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Thanks for the feedback.
Gain Some Love starts off interestingly, I like the ambient build up. That heavy guitar that comes in, I dunno, it sounds sorta compressed and a bit tinny. Is it just one guitar track or two, because if it's just one you could try doing another one and panning them opposite. The rest of the song has some crazy sounds man, I like it! Reminds me of Pink Floyd, and the solo is cool.

Search and Seek. Something you do really well is you blend all the instruments together so the song just flows and isn't taken over by one instrument. What I would like to hear you do though is write a longer song, where things have a chance to ebb and flow and you can build up and break down the song a little more. Just my opinion but I think your style is more suited to longer songs.
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Really liked the intro to "Gain some love", very mellow. The transition was surprisingly smooth, but I wasn't a massive fan of the garage-type vocals. But I've always been a bit like that, so it's just a personal preference. Everyone else seems to be enjoying them from what I've read!
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thanks for commenting on my song and sorry for the late reply Yeah gain some love is nice i really like the opening chords, you should try a song with those chords and keep it peaceful lol I dont see why people are complaining about the drums they sound ... well like drums haha nah good job mate
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Hey thanks for critic

Gain some love

I liked that clean intro. There was nice minor and major chord changes. Your singing still reminds me some kind of old goth style singing with all those echos. In that solo there was some tom morello style, i enjoy it. Good song writing, couse its goes on very well. Drums were not the best sounding but it sits good on that mix.

Search and seek

That intro was so badass ! i like the atmosphere of this song, it sound kinda mysterious. It was nice song
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I didnd't really enjoy Gain Some Love, I think it had many elements I didn't like: the keyboard seemed out of place, not a big fan of those drum snares (at the end of riffs, when there are a lot of them) or the voice either, sorry. The guitar riff was decent, though.

On the other hand, Search and Seek sounded pretty amazing, I really enjoyed the dark sound. The only bit I personally didn't like was the keyboard at the intro, it felt a bit unnecessary to me, but the rest was top notch, man.

About the production, you probably realize it has that underground/garage feel, which may be bad if you want a modern sound, but it's good enough if you want a dark/underground tone.

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I really dig your style, and the quality of your tunes is fantastic. Listened to both songs. Gain some Love is great all the way through. Search and Seek is kick ass, the only thing I didn't like was the synth at the beginning. just not my thing, I guess.

But really, both songs are fantastic, man
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Thanks for the crit again.

Listened to 'Gain Some Love'. I was quite enjoying the ambient-y intro but then I'm not too sure if I liked the transition into the guitar riff. You could really expand on that intro and make a much more mellow song I think, you almost don't need that intro at all for the rest of the song. To be honest, I wasn't the biggest fan of the riff either, but that's just personal preference. The vocals were cool and I liked the keyboard solo. I think you've had better production on your songs before though.

But yeah, I really think you should make a new song based on that intro.
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Hey thanks for the crit man, I'll do Gain Some Love.

Really cool guitar sound at the start, sounds like an early Foo Fighters part to me haha! I like the main riff, the production just makes it sound a bit empty, so maybe something in the background may help bulk it out. The drums sound programmed to hell as well unfortunately, but hey they still do their purpose. The keyboard solo is a highlight for me, it's really neat aha. I really enjoy your vocal style, it just seems a bit too flooded with reverb and delay for me and takes away from the song.

I'd still say overall this is a sick song though, so nice one!
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Gave a listen to Gain Some Love

Great overall track and sound, defently got your own original sound going
Good structure, great playing loved the solos, the only thing i didnt really like was the shaker metronome sound for the first 45 seconds but other than that good job.
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Hey aaron, thanks for the crit You probably don't remember me but everytime I post a song it always seems to be you who comments first

Gain Some Love crit as I listen.

Love the intro... Really nice chords and great sound, nice atmospheric feel. Drums kick in, nice... Heavy electric guitar like that isn't my style but you manage to keep it quite different and not sounding really cliche. Vocals I love as I have with all your other songs... Do you use a condenser mic? I suggest some minor EQ as it sounds a tad boxy at the moment. Maybe a slight cut in the lower frequencies, might be worth cutting that on your reverb EQ too. Love that synth solo thing there. Excellent. Awesome guitar solo. Drums are programmed right? Would love to hear it with a real drummer one day! Outro... Love how it sort of dies out and you're left with that lovely synth.

Overall good job mate. Really like it
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aaron aardvark
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Thank you for the comments! I appreciate it. The mic I use is an audio-technica PR335 dynamic microphone. I'm sure my vocals could be EQ'ed better, though I try my best. I turn down the frequencies below about 100 Hz a lot (-15 dB on my mixer). I tend to be a mic eater when singing, so maybe that's adding more lower frequencies. Yes, the drums are programmed; I am not a drummer (I am sure my neighbors appreciate that).
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Some ccool songs going on here, not really my style in the slightest, but i like what you got going on. Very Interesting
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I know this is an old-ish thread, but what the heck...

I'm just getting started with all this audio engineering stuff, so I'm trying to sharpen my ears. Here goes:

Gain Some Love:
- The neat thing about the beginning is that while I don't normally go for that kind of sound/style, it was a cool juxtaposition with the rest of the song and made me feel like the rest of the song had "won me over".
- The main guitar track(s) seem kinda muddy/muffled. If you're tracking that guitar through an amp, might want to try different mic placement and/or maybe even adding a Large Diaphram Condenser as room mic to the mix. If going direct through processors/sims then might want to set EQ differently. Were those tracks doubled?
- The keyboards really popped out; very clean. Interesting contrast against the dirty guitar background; would be neat to hear what it sounds like through a little subtle tube overdrive (like a moderately-priced tube pre-amp)
- The guitar solo popped out similarly; maybe a little sterile. Helped the keyboard feel more in place though.
- Vocals fit well, yet might work even better with just a little more subtle reverb, although the way they come in comes across like a really cool effect, so I wouldn't change that part. Maybe it was my focus on the production, but somehow I can't recall any of the lyrics. OK, after another listen, I realize it takes a real struggle to make out individual words. Shame because it's a cool melody and it makes you want to sing along. Wish there were more lyrics and clearer.

Search and Seek:
- First impression...what, over already? Wish there was more. The 2 minutes felt like 30 seconds.
- Much better guitar tone. Great mix. Cool vibrato and feedback. Right at the edge where it feels like it's barely under control--like drifting in an overpowered car.
- Easier to make out the vocals. Neat doubling.

Definitely looking forward to checking out more when I get a chance. Interested in your opinions on the tracks in the link below--especially insights regarding mixing and mastering (noob mistakes, ways to make it more professional w/out losing the "garage" feel, etc.).

Edit: Thanks for the feedback, Aaron. I took your suggestion and put in a post in the crit my mix thread with a link for another track (Rotting Brains) here: http://www.ultimate-guitar.com/foru....php?p=30281587

Yeah, I'll keep working on getting better at guitar so I can play tighter and be able to more things I'd like to play. I've been playing a fraction of my life, starting late, and being self-taught probably didn't speed my progress. No excuses, just aknowledging I got a lot more hard work ahead of me to get better. Anyway, the drums were done by the singer while she was singing; she was on a set of mesh TD-9 V-drums and we recorded the drums direct, then ran some mild FX in the drum tracks. Maybe we'll record drums in MIDI from now on so we can shape the individual drum elements better in mixing or mastering. We used Reaper for our DAW for every step of the process. We threw out the live singing recorded with an SM58 (due to stick noise bleedthrough) and just used that track in the cans while recording vocals in a makeshift vocal booth with an LDC mic. I don't remember if the guitar was direct through a GNX4 on these tracks or if I re-amped them through the tube half-stack. If re-amped, it would have been mic'd with an SM-57, and sometimes blended with the LDC. The guitars for the project were a heavily modded HH Squier Affinity and a stock SSS MIA Standard Strat, but most of the songs only had the Squier.
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aaron aardvark
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(hagstrom_9 and) Black'n'Tan,
Thank you for the reviews! I appreciate it! "Gain Some Love" guitar not double-tracked, just stereo delay. Now reviewing Mr. Black'n'Tan's music (no reason why you can't start your own thread in the future, not that I'm complaining one bit): "Beaver": I like the guitar riffs though the playing could be tighter at times. The guitar reminds me a bit of Black Sabbath at times (a compliment). I guess the guitar tone could be a bit better, but don't ask me how. Maybe panning them farther apart could help. Perhaps you'd lose the garage vibe if you did. I think the best part of the song is the vocals: they are well done overall; some of the lyrics are funny. I'm not sure if your drums are real or not. I know recording real drums is difficult to sound good. "Rat": same basic comments here. Vocals (my favorite part again) are well done overall & humorous (not just the lyrics). The barking is a bit ruff. Both songs are entertaining.

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