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aaron aardvark
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2 new songs to review (Will C4C, I promise!) New as of June 26th!!

If you review my music, I will review yours. I promise! I have 2 new songs in my music site: "When You Find Yourself" is the song on top and "It's Your Time" is the next song down. Please tell me how you like these songs and how they can be improved. Here is the link:

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Wow, great sound.
Really like the vocals in "When You Find Yourself", pretty awesome song.

"It's Your Time" sounds pretty hardcore. Like the surf-rock sound going on there.

Nice job!
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Ah, Mr Aardvark, I thought I'd find one of your threads around here
Anyway, on to the music...

When You Find Yourself- Like the clean guitar arpeggios in the beginning. Vocals sound great, the effects on them are just right. Bass is really thick and heavy. Distortion guitars are quite distant and in the background, but I guess they're supposed to be. Lead guitar part is nice, with a kinda spacey feel, it fits in very well. Your style is very recognisable to me now, and this is definitely one of my favourite tracks of yours.

It's Your Time- Ah a very different sort of beat to this, I like it as well. Different style, but very cool. Pretty catchy again, good work.


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When You Find Yourself....Thats ****ing raw. Bass is soooo damn chunky. I just wish I could hear the guitars better. But damn good job.
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The Ghost Passenger
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Thanks for commenting on my music
"When You Find Yourself" : I like the atmosphere of the intro, especially when the guitar comes in because it really suits it. The effects on the vocals made them feel a bit cluttered ( I think I hear delay?). I like the guitar "duel" ~1:50, but I think it's too long. The synth ~2:43 was cool.
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Hipster Jesus
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Listened to When You Find Yourself, I liked the guitar for the most part in the song but the vocals felt a little to New-wavey for me. If that's what you're going for then good job, but I think the vocals could do without the effects you have going on. Liked the bass a lot.
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When You Find Yourself: I really liked the atmosphere of this one, particularly in the intro, though I thought the distorted guitars should have been louder in the chorus to make the whole thing sound a little bigger. The vocal effects seemed a little too over the top, but that's just personal preference, I guess. I'm not usually a fan of music like this, but this song was really cool. Excellent work, man.
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Artemis Entreri
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Listened to "It's Your Time." I love the old school feel of it with the drum machine. Sounds like almost a mix of Dick Dale and Black Sabbath. I like it a lot. Well done!
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Listened to When You Find Yourself. Really like the interesting effects you have going on there particularly on the vocals and a bit on the guitar.

Mix-wise I would say bring up the drums, I can only hear overheads and snare. It still sounds good and it suits the song but that's what I would do.

Anyway, keep up the good work
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I really like your music, has a nice 80's feel to it! The tones are great and imposter really had me grooving in my chair, love how it builds up Thanks for the feedback on my solo by the way, keep making music man!!
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hey dude, man you're always busy with new tracks, where do you find the time?
I only heard 'When You Find Yourself' this time round, nice clean riffs to start with and a side of extra fat bass.
vocals were done to your usual standard, I may add slightly to high in the mix?...if I maybe so bold?
I like to hear the music more. =D
cool tune as ever though.
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Serve the Servants
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When you find yourself had a very cool and unique feel to it, cool atmosphere and effects on the vocals were cool. In a way reminded me of the cure sort of.

Its your time, was as said befire, a dirty sounding surf rock tune. Guitar tones were spot on for the sound I think you were trying to get.
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I really like this kinda stuff, reminds a little of The Killers, vocal wise. Very retro and surfy guitars, good for a chill party. The only thing I can comment on is probably to make the drums in When You Find Yourself as punchy as they are in It's Your Time.

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When you find yourself is pretty cool. I didnt like the vocals, I didnt like the effects on them. Everything else in it was cool though. Good song overall.

In my opinion It's your time is much better. I like the surf rock feel of the intro riff. Then it kinda sounds like a mix of that, pink floyd, and the dead kennedys. I thought it was pretty cool. Really neat style on this. Great job man!
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When You Find Yourself: I really dig your clean tone. The vocals aren't exactly my bag of chips, and the delay/verb on them doesn't help :/ The guitar tone is a bit loose, and hangs back a little too much, I think. Bass sounds stellar! Drums are mediocre. Don't be afraid to do some more processing on those fronts. Harmonized stereo leads are cool I dig the track overall!

It's Your Time: Haha, this is awesome. Once again, vocals are what throw me off about this. Instrumentally, I dig the drum part and comments mix-wise remain. As far as writing goes, you're writing into the style, which is cool for sure! Certain lines do set you apart from the genre, and you should be proud of that!

Overall: Awesome stuff man! Keep it up

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Thanks for the comment dude! I listened to "It's Your Time" and I liked it. The guitar tone fits the vibe well, as do the drums. It has a nice, 80's retro thing goin' on and it sounds awesome!
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aaron aardvark
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tunasband, MetalCommand, CJL, SilverDolphin, Joshua1207, JetPackBlues, Artemis, Random3, JakePlaysGuitar, Indy_Fire, Cejis33, vival, awesomo, Weareclocks, JWG,
Thanks for the reviews! I appreciate it! Where do I find the time to record this many songs? I don't watch much TV.

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When You Find Yourself sounds very post punk, as does Seek and Search, they sound well recorded and I enjoyed the guitar in both songs. I loved the intro to Imposter and also the sample in the instrumental part.
You're obviously a very good musician, and I can't wait to hear more from you.
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Wow, the music surprised me a bit! When you find yourself reminds me of a coldplay/U2 song! very catchy. nice 'basic' drums and a great mix in that one too!

it's your time reminds me somewhat of some smashing pumpkin songs! verry sturdy and good work!

You are a very talented musician! keep up the good work!

Ps. amazing vocals!
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They all sound great. Here is a link to the three I have written thus far. Fourth is being recorded within the next few days and will be posted soon after.

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