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Originally Posted by Arby911
Kidney Stones.

No other pain I've had even comes close...and I've been shot, broken bones, come off of motorcycles on dirt and pavement, been kicked by cows, goats and horses, etc...

Shot? And how did that happen?
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Extra Ordinary
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I fell out of a tree and broke my wrist.
It went upward in a zigzag shape. The doctor tried to reposition it and messed up the first time. I was 9 at the time, so it hurt more than anything. My father and a second doctor had to hold me down because I was moving too much.
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crack hitler
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Originally Posted by AndyZ
Because UG is full of emos

are you calling me an emo

bitch please, you can't even take a needle in your gum
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Likes Satchurated fat.
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I was bitten by my uncle's dog on my shoulder when I was on holiday in Africa. They stuck a big-ass needle into the hole and pumped in some anesthetic so they could stitch it up.

Other than that, I tore a tendon in my knee skiing. That sucked but I barely remember it.
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Call me Leon
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Just surgery. I have a pretty boring life, so I'm not in pain very much, but waking up after surgery is never fun. Not only is there the physical pain of having been cut open and sewed back up again, but the daze of the anaesthetic wearing off means you can lose track of hours or days, and that your body hardly even knows what's going on.
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Physical pain usually doesn't bother me. I got a huge chunk of my arm ripped off (not exaggerating) a few weeks ago playing floor hockey and I didn't notice until a few hours later when someone told me I was bleeding all over my shirt.

But for the purposes of this thread, it's a tie between respraining my ankle while it was already sprained (which has happened multiple times, so it probably doesn't count since I"m already used to it) and sexing for the first time.
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When I gave birth to my daughter
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Episode 1: Ran through a friends backyard and eye/face first into a clothesline he had set up. The line was a chain and not a rope so yeah it sucked. Scar over my eye that took years to fade ( Age 15-23 - im 24 now).

Episode 2 : Bitten on my inner thigh close to the jewels by a large Pit. I honestly thought i was gonna get dick bit. bunch of small punctures and gashes on inside of leg. I couldnt move much or it would all re-open.

Episode 3 : Stick fighting a friend as an idiot 10 yr old. Sharp and large splinter through my finger until i could see it trying to lift the nail from the otherside. This hurt so bad i passed out.

Episode 4 : Sting ray to the foot. Nice hole leading to bone right next to my pinky toe. I couldnt walk correctly or put on shoes for weeks. I felt a pressure after stepping on something slimy and i saw the ray slip away from the shallows. At first i thought "cool" just seen a stingray but then my foot began a throb which i still cant fully describe. My foot swelled to unhealthy size and i thought i was dying.
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Dead Milkman
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Originally Posted by Arby911
Kidney Stones.

No other pain I've had even comes close...and I've been shot, broken bones, come off of motorcycles on dirt and pavement, been kicked by cows, goats and horses, etc...

Even thinking about kidney stones makes me feel really ill. I've never had it, but peeing out sharp diamond like stones that are huge as hell doesn't seem very pleasant.

Remember to drink water guys.
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Oh ho yeah. Broke my arm in 4 places and tore my bicep in half. That hurt pretty bad.

Morning glory the morning after being circumcised.
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Broke my wrist in two places.

Ran into tree and broke my orbital bone.
Originally Posted by The_Blode
she was saying things like... do you want to netflix and chill but just the chill part...too bad she'll never know that I only like the Netflix part...
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Haunted Boy
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My 3rd back surgery was horrendous!!! It was a spinal fusion. The estimated recovery times on those surgeries is 6 months to a year, but they only gave me 2 days in the hospital for recuperation, in which time, I was expected to walk around and stuff... That first time I tried walking, I almost blacked out and I threw up everywhere just from the amount of pain that came over me like a tidal wave. Then, when I got outta the hospital, we had to drive like 2 hours back home and every little bump in the road was like shotgun blasts of pain. We had to stop 3 times so I could throw up.
I am still having major problems, but I'm steering clear of more surgery if I can help it...
...is my MUSIC as good as muh shoops?

Originally Posted by sglover34479
You know life isn't fair when people like HB are stuck posting on a guitar forum instead of rolling in bitches and cash.
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My Last Words
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When I was a little kid, I tripped over a wire that hung between to poles.. Felt headfirst mouthfirst on the ground, front teeth all messed up. That wasn't the real pain tho. It was the needle in my ******* palate.. like 1.5 inches deep
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Broke my big toe.I got pissed off and kicked an engine block. My tow was ****ing sideways.It's still kind of ****ed up because being the stubberon, doctor hating mother****er that i am, i tried straightening it out myself.Holy **** did that hurt.

Back when i still rode bikes, i was racing my brother down a hill and i slammed into the back of a parked truck.The ****in' tail gate wasn't there so i flew forward and my head smashed through the ****ing back window.Then to add insult to injury the stupid **** who owned the truck came out to see what all the noise was and saw me all ****ed up in his truck and started laughing his ****ing ass off.

Pissed off a drug dealer and wound up getting shot.
I am not accountable for this, okay.
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had a colonoscopy, it wasn't that bad but when i went for a piss I passed out, worst pain ever
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Originally Posted by ExDementia
When my appendix burst. Hurt worse than breaking my wrist, my hand, my ankle, and stepping on a rusty nail through to my heel bone.

I was 15, had a crazy bad stomach ache (so I thought) and was trying to sleep. Then, all I remember is waking up clutching my stomach, curled up in a ball. I couldn't move for hours until my mom came in the next morning to get me up for school and found me. I couldn't talk, only short whispers. I couldn't move, I couldn't cry, I had to be carried out to the car to be taken to the hospital.

Then the bastards wouldn't operate on me at that hospital because they said the childrens hospital needed to do it for some reason. So I waited there for most of the day, then was ambulanced over to the childrens hospital where I they finally did my operation the next ****ing day. The doctor told my mom that if they waited another day I would have died (thanks, assholes at the first hospital). They also told me that almost no one waits until their appendicitis got so bad that their appendix actually burst. So then I felt like an idiot for just thinking it was just a bad stomach ache.

I was unconcious for a full week and couldn't even ****ing walk for another week after that. Even then it was with a walker and only to the end of the room, then the hallway, then to the end of the hallway, then to the cafeteria, etc. The whole time I was thinking "I remember learning in class that your appendix doesn't even really do anything! How the hell did it cripple me and almost kill me?

To top it off, when I got home 3 weeks later, my 3 year old German Shepard was so excited to see me again, he jumped up on me and re-opened my stitches from the tube they decided to have in my abdomen the entire time.

I'm not sure if I'll top that one.
My appendix was on the verge of breaking, I pretty much did the same thing as you. I thought I had a really bad stomach ache and came home from work to sleep it off. My step mother is a nurse practitioner and she woke me up when she got home and did some diagnostics and concluded I might have appendicitis.

A short trip to the emergency room later and they confirmed it after I drank a lemonade/chalk tasting solution and took a full-body scan of some sort (probably a PET scan).

One surgery later and my surgeon said if I waited much longer it would have burst which is often fatal. You're lucky.

I still think that tearing the ligaments in my shoulder was worse though.
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I impaled my knee on a very large piece of sharp glass with all my body weight behind it.. The glass shard went halfway through my leg.
Regarding the furry fandom from the man himself:
Originally Posted by Axelfox
Please understand how little we as a community care

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I've got two, about tied. One time I got checked from behind playing hockey, and landed on my wrist very awkwardly, breaking my arm. There was quite a large snap, and my forearm was bent inwards. Hurt like a bitch. The second time I got a tooth removed, later that day fell down a staircase, gave myself a major concussion. We got into a small accident on the way to the hospital... my head hurt so bad, and blood was filling my mouth. Quite a sight to see, actually
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I like bewbs
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This sounds really lame but bare with me :P
Ive always had stomach aches when I drink juice, soft drinks, energy drinks, milk in the morning. Something to do with my body not being fully up to speed and being able to handle these things I think.
So we were on vacation and were in a rentable house and it was our last day there. I woke up too early for my liking (7 ish) and my parents were getting ready to leave. However we still had 2 2 liter bottles of coke in the fridge and my mom didnt want to take it with us, so I volunteerd to drink as much as I could. I basically chugged a whole 2 liter bottle by myself. I completely forgot though that I had just woken up. 10 minutes later in the car I had THE worst stomach ache ever. Really sharp stabbing pain and it wouldnt go away for an hour or two.
I know it doesnt sound bad but it was far worse than when I broke my ankle for example.
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Originally Posted by Trowzaa
Then there was like a paper cutting template in graphics back in secondary school, it was like foam with razor blades hidden in it. Now, I didn't know that, some guy told me to punch it repeatadly, so I did. Blood poured everywhere, I could see my muscle once the bleeding had stopped and yeah, pretty ****ing painful. Now I've just got a weird scar there.

Who the **** would make you do that? Did you know that there were blades in it?
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