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while shredding:arm or wrist?

while shredding (NOT sweeping) I mean like alternate picking:
should I move my wrist or my arm?

is there any video on youtube or something that could help?
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You should be using your wrist for the picking motion itself and your arm to keep your hand/wrist in a good position to the string you're playing. You can use pure wrist motion for very quick string crossing motions but if you're changing from one string to the next for more than one or two notes you should use your arm to shift.
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Originally Posted by MultiM
while shredding (NOT sweeping) I mean like alternate picking:
should I move my wrist or my arm?

is there any video on youtube or something that could help?

There's not really any such thing as "shredding".

Playing the guitar is playing the guitar, the same techniques and principles apply whether you're playing fast or slow. The term shredding is just a general colloquialism for very fast, usually technically accomplished, guitar playing in all it's forms across all genres.

Those guys are just very, very good at playing the guitar...very, very good at the exact same things you do, the main difference usually being they've been practicing the crap out of those things for years.

So the same basic principles apply whatever you're playing, staying relaxed, staying in time, keeping your movements controlled and economical. Picking from the elbow is impossible to do in a controlled relaxed manner, what people often end up doing when they're not yet good enough to play at a certain spead is tense up their elbow and just kind of spaz their arm at the strings. It's appalling technique, it's sloppy, it's innacurate and it's bad for your arm..
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Originally Posted by steven seagull
spaz their arm at the strings.

ROFL. I've seen plenty of people do that (done it myself a few times when I started playing too). Always ends up looking like you're masturbating, especially if you pull any kind of 'concentration' face.

Advice-wise: What everyone else said. Your upper arm & forearm position your hand in the right place; your wrist (which remains nice and relaxed) is where your pick movement comes from. If you find your forearm's getting massively tight maybe think about how firmly you're holding your pick. It should be just firmly enough to hold the pick, but not so tight it makes all the muscles in your forearm stand out.
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Whatever you find the most comfortable is what you should go with, but never play if your joints are hurting. This goes for wrist, elbow and shoulder. If you feel pain or extreme muscle fatigue then adjust your technique.
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Originally Posted by MultiM
while shredding (NOT sweeping) I mean like alternate picking:
should I move my wrist or my arm?

is there any video on youtube or something that could help?

Your picking motion should come from your wrist. However, that does not mean that you have to hold the rest of the arm rigid. If you're totally relaxed, there will be a small amount of motion in your arm when you pick - that's not a bad thing and it isn't detrimental to your technique. If you tense up to hold it still, that's bad; the same thing goes for if your arm flops all over the place (which means that your posture is wrong).
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The only time when "shredding" that i don't use my wrist is sweeping 4 or more strings, but i think that's a little different. When i sweep i try to keep my pick in a consistent motion parallel to the pickups and i think that's borderline impossible with just your wrist. I kind of get my whole arm involved when i do it if that makes any sense..

EDIT: I just realized it said not sweeping haha. When alternate picking though definitely use your wrist. Every 13 year old guitarist on the planet just spazzes the **** out of their arm when they alternate pick really fast and it looks and sounds absolutely ridiculous. We've all done it though..

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+1 to all.

This might help -

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