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Help with these Power chords?

Hello, I can play pretty well, I'm no Slash but I'm not a total rookie either. Anyway, I'm trying to play "Savior" By Rise Against. And in the song they have power chords like this


I know to mute the 4th string with my finger and all that but it just sounds pretty bad and nothing like the covers i see on youtube or the song itself. I can play regular power chords just fine but these for some reason come out wrong.
Thanks for any tips
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That's actually just an octave interval, not a power chord. Make sure you're in tune and you are muting it properly with your left hand. Sorry for stating the obvious, but that's really all I can say with the info you've provided. Try playing the notes with your fingers instead and don't hit the muted string at all. That will help determine whether it's a tuning issue or a muting issue.
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I found those pretty tricky when I first tried playing songs that had them (Holiday in Cambodia and Everlong both use them, if you want to try them with other songs). I don't really know if there's a specific trick to it, mine just got better over time with practice.
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I usually lay my index finger across the 4th string when I fret octaves. Sort of like a barre, but don't put pressure on the unwanted string(s).
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Yeah.... can be tricky to get sounding cool at first but once you nail it you'll be a happy camper... try muting the middle string with your index finger (the one playing the note on the 7th fret)
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I asked this same question a couple years ago when I was starting out, learning Unholy Confessions. When you strum them, make sure your first finger frets the root and just deadens the rest of the strings, then fret the higher note with your third finger. If you want to hit them harder mute the E string with the tip of your first finger as well Good luck!!!
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