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aaron aardvark
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2 new songs to review (Will C4C, I promise!) New as of Sept. 28th!!

I put 2 new electronic songs on my music website: "Will You Now" is the song on top and "Quite A Lot" is the next one down. Please tell me how you like these songs and how they can be improved. If you review me, I will review you, I promise! Here is the link:

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Hola 7
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Good job on both of them, I really liked them! Glad to see you use a wide range in your vocals (not monotonous) with melodies that become catchy after a while. What i loved most though was the little fills/solo's between the vocals. The Pad you used on "quite a lot" was simply beautiful! Good arrangement with both the songs too.
I'd maybe change the drums up a bit. They seem too simplistic and static for me , but thats only my opinion (if you were going for the more simplistic beats, then stick with it!).
Although I don't think too many people take a liking to that type of music, I thought it was pretty awesome! Great job
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Yes We Nyan!
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Thanks for the comments!

I know very little about electronic music, but I'll try my best to give feedback!

Will you now - This sounds absolutely awesome! It's like something out of a Sonic game haha. The vocal are really cool too, but they seem to be a little bit loud (Might be my headphones) I really like it though, the "Instruments" sound really good, and the thudding drums are bad ass!

Quite a Lot - Again, the drums are great! Vocals also sound really good. A very solid track though. I like sounds around 2:00, they're really cool!

Do you want to check out my other song I finished making today? Here's a link! http://www.ultimate-guitar.com/foru...d.php?t=1565474
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ok I have to say the fills make both songs. The vocals are a bit pitchy but I think that stylistically works with it. Especially in quite a lot when you sing the line you may see quite a lot. My fav of the two would probably be quite a lot, its actually very catchy. The only thing I'd change on that song was the sound of the snare. For some reason the snare sound irritates me, but thats a pretty small thing compared to overall sound of the song.

Anyway check out my new cover
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I listened to both of them. They are nice composition, playing is tight, your sound is also good as same as the production. Will you now has nice synth solo, but I prefer vocals on Quite a Lot and I guess I would be also my fav. Keep it up.
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Wasnt sure about will you know when the intro started up, I think you could do without it or change the intro up, but it quickly got much better. I like the sound that youre getting its pretty original imo. quite a lot starts off much stronger, this one seems catchier. really liking the synth around 2 minutes. youve a lot a cool and interesting sounds and structurally they are pretty cool songs. The drums beats are very simplistic but if thats the sound youre going for then they do a good job. keep up the good work and thanks for listening to my track!
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Will you now:
It has nice synthies,and in my opinion a somehow 80s sound (especially the synth-solo!).
What i didn't like that much were that the vocals are a bit too overdone in my opinion, a little less could have been more here - but thats just my opinion

Quite a Lot:
you're doing a good job keeping the sound "alive" while using synths, which i find quite difficult, good job! you're creating a nice athmospheric soundwall, but i would say that a few "real" guitars in some parts could have made a huge difference for the song - in a positive way. But still a nicely composed song!
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I'm "Will you know" is good. I like very much the vocals. That's reminds me something else but I have forgot ....
Like "Thunderhaus", I find that's a little like some 80's stuff and I like that.

The begin of "Quite a lot" reminds me some albums of Depeche Mode.
I like this song too. I think I'll listen these songs and the others later cause I like this kind of music.
I think you're a 80's addict, isn't it ? lol

(sorry for my english ...)
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Hey Aaron, thanks for the crit on mine, very detailed as ever
On to your stuff anyway...

Will You Now: A more electronic sound to start with than your usual style, but it I like it. The piano part is cool and then I like the riff at 0:30, really heavy. The heavy delay/reverb on the vocals suits the music very well. However I do think the vocals are slightly high in the mix compared to the over instruments. The keyboard sounds coming in around 1:40 are really cool too, seems like you've been experimenting a bit with different ideas, and I'm seems to have been a great success! Lead keyboard part I like a lot as well.

Quite a Lot- This song has a nice atmosphere, as has been mentioned, the pad sounds really great. The production and overall sound of this song is top notch, all the little electronic sounds are really cool. I like the chilled out vibe to the song.

Overall, I really enjoyed these a lot, top work! You've managed to branch out to a slightly different type of music, but retained your own recognisable style at the same time. Excellent songwriting!
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Will You Now: I liked it for the most part, sounds very experimental to me, however, I dug it. Great job, not much I can say about this song, the vocals fit well. It was overall a very nice song.

Quite a Lot: I REALLY REALLY enjoyed this one. The intro, was extremely interesting. The drum beat that starts under it is so basic, but fits so well. Its perfect imo. I like how this song evolves throughout as well. Overall, great song!
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Professional Scatterbrain
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Will You Now - Like the intro sounds and bursts. The main synth sounds nice, and the drums do too, but I feel the song might benefit if the drums were a bit punchier, that's just me though. The vocals sound nice, but they could be a bit lower in the mix I think, that or maybe EQ'd differently. Really like the synth solo at around 2:15, kind of a basic sound but it sounds cool. Nice song.

Quite A Lot - Nice ambient synths. The vocals sound the same as the other track. I like the sounds in this one better, they're cool. The parts being played also sound good. Also a good track.
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Will You Now is nice & boppy - not sure about entirely losing the bass for the section 2.05-2.40, I think I'd have brought it back in a little earlier, but that's just personal preference really.

There's a little bit too much effect on the vocals for my taste but otherwise the mix sounds fine to me - kick's nice & present, other instruments aren't obscuring each other, could maybe do with a fraction more in the highs (but that could just be the shitty headphones I'm listening on).

Quite A Lot - a bit more downtempo than the first track, but it's got plenty of different sounds to keep things moving along so it doesn't get boring.

Mix-wise I'd say it's about the same as Will You Now but you've put less effect on the vox so it doesn't sound quite as overdone.

Style-wise they both sound like they're straight outta the 80s - reminds me of being a kid again
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Scientifically Confused
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Dude, kick ass tracks man! I love your sounds. Im not too sure about some parts Will you, but man I'm tripping on your beats. I love your fills man and how they totally complete the tracks. I cant say anything about the mix, I'm not too good at that, but overall, Im completely digging it!

Crit mine bro:

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Quite A Lot:

I like the mixing on this track a lot. I love the ambience of it, and I found that your droll, sarcastic vocal style actually grew on me the second time I listened through this song.
I think that for this song's genre it's perfect and there's nothing I, personally, would change

Will You Now:

There's a good riff on this song. Although, I'm less fond of your vocal style on this song, it's a little out of place, too much delay. But the music is well mixed. I would add more bass to this track and make the drums more pronounced. (But that's just a personal preference)
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Will You Now:

I really liked this one a lot. I like the production you've done with the vocals, but the music behind it needs to be a little more filled out to help lift the vocal up even higher. The mix doesn't sound very wide, perhaps you could try panning the bass and drums out a bit, to utilize more width of the stereo field? Just an idea. Maybe EQ more low end into the bass throughout the song. Besides that, it's a really cool song with a unique vibe, I'm into it. Nice work man.

I started making electronic music after I got my guitar performance degree.
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aaron aardvark
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rustausa, BigSmokeDawg, inkybutt, Michael87, LastBaron, thunderhans, Barthounet, MetalCommand, awesomo41894, AfScatterbrain, Sleepy__Head, hitman_47, JetPackBlues, Altitudinous,

Thank you for the reviews! I appreciate it! Yes, I am addicted to 80's music (and 70's music, but I usually sound like the 80's).
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The tracks you highlighted both definitely sound good, and high quality. Kinda like video game stage music to be completely honest. Good stuff!
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I listened to "Will you now".
I'll be honest and say, that I'm not into that kind of music so its hard to give good feedback, but:
The mix is nice and clean, though I would've liked if vocals were bit quieter.
As u stated before, you like 80's music and I really get that vibe from your song, which I think is good if u wanted to achieve that.
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"Will you now"
Not my cop of tea, a bit too "happy sounding" for my taste. I don't think the vocals fit that well with the music, would have been appropiate if u made the music heavier and the vocals would fit more. I like the mix however and the song flows well. Good job
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Will You Know - Good lead synth solo. The beat reminds me of Kate Nash's Caroline's A Victim - if you've never heard that check it out and you'll definitely see what I mean.

Quite A Lot - I can tell it was written by the same person, so you have a distinctive style which is a good thing. I like the layering of sounds in this one, which generates an effective mood. The sound is giving me a not unpleasant nostalgia feel.

Both tracks share 'mad scientist' vocals, which impart an ironic or knowing feel to the proceedings and definitely mark them out as your songs - the distinctive style again. If these songs were on the radio on Grand Theft Auto IV I'd play them while driving!

C4C? http://www.ultimate-guitar.com/foru...d.php?t=1566536
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