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Need Help to understand Improvisation

Hi everybody, im a guitar player for like 10 years... i'v been listening and playing but not trying to understand the theory. and now after all these years i want to learn how to improvise... i'v been seing a lot of videos on youtube with backing tracks playing and the fretboard with the scale noted to follow the backing track... but im not getting it... i want to learn how to use the scale.. like there is a song in G, what scale i should use? and if the note changes to C? what i should use? what is my options i really need help. im brazilian and there is not too much to read in portuguese and my english sux... i need help with this stuff.. i really want to start to improvise, not fast but absorving all the essencials using less notes but showing how usefull it is. I have skype and webcam maybe i can find a good teacher here to help me out?! im thinking this is a step that i can go up by my self, but if someone help me with that i can go 30 steps more!!! plz need help to understand it!!!

My e-mail: arthursaggin@gmail.com
and find me on facebook: arthur saggin souza

thank you all for the time !!!!!!!!!! i need a teacher with good soul!>

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improvising basically means to play by ear.
And playing by ear is the best most beneficial way. It will teach you to improvise.

whatever key the song is in is the scale you use. If the key is G major you play the G Major scale. It doesn't matter when the chords change because all the notes you are looking for are in the GM scale already.

So theres no switching scales when the chords change its all in the same key. unless the key changes. You would most likely hear the key change.
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I'm brazilian too, I'll add you on fb... and my first name is the same as yours
Originally Posted by Xiaoxi
The Byzantine scale was useful until the Ottoman scale came around and totally annihilated it.
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Originally Posted by mrkeka
I'm brazilian too, I'll add you on fb... and my first name is the same as yours

yey add me on FB man!!! whats your name? can u help me with this stuffs?

and metal head thx man u help me with something... but i need see on pratic how it works too...

studing studing studing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Originally Posted by metalmetalhead
improvising basically means to play by ear.
And playing by ear is the best most beneficial way. It will teach you to improvise.

That's, um ... useful.


Okay, more seriously:

Good improvisation is often about hearing sounds in your head and playing them on the guitar - I'm willing to bet that when you listen to music, you sometimes get musical ideas and you think would sound cool over what you're listening to.

Learning to improvise is, therefore, about training yourself how to make those sounds on the guitar.

Most people start to learn to improvise with pentatonics, because they're easy to have fun with. It's hard to play things that sound "wrong" in a pentatonic scale. The minor pentatonic over major chords will tend to sound bluesey, while the major pentatonic will sound more straightforward and melodic.

Eventually you're going to want to learn the full major and minor scales, too. But I'd start just by having fun with the pentatonics.

And that's really the place to start: just have fun with it. Explore. Don't worry about doing it "right" or "wrong."

You'll also, however, want to develop your ear, which will help you improvise with your brain. Lots of people get stuck in a rut of basically just moving their fingers around in scale patterns. That's fine if you just learned a new scale and are trying to get it into your muscle memory, but you want to get to a place where your brain is telling your fingers what to do by thinking in terms of sounds.

So download the functional ear trainer from miles.be and use it.

THe most basic way to start to improvise is to use one scale that works over the whole progression. But people do sometimes change the scales to go with the chords, or mix scales in other ways. Don't worry about that now - that's advanced stuff. You'll get there. Now just focus on using the patterns and developing your ear.
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