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How-To: Making A Backing Track

EDIT: Okay, guess you guys are interested after all... Here you go...

---- How To Make A Real Drum Track Using Guitar Pro and FL Studio: ----
For a small guide to getting ezDrummer working, look at the end of this post.

Okay, to make a backing track you’re going to need two programs: Guitar Pro (or any program that can create MIDI drum tracks) and FL Studio. You can download a free working demo of FL Studio 6 at this location.

And you will need files called ‘soundfonts’ to make this all work. A soundfont, in essence, will replace MIDI sounds with more ‘realistic’ sounds. For the purposes of this tutorial, download this particular soundfont (it’s free), named jd_rockkit1, from here.
Now, you MUST save jd_rockkit1 inside the Soundfonts folder located in the directory where you installed FL Studio. The Soundfonts folder itself is located in a folder named Patches, which is inside a folder named Data, which is inside your main FL Studio folder (i.e. FL Studio 6\Data\Patches\Soundfonts\). I hope that made sense.

Okay, provided you have both programs installed, we can start.

Step 1:
Make a drum track in Guitar Pro. To make a drum track, in Guitar Pro go to Track --> Add.
Then in the box that comes up, select Percussion. I assume you already know how to make drums. If not, just practice, you’ll get the hang of it. Otherwise, just use the drums from one of the many guitar pro tabs you can download off this site.

Step 2:
Once you have made a drum track in Guitar Pro, export it as a MIDI file.
To do this, in Guitar Pro go to File --> Export --> Midi.
Save the MIDI file wherever you want.

Step 3:
Now open FL Studio. Go to File --> Open, and select the MIDI file you just created.

Step 4:
Now press play. You should hear… nothing. Why? Because the port being played is Port 1 by default. Normally, MIDI files you create in Guitar Pro will operate on Port 0, not Port 1. So to fix this, do the following:
First, make sure you can see the mixer. If you can't, press F9 to toggle it on/off.
Now on the mixer, select channel 1, and click on the small drop-down box. If you don't know what box I'm talking about, look at this picture:

A menu should come up that has options like Select, Presets, etc.
Click on Select, and then in the new menu that comes up, choose Fruity LSD.

Step 5:
A small box should come up that has various options (the Fruity LSD plug-in). Change where it says Port from 1 to 0.

Step 6:
Now press play. You should hear your MIDI file playing now.
But… it still sounds FAKE. Let’s make it sound more ‘real’… Proceed to next step.

Step 7:
Look on the left. There is a menu that has lots of options in different colors: such as Automation, Channel presets, Clipboard files, etc. (If you can't see it, press F8)
Select the option that is named Soundfonts. It is near the bottom.

Step 8:
A smaller menu should appear underneath it that has a file in it (the drum soundfont you downloaded, jd_rockkit1). Click and drag the soundfont file onto your Percussion channel.
If you don't know what I mean, check this picture:

Step 9:
Now press play! If you did everything correct, your drums should sound decent!
Note: If you want to adjust the volume levels and panning of the drums, just click on the percussion channel and a menu should come up that allows you to experiment with these things.

Step 10:
If you want to save your drum track as an MP3 or WAV, go to File --> Export --> Wave File, or File --> Export --> Mp3 file.

That's it!

Note that in the future, you can use other soundfont files to make different sounding drums. And you can do the same for many other instruments like bass guitar, piano, orchestra strings, etc. All you need are soundfonts, and you're on your way. The best website I've seen for soundfonts is www.Hammersound.net. You should really check it out.

You can also add various effects to your backing tracks via FL Studio to make them sound better as well. I usually like to increase reverb levels for drums, makes them ring nicer. Just experiment with the various plug-ins available in the program, which can be accessed in the same way Fruity LSD was accessed earlier in the tutorial.

Have fun.

Here's a sample of the kind of thing you can produce:

How to get ezDrummer working:
ezDrummer is a VST plugin, and works in similar way to soundfonts, by the fact that you can use it to replace your MIDI drum tracks with cooler, more real-sounding drums. Many people consider it one of the best commercially available plugins you can use. It definitely sounds better than most soundfonts I've heard, so you may want to go this route if you want more out of your drums. It also has velocity and mixer controls, and the ability to 'humanize' your drum tracks, which all help towards creating more convincing programmed drums. Due to many people asking me how to get it working, I will explain how to use it (it's really quite simple) with FL Studio below:
1. Purchase/download ezDrummer. Illegally or not, I'm not advocating anything here.
2. If you're into rock or metal, get the Drumkit From Hell pack as well.
3. Install ezDrummer.
4. Now, open FL Studio, and import your midi track.
5. Right-click on the drum/percussion channel. In the menu that appears, select Replace -> More...
6. In the new window that appears, under where it says VST Plugins, check the box where ezDrummer is located. Once you do that, close that window.
7. Right-click the drum channel again, and select Replace in the menu, but this time scroll down and select ezdrummer (it should appears in this menu now).
8. ezDrummer should now be loaded and will have replaced your midi track. Press play to hear something brutal.

Note: you can follow this same process to get any VST plugin working with FL Studio.

That is all.

-- Horvat

PS: Comments/compliments/criticism are welcome. I want to make this tutorial as easy to understand as possible, since it is aimed at novices.

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It won't hurt anybody. You might as well.

the only problem I can see is that not everyone has Fruity loops and Guitar pro as you have to pay for both of them.

maybe a tutorial using free programs so it can help eveyone. Maybe powertab and Audacity (If that works, that is) or some other free programs.
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There's a demo version of FL Studio that you can download at their website that works well, and its free.

And unfortunately, free programs like PowerTab don't create MIDI's for drums properly.
Guitar Pro does. And I figured since Guitar Pro is one of the major programs 'endorsed' by UG, it would be alright.

I guess no one's interested.
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I think it sounds like a splendid idea. Do it!
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Yeh I think this would be great idea, and GP also does a free demo (but is definatly worth the money to buy it ) , but could you post a link to the other program you mentioned iv never heard of it before..?
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Sorry, but there's not enough interest in it.
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im interested!!!
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I'm well interested in this. Post it up.
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Well you can make a backing track with midis easily.
just delete the guitar track.
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You might as well post it up. There's no harm in doing so... I'd be interested in it seeing as I've already got Guitar Pro.
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post it man, im quite interested in this
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ME too, post it.
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Originally Posted by Horvat
Sorry, but there's not enough interest in it.

Post away. BT's are going to become a major part of the site in the spring time.

Any contributions would be greatly appreciated.

Originally Posted by Bill43

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It's simple.

Just delete the guitar tracks, export the thing as a midi file, put it on a CD and play along.

Woo, that was hard.
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so are u gunna put this up or not?
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I'd be interested... if it's aldready up, please post the link!

else, let me know when it's up!
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Please do!
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Originally Posted by TheDarkestNights
It's simple.

Just delete the guitar tracks, export the thing as a midi file, put it on a CD and play along.

Woo, that was hard.
err no... MIDI BT's suck... I want a real BT!!
Note: Sorry if my grammar and/or vocabulary isn't very good, English is my 2nd language!

Originally Posted by Resiliance
you show me yours and I'll show you mine!

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Its pretty easy to make shit ones in guitar pro, I just turn the volume down on the guitars, but how do I make these into an mp3? And yes, please tell us how to make better ones than these!
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Okay, guess you guys are interested...
I edited my original post and put my tutorial up for you.

I would appreciate any and all feedback.

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