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Tube explosion, need suggestions.

So back in July, after about 2 months of saving up, I was able to finally snag my very first Mesa (And first tube amp for that matter) and was overjoyed at the delicious tone that one could only imagine but never truly capture the brilliance of unless they beheld it in the flesh.

Anywho, it was a Mesa/Boogie Mark 3 Blue Stripe. Now while I did know that its a good idea to throw in new tubes upon purchasing a new amp, I was too caught up with my amps audible sex appeal, to pay attention to that and now my ignorance has gotten the best of me. I was playing one day, had it set to around 3 (Which was pretty ****ing loud btw) and as I was riffin', I noticed that while the sound was incredible, it seemed like the "punch" had suddenly evaporated. Before I had time to wonder, the amp shut off completely, and my room was suddenly filled with the world famous "Burning smell."

When the opening in time finally came, I took it down to the Guitar Center I bought it from, and only to find out (besides the fact that the extra $100 I put down on it for insurance is absolutey worthless and doesnt cover anything useful) that one of the tubes had actually filled with gas and somehow shattered. I am apparently lucky to not have burnt my home down with it. And they told me that Im going to have to completely retube the damned thing, and then get it sent to an amp shop to put some sort of power bypass inside it or something. Now the question I ask to those of you kind enough to read all of this is: From the way I described my problem, should I still drain the $100 extra for a new set of Power tubes, or are they scamming me and can I get away with replacing the one that went?

Any feedback is greatly appreciated and thank you for taking the time to read through this. This amp is my child.
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It's obvious when the vacuum is compromised because it goes cloudy. If that's the case then all you can do is replace them. Shit happens.
If it is a power tube that blew then yes, you need to replace all the power tubes as a set. There should be no need to replace the preamp tubes. If it was a preamp tube just replace the one that blew.
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Yes you have to replace the power tubes (the big ones).
I don't know what kind of power-bypass thing they could be talking about but I would decline that.
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Most of the time you can get away with just putting new tubes in. In this case if might be worth someone actually pulling it apart to inspect. At a minimum get all the resistors checked in the power tube section and fixed(non-adjustable)bias section.

There is no bias on your amp unless it had been modified in the past.

You could always just put new tubes in and see if you have any problems or red plating... might be a good way to ruin new tubes.
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