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No head voice/falsetto!!

Hi 1st post here and its a big one. This goes more for vocal coaches or people who maybe have the same issue as me.

I've been desperately looking for ways to sing high or even make high pitched sounds. When i was young i was able to make high pitched sounds & noises but then one day it just went away, poof gone. Im now 28 and I simply just gave up trying.

I sing and play guitar in a folk band and its very frustrating because i end up having to sing the low melodies in the harmonies and sometimes even thats hard for me and i have to strain to get up there and we all know how much that can hurt after a while. Plus it doesn't sound pleasant. And the worst part? i can HEAR all these beautiful high notes in my head when im composing but cannot produce them!!! No matter what i do i cant seem to make high pitched sounds or flip into a falsetto even. Cant go WOOHOO or YEEEEEHAAWWW none of that. Can't even speak in a mickey mouse voice

I heard about some people blowing out air when they would try to hit high notes or "flip" into falsetto. Thats exactly my problem. I own the Bret Manning disc series and I've been doing the exercises but everytime i try to go past my chest range or to flip into a falsetto only air comes out and nothing more. All the technique videos, tutorials and articles only address the "finding your head voice" topic or closing the "gap" on the break between the head voice/falsetto or the difference between the two but nobody seems to have my problem! Am I the only one?!?!

I read somewhere that people who got used to singing with your throat muscles/straining the larynx may have extremely weak back throat muscles and are not able to "zip" up the vocal cords to make high pitch sounds, how much of this is true?

Is is possible that some people are just anatomically incapable of producing high pitched sounds?

Should I just give up and work with the limited range i can produce with my chest voice?

Thanks in advance for ANY answers!
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Most people can improve their range some by working with a vocal instructor.

I wouldn't assume you can't do it, but you're going to have to either sing the octave down or work with a singer who can hit them until then.

I generally find it unproductive to ask questions about what's possible until you've worked with an instructor.
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Same advice as Hotspur here... look for an instructor. And not wanting to scare you, but if you really can't produce any kind of falsetto or head voice, then you probably have some damages in your vocal cords
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Try to "move" the vibrations in your throat higher up in it by projecting air from your lungs a bit differently. When you do falsetto you should feel your throat moving able where it normally does while speaking. It will probably feel very unnatural at first, but you shouldn't have to push hard or strain yourself.

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Try lip or tongue trills. It will probably take several months conditioning your voice to sing at a higher octave and longer to gain control of your passagio. It's helped me a a ton. When I started I could force out an F but now I can go further than a C.
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