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Amp heads?

Hello everyone!

So im upgrading my amp, since I actually play in a band thats doing shows again!
Anyways im a college kid on a budget, what in your opinion is a good amp head for a decent price? (400-1000) range

I'm thinking Bugera 6262 or Biting the bullet and buying a Peavey 6505

Thanks for the help!

(I play Tech-Deathcore so lows with a great lead channel)
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What style of music(example of bands that are close to the sound you want?) and where do you live? Willing to go used?
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Do you have a cab or will you need to buy one as well? If you have one, what speakers is it running?
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Out of the two you listed the 6505 is obviously the better choice, despite the price gap. I have a bugera and they ARE good for the money, but if you can afford the 6505 why not? Saves you upgrading later. The 6505 is pretty much the "metal" amp these days.
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Definitely look for a used one. the 5150/5150II is very rugged and as long as it wasnt abused or messed with on the inside they last for ages.
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I say knaw on some lead.
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A 5150/6505 is definitely the way to go. They can be had used all day for $500-600.

You should have enough left over for a good cab as well, assuming you hunt around for deals of course (Avatar, Mesa, Orange, anything with V30s really).
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