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The Name's Devon! ;)
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Looking for some new Pups

I'm going to be buying a Gibson V in the not-so-distant future, and I've been thinking about replacing the pups in my Les Paul as well. It has Seymour Duncans in it, a Pearly Gates in the Bridge and AlNiCo II Pro in the neck. The main complaints I have with these are that they need more output and more harmonics. The Pearly Gates I like, other than some lack of output, clarity, and I would like more harmonic content, and the AlNiCo II Pro is a bit muddy sometimes, as well as a bit crunchy (maybe?) for what I want.

In the bridge, I want a good, crunchy, clear, crisp, articulate sound with tight bass that gives a good chunky sound when palm-muted. Here are some specific examples of what I'm looking for:
Two Weeks - All that Remains
Destroy Everything - Hatebreed
In Your Words - Lamb of God
Beautiful Mourning - Machine Head
Demon's Blade - 3 Inches of Blood
Stream of Consciousness - Dream Theater

In the Neck, I'm looking for excellent cleans. Something along the lines of what John Petrucci is getting at about 5:30 in this vid:

Then, when it comes to distorted tone, I want something that sounds like my strings just melted into my fingers which melted into my fretboard and pickups. I want pure molten liquid metal sound. Again, Stream of Consciousness is a great example. The solo that starts around 3:45 is a great example. He's still got an articulate sound, but it's so fluid and epic. Each note has it's own articulation, but it all flows together well. I also want excellent sustain with this pickup, not to mention plenty of harmonics. Another example would be the intro solo to Hearts Burst Into Fire by Bullet For My Valentine.

As far as brands go, I'm down for most anything. I've been looking into Dimarzio, as I've never really had any dealings with their pickups, but I've also been wanting to try out BKP's, but they're just so damn expensive and hard to find used. I don't really think I want to go Active, but I'm open to suggestions. I'm not looking to spend more than $200, maybe $250 on these. The cheaper the better. Used is an option, but I've gone through local Craigslists and found nothing at all.

Looking at Dimarzio, I was thinking a D Activator in the Bridge and either a Liquifire or Air Norton in the neck. In terms of BKP, I really dig the Aftermath and Cold Sweat in terms of bridge pickups and either an Emerald or VHII in the neck. I've looked at BG pickups as well, and the HellaBucker or HellaRail looked nice fora bridge pickup, but they didn't really have any neck pickups that seemed like they would appeal to me. While I wouldn't mind going Seymour Duncan again, I kinda wanted to branch out this time and try something new. EMG's aren't really something I've considered yet since their Passives have a bad rap and I'm not really looking for Actives. I'm hoping to go to all of the sites and listen to clips, as well as hitting up Youtube later tonight, but I can't do that at the moment.
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Dimarzio Liquifire (neck) and Crunchlab (bridge)?
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I have a Music Man Petrucci, and let me tell you GET THE ****ING LIQUIFIRE!!!!!!!!! And as you are using a stop tail bridge i would recomend the Steve Morse Bridge model (it's tight, it;s high output and it's got great harmonics, and it's very very versatile) if not the Super Distortion would do!
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At 5:30 in that vid, he's using the Piezo output on his music man. That's a whole other shenanigan.
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The Name's Devon! ;)
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Originally Posted by ihartfood
At 5:30 in that vid, he's using the Piezo output on his music man. That's a whole other shenanigan.

DAMMIT!! I should have figured as much with Master Petrucci. I didn't look into his guitar too much, I just knew his sig pups are the Crunch Lab and Liquifire. I thought he had an oddly acoustic sound going on there.

EDIT: I should mention that it would be a huge plus if the Dimarzio pups are available in Chrome (not covered, uncovered chrome) due to the look I want to go for on my V

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