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Quick guide to using DI on Cubase?

Does anybody on here have any good info or tips for recording using DI on Cubase? I'm going to record bass parts using DI as I have just bought a cheap bass for completing my recordings and the amp wouldn't be worth mic'ing.

Now, I've never done this and so need some help using the amp modelling etc. within Cubase. I'm sure there will be stuff on Google, but thought people on here may have a bit more relevant experience.
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Do you have an interface?

Also RTFM.
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Yeah I use an M-Audio Fast Track and I mic my guitar currently. The manual is very rigid. I was more interested in hearing from people who have used it as they may be able to give advice on things to do/things not to do etc. regardless of what the manual says
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You're using a DI box into your interface, right? If not, get one.

And in all honesty...you can try using amp sim plugins for bass, but you may just want to see how far you can get w/ the raw DI signal...it's not uncommon just to work from that.
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OK cool. The interface has inputs already for DI. It has a guitar cable jack, so not sure I'd need a DI box to plug into the interface? It was my understanding that the interface IS the DI box?
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Ok, I'll make this very clear cut - it's a very simple process. Plug guitar into DI of interface (assuming it has one; if not, you will need a DI box). You may also choose to use a high-quality DI box if the instrument preamps on your interface aren't too great, so you can use the DI box for the majority of the physical work. Then you select that input in your DAW, from the interface's inputs, and start recording.

There's nothing else to it, and the DAW you use makes no difference at all.

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OK well that's all I needed to know I guess
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I'd highly recommend getting a DI with the Fastrack. I use an Mbox 2 (Essentially the same thing, just got the Digidesign name on it) and the DI input on it is terrible. Its very muddy and theres a lot of unneeded low end.

I personally use a Radial Pro DI thats $100 New anywhere you go. You can find DI's as low as $30 but I wanted something that I know isn't going to break twice on me and isn't made of cheap plastic.
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