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I should also add the Ramones to this list.. I remember my guitar playing becoming more technical and boring just as I was starting to lose interest in music.. I got into the Ramones then and the simplicity along with the chaos made me fall in love. It was sort of like a rebirth kinda. It when I played guitar and listened to music, it all seemed fresh and new to me.

Also, the Ramones were my gateway into punk rock, hardcore and pop-punk (which has been my favourite genre of music for quite some while now)
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Highway to Hell and Appetite for Destruction got me super into music. Dad played lots of Costello and Springsteen when I was little. Those are the big 'uns, now I just kinda wander around musically.
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I must say metal and loads of rock bands. But key bands are Megadeth, Queen. Beatles, Ramones, Black Flag, Morbid Saint, Frank Sinatra, Ella Fitzgerald, Led Zep, Radiohead, Verdena...so much more....
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Originally Posted by jakesmellspoo
The Proud... The Few...


His mighty spirit entered me and I became... Allular.

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Originally Posted by jakesmellspoo
punk rock changed our lives.

i love you.

the first time i ever really noticed music was when my cousin played californication for me when i first started junior high school. thats when i really ot into music and chose it over everything else.

my buddies brother who also liked the chili peppers played inbetween dreams by jack johnson for me and oh, inverted world by the shins and i got real into acoustic guitar and started playing.

theeeen in high school i started listening to modest mouse out of my own interests and i never related to music more then when i got real into them. theyre still and most likely will remain as my favorite band. listening to them turned me on to music like built to spill and the halo benders and slint.

so many bands that changed my outlook on music hahaha,
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Hearing Hangar 18 on Guitar Hero is what first got me into metal/rock, and basically is what ended my obsession with hip hop.

Discovering Six Degrees of Inner Turbulence and Octavarium opened my mind to the world of Prog. Before that, I thought Free Bird was the longest song there was
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Led Zeppelin got me into music. Especially in 60/70's music.
Pink Floyd "changed my life"
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Magnum got me into music and after them Queen, Guns N' Roses and Bruce Springsteen have had major influences on me both personally and as a musician.
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Originally Posted by Wot's... Uh
Led Zeppelin got me into music. Especially in 60/70's music.
Pink Floyd "changed my life"

That's really cool that Pink Floyd was able to change your life! His music is great!
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I would have to say...

Jaco/Weather Report. First step into jazz.
Steve Vai.
Devin townsend/SYL
Megadeth, but only Rust in Peace. Peace Sells, kind of.

Eh, that's kind of it. Specific artists have not really been life changing for me, I don't know why they would.
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AFI's "Sing the Sorrow" completely changed me.

I was a nu metal/hard rock kid. Radio rock mainly. But my sister brought home a burnt copy from a friend and my first listen was just unreal. Usually I'm always skeptical and critical of new music, but come around later as I listen to it more. This was different, I immediately enjoyed it.

It's what got me to start playing electric guitar. That in turn took me to UG, where I started to get into more guitar oriented music, and I expanded my intake of genres, most notably getting into things like Led Zeppelin and Metallica. (although I'm not much into either anymore)

It just went on from there, and I feel if I'd never listened to that one AFI album, my musical tastes, and possibly myself in general, would be quite different.
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Well it would probably have to be a mixture of the Strokes, Arctic Monkeys and the Kooks. Before that it was all Fall out boy, Panic at the disco etc.. (embarrasing looking back now, I know...) but I first heard Naive by the kooks and it gave me a sudden passion for the guitar. After that I started looking at different band's influences and eventually picked up my dads copy of Please Please Me and gave it a spin. After that I was hooked. The Beatles probably changed my life more than any other musical artist.

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Led Zeppelin. Jimmy Page is what made me originally love the guitar as an instrument.

The Beatles. Really cheered me up when I felt down.

MGMT. When I began getting bored of music this just opened up a whole new genre for me.
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same as donkey but throw pink floyd in there then btbam a little later on
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Originally Posted by SGstriker

And Jeff Buckley...my God, his voice. His music. Can't even describe how it makes me feel.

His father > son.
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Guns N' Roses
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Rise Against really introduced me to alot of things. I picked up the guitar, started getting more into punk rock and music in general, and have a more positive outlook on life. Other notable bands are Submersed and The Killing Tree.
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I would say so. I was pretty academic in school, then when I finished high school education I got very much into music. I didn't even take music in school, now i'm probably one of the few people from my old school who can play an instrument.

I'm not even joking, I could probably name about 3 people other than myself from my old school who could play something.
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Rolling stones, Led Zeppelin and Guns N Roses. Reading about and watching those guys, learning their songs.... It just leaves me in awe.
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