on how to fix that, transitions aren't my strong points either and my music suffers because of it.

C2 should be chopped a bit, the part in the beginning without the clean guitars could be left out and it would work just as well.

Great use of tempo shift, by the way. Very powerful.

The riffs after are nice but totally irrelevant to the rest of the song. Sounds like you just wanted to put those ideas down so you'd remember them. You could probably make a new song out of those quick runs.

I really liked the way you used the clean guitars in your song, it makes me think you might like my newest track. I could be wrong. You're welcome to check it out here if you want: http://www.ultimate-guitar.com/foru...d.php?t=1525871
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Thanks guys. Sorry jetfuel I'll get round to critting yours in a bit, I just did a bit more work on this earlier on and am just posting it up before I go out now. Verse C2 is a work in progress right now, started changing the start of it but that was it. I got a bit lazy with the rhythm in the Floaty section though. Check out v10.
If you like post-hardcore with a bit of prog... http://soundcloud.com/sebyumgoong
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Excuse the bump but it's kinda finished now, got a bit lazy with the bass, and I'm not too happy with the 'Burst' section near the end, I think I wanna extend the Final Verse, and I dunno how I feel about how I ended it.

EDIT: Did a little adjusting to the last few sections, I think I like it now.
If you like post-hardcore with a bit of prog... http://soundcloud.com/sebyumgoong

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Dude, this sounds awesome. At measure 91, and in a few measures shortly thereafter, there's these almost bluesy runs that sound really out of key to me. They sort of take me out of the atmosphere of the piece. But everything else sounds great. The tempo changes, especially the one that goes back to the original tempo for the chorus-y thing, are awesome. And of course good job with the original tuning business. Cool tunings lead to cool riffs, which you have plenty of.
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This was great, to put it simply. The clean guitars were used very creatively, the riffs are good, and I really enjoyed the drums. Nice job with the tuning as well, I've never seen anything quite like it.

I love the runs at measures 55 and 63, and the guitar immediately following that section sounds great as well. The picked chords in the Floaty section do a great job of both creating a sort of relaxing break, as well as setting up for the buildup into Verse C. The tempo change at measure 125 was amazing. It felt very smooth, which is something that's hard to do when slowing down, especially when you're completely changing feels at the same time. The lead guitar in the Burst and Final Verse sections was fast, but still managed to be very melodic, which I always appreciate.

It's quite the different genre from this, but if you could crit my song, I'd really appreciate it.

My subpar music can be found at:
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Cheers guys, glad you liked it.

FrauVFromPoB: Yeah I wasn't too sure about the short chromatic bits there, to be honest I felt it still stays in the same atmosphere, but if more people feel it seems like it's completely out of the mood of the section then I'll change that for sure.
If you like post-hardcore with a bit of prog... http://soundcloud.com/sebyumgoong
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I really dig this piece, super melodic, very interesting ideas and rhythmics which keep it really fresh throughout, and especially love all the colorful chords and the groovy drums and bass, I'm a fan of that.

There are a couple small points I think could work better in this though, for example.

The dissonant chord at 146 I think really does not work, I like dissonance, a lot, but that chord is just not interesting, it really feels out of place, most likely because the chord before is suspended and it really doesn't resolve it at all, it's like, when you give a moment of tension and resolve it there's relief, but now there's tension and then it gets worse and makes you feel queasy, you know?

There are 2 transitions in particular I also find unnerving, the one at bar 18, mostly because you cut off all the high register, treble notes and finish on a powerchord, it feels intensely empty and unresolved as a starting chord and starts off the riff on a bad note, pun intended.

Verse C is a sudden tempo change, maybe smoothen it out through drum fills before or after, there should be a relatively easy way to make that smoother.

But then for good things! I liked most of the riffs and loved some of them, in particular a big fan of Verse B, good work.

Excellent work, very enjoyable to listen to. Keep writing stuff like this!

C4C? http://www.ultimate-guitar.com/foru...d.php?t=1526438
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Thanks for the deep crit man. I guess I see what you mean about the chord in bar 146, I'll figure that out. As for the transitions, I'd like to think the vocals would help a fair bit, like I'd imagine a high, sustained note linking between the intro and the first verse, but I'll try and smooth out the one into verse C though.

I'll be able to return your crit tomorrow or something coz I'm going out in a bit and gonna have to start getting ready soon.
If you like post-hardcore with a bit of prog... http://soundcloud.com/sebyumgoong
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Thanks for the crit.

Intro: I like it, but not sure on the 6-string chords. It does feel a bit dragged out, but overall it sounds nice.

Verse A: Nice drums. I'm not a fan of the pizzicato strings, but it's definitely attention grabbing.

Verse B: Really like this. Very melodic.

Verse B2: Same as B. The strings are a nice touch here.

Break: Good.

Floaty: It's well written, it does have the floaty feel, I'm just not sure whether it belongs here.

Verse C: Nice drums, catchy guitars. Like this a lot.

Verse C2: Standard breakdown. I can't stand these, but it serves its purpose.

Chorus: See Intro.

Break: I like it.

Groove: Not really a fan of what you did here. Referring to Track 1 in particular. Maybe try something more melodic?

Burst: Excellent.

Final Verse: Good backing for vocals.

Outro: Could be longer.

Good song overall, and interesting tuning.
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Intereseting indeed, In my own opinion it would be more like experimental, although in a good way!.

Verse A sounded really good for me

The verse B Is what I find it a little experimental but playing it live it must sound a really lot better than in GP obviously.

I really loved the Chorus, made some real ambient there, although the higher notes that the guitar sustains for a little I'd made them in another instrument or something so it doesnt get to "Saturated" (or however it spells o.O)

The outro was alright, the final verse was indeed a more like a backtracking for vocals but sounded really cool.

Keep up the good work! I Enjoyed it, it just needs a little more coherence IMO

Btw thanks for your critic! Really appreciated!
Critics are appreciated



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I didn't have a problem with a single one of the transitions and I thought the pizz strings were great.

And I would love to tell you something productive, but frankly I have no suggestions. I don't give this compliment on here often, but provided I liked the vocals, I would buy an album of this.
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never use pizzicato strings.

Kurzweil K2500xs
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Originally Posted by ~Flounder~
never use pizzicato strings.


What is the problem with them ? They add perfectly to the song.
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Critting as I listen:

Nice intro, melodic and great rhythms from the top.

Verse A: very pretty, great build up of layers, especially at the bar 34 section, really builds it up.

Verse B: a great place for it to build up, very strong and melodic, no really crit here.

Verse C: Siiiick rhythm change, did not see that coming!
Verse C2: The tempo change is a bit dodgy. I suppose you could do it more fluidly with a band but it's a bit grumbly here.

The tuning seems to really lend itself for some great chord work, so nice one there.

You gotta finish this, maybe some reprise of themes or earlier sections?
Really great song, reminds me of Scale the Summit. Will there be vocals?

C4C? I could use a masters perspective, although it's a completely different genre. I used to write prog stuff (see sig if you want)
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Totally awesome. Only thing I might say is that I think DiminishedFifth uses a similar tuning (Either the same, or an F instead of an F#, don't remember). All the transitions and sections work really well with each other, and I really like the syncopated, almost djenty bits. They manage to incorporate the rhythmic aspect without sounding like a cheap Periphery knockoff.

All the chords sound wonderful, nothing feels forced or disingenuous. Definitely will be listening to this again in my free time.

C4C? No need to do the whole thing, but I think you're the only other PHxC writer on this forum lol.

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Originally Posted by ~Flounder~
never use pizzicato strings.


Never utter your opinion again.

(melodic hardcore - Stardust [single] out now!)
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