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Your first tube amp.. +reactions

Mine was actually my AC30. My previous amps were the cheap a** sh*t Squier SP10, nice step up to an AC30VR, and then the tube C2.

Wow, it was like heaven had descended upon my ears. It just sounded so rich and lovely.

What was your first tube amp? And how did you react to it's sound (hearing a tube amp for the first time/playing a tube amp for the first time?
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I don't even play guitar.
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Peavey Windsor. Initially I loved it, but I quickly realized it didn't do what I wanted it to. I think I was more excited to have a half stack than I was to have a tube amp. I do remember being obsessed with the smell of the tubes heating up though (I assume it was actually the smell of the tolex getting warm.)
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Unless its electronic drums.

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The Vox Dude
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Mine was a H&K 20th anniversary I believe.

It was gooooood.
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I hear they use false bypass switches.

It's, like, so ironic.
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Finding the Pattern
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Fender Twin was my first tube amp.

It was also my first amp.

Didn't know what I had, so I'm not sure if it was great or not...got rid of it for little of nothing.
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Confucius say blame gear
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Peavey 5150
My initial thought was that it was Loud as ****.
Distortion was the best I'd ever heard up to that point.
YouTube channel

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Let's a go Mario!
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Fender Champ.. It was a great little amp. And It sounded so much better than my frontman and VS that I bought into the tube hype and bought a JCM. Never looked back

Originally Posted by tubetime86
I do remember being obsessed with the smell of the tubes heating up though (I assume it was actually the smell of the tolex getting warm.)

Ah, the smell of warm tolex. Nothing beats it thats for sure
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Peavey Ultra Plus 120 Head. I still love/use it. I thought it was the greatest American amp for the price. And for the money, this thing blows most Tube amps out of the water.

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Bugera 333XL combo. Still the only tube amp I've owned (about 2-3 years now, can't remember).

First impression: godly, amazing, best thing in the world, orgasm...

My amp before that was a 15W SS Epiphone practice amp, in comparison a Marshall MG sounds good

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Call me Leon
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Fender HRD III. The cleans just blew me away. They still do. So damn good. Of course the drive channels aren't great but I didn't mind that and I've since found a way around it so everything is good.
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Doesn't speak guitar
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My first tube amp was a crate BlueVoodoo. Cleans were sparkly good and the drive channel was amazing. Warmth and clarity. Loved it.
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Up and Coming Tech
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Valveking. Really wasn't a bad amp at all with a few tweaks. Tbh its like a 6505 with less bottom end and a slightly harsher upper-mid range but with WAY better cleans. Not a terrible amp but not a great amp. You could certainly do worse I suppose for a first tube amp.
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Buckethead's Right Hand
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Vox AC30. It made my MT-2 sound GOOD for a change!
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The image in my head is just too funny for words at this point

Aw yeah.
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Marshall JCM2000 DSL, my reaction, "so THIS is what playing the guitar is all about" after years learning on a solid-state 60W Crate 1x12.
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No longer Adam West.
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Peavey Valveking. After having a line 6 spyder, it was an absolute god send.

Now I've gone through a triple rec, and i'm on my VHT. Tube amps are addictive.

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Mesa/Boogie Dual Rectifier Roadster.

I was disappointed at first because it didn't sound "the way it did in the store." I soon learned that one of the tubes was just about dead (in fact, it would sometimes die in the middle of playing, then come back to life a few seconds later). After replacing the tubes and learning how to EQ a real amp, I fell in love. Great sounding distortion, huge sound in general, dynamics for days. It's great.
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crate blue voodoo.

it was a great amp for rock and metal with a decent clean channel. it started to have problems, reverb tank dying, my tastes changing etc. i did alot of learing about tubes on that amp. what tubes sound better where and what you can do and cant do with them. overall it was a great learning platform about tube amps.
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Mine was a Laney VH100R.

I had a Marshall AVT150 and a Randall G3 half stack. I wasn't really happy with how they sounded. The AVT was horribly harsh and I was getting into heavier music so I bought the G3. It was cool but to get a likable sound, I had to crank the gain up and it would squeal like a pig at that point. I couldn't get a nice clean sound or lower gain tones either so that had to go.

I found the VH for 800 bucks with a cabinet and I picked it up. When I got home and plugged it in, I was in love. Great tones all across the board. Nice and crunchy rock tones and wicked metal tones without any fizz or much noise. I wish I never sold it
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But, I did just eat some pizza so I am quite fartsy

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Only at times, though.
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My first tube amp was a Laney VC30. and it still is.

I had a vox valvetronix before. the VC30 was a massive upgrade.

I just wish the sound had more punch in the low end... it's kinda thin and jangly which was the tone i wanted at the time, but now i've moved on to darker, thicker sounds.
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Kevin Saale
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The first one I owned was a fender HRD 2nd gen. Didn't do what I wanted, but it was nice for what it was.

I can't remember the first one I played, but I remember thinking when I played this amp, 'damn, this thing sounds good.' I discovered later that it was a tube amp.
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Laney L5T, miss the amp a lot and to be honest I really didn't know what I had
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