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aaron aardvark
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2 new synth songs to review (Will C4C, I promise!) New as of July 26th!!

I just put 2 new songs in my music website: "44 Magnum Opus" (starts out orchestral and later starts mutating, but all instrumental) is the song on top, and "Inside Your Head" is the next song down. Please tell me how you like these songs and how they can be improved. If you review my music, I will review yours. I promise! Here is my link:

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Hey thanks for reviewing one of my songs. My name is aaron too strange right? P=

44 Magnum Opus:
Has a tale of symphonia feel to it at the beginning, Woh i like the sax sound at 1:20. Love the grovey beat that starts at 2:10 onward, overall I think it can use a bit more variety but if its a intro song than its good as it is. x]

Inside Your Head:
Do you happen to like Depeche Mode? Cause your song reminds me of that band, Not sure what to write about the song cause i feel kinda of lost with all these things going on, song structure seems kind of weird maybe get rid of a few instruments and introduce them one by one might help the song greatly, Song could use alot more work cause its too short and too many things happening at once to grab me sorry.

Btw love your vocal work on your music, would you happen to be interested in colaberating projects? I lack a lot of vocal work from my music and it be nice if i had someone of your talent with and would greatly contribute to any of your music as well.
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aaron aardvark
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Thank you for the reviews! I appreciate your comments! I sent you a private message. Depeche Mode is one of my favorite bands, and they are an influence.
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Hey! Well I gotta say, I felt like I was transported to the 80's. I enjoyed Inside your head the most, the quality of the instruments were really good, and I liked the song structure a lot. It had good elements. 44 magnum opus personally didn't hold my interest. You definitely experimented with this one but I think that it being an instrumental doesn't really go anywhere. I did like the ending though, so maybe if you work on the beginning it'll hold more interest. Thanks for listening to my stuff btw!
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I listened to Inside Your Head. Awesome dude! Is this a cut off of Thriller? Coulda fooled me. Love the vocal. Great tune man I dig the style. Lyrics are great something I definitely relate to. My personal opinion - coulda used a stronger hook somewhere. Deep voice part I guess is the hook, dig the lyrics, but I was waiting for like a chorus or something to pound it home. Outro is trippy trippy, need to find me some acid and give this another listen.

Enjoyed it man. Great work always a pleasure.
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Overall the songs definately have an 80's feel, a bit out of my comfort zone but I'll give it a go. Recordings were pretty much flawless, but most of the instruments used are midi i'm guessing, but very well mixed. Thought the little guitars pieces were pretty awesome.
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razor sharp
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Thanks for the comment on mine. Here are my thoughts:

44 Magnum Opus: Interesting sound. The intro wasn't what I was expecting at all, but it totally works. The strings could benefit from a sharper attack and release; do you have any patches like that? If not, try Chorium , it's a free soundfont. And then it gets all synthy and ambient... I like the beat. It's minimal, but not insubstantial. And woo, synth-guitar solo!

Inside Your Head: "Somebody... Somebody put s-" wait, no. So, everything about this is 80s, and there's not really much else I can say about it that I haven't said about your other stuff. Quality (and hooky) songwriting and production, but kinda cheesy.

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44 Magnum Opus - dirty harry approved track. very epic sounding and very cool. kinda suprised to hear something like this on a guitar based board but it's really good. could use some yngwie still guitar to go with it.

Inside Your Head. - ok never been a fan of 80s synth bands but you did a great job with this. if i heard this on an 80s radio show i wouldn't have guessed that it wasn't by one of the popular bands in that genre.

my latest is Valley Of Gwangi found in my profile so leave a comment on the song there.
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44 Magnum Opus : Really love that orchestral intro! Sounds very epic, and definitely love the transition to the more rock*ish part. However, I think the orchestral part sounds a lot like MIDI sampling. I know it is, but you have to make it look as it isn't! Did you try Kontakt libraries? they really sound like real instruments and have a natural feel. Also to give a more natural feel, play with dynamics ; Some notes louder, other notes played weaker, etc... And I love the bass groove of the second part! Really cool! Good job!

The second song has a really cool feel, love the synths and the dark vocals, but I think the drum pattern is maybe a bit repetitive... maybe change the rhythm once in a while, it could give something interresting to the song!

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Harlot Hero
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"44 Magnum Opus":
This is very different from what I usually hear from you in these threads. How long have you been writing music like this? I usually hear Surf Rock/Gothic material from you. This is awesome. I love the change mid-song. You've always had cool, original music. Love the direction you're going in. Really well-done. Doesn't seem to stand out like I feel it should though.

"Inside Your Head":
Now this is the kind of thing I think of when I see the name "Aaron Aardvark". Real catchy and upbeat tune. Diggin' it. Very 80's. Usual badassery. Great synth-work. I think this lacks a chorus. It's very good, but could be even better.

Thanks for the crit!

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I really dig 44 magnum opus it starts off like graduation music then it changes to this great brooding piece that could be the soundtrack to a really good thriller movie. Later when it the beat hits with that bass line its kinda feels like music to chase scene. Its not really pop music but I would definitely say it would be great sound track material.
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44 Magnum Opus took me by surprise at the one minute mark. That change just builds so much tension. Loved how at around the two minute mark it turned all spacey-then to a hip hop style beat. The genre switches throughout the track make it so epic, and that ending synth solo is fire

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Loving the style. Vintage-y.
Mixing wise I can't find anything bothersome. I can only say that I love both songs and the production

Thanks for the input on my song
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44 Magnum Opus was brilliant. You're an excellent composer. I loved how it started orchestral then mutated into a dark, ambient piece.

Inside Your Head is really quirky. Not normally my cup of tea, but this was just really fun and groovy!

Keep up the song writing man
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Vendetta V
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Checking out your tracks as promised

the first one is Magnum opus. this is good. the middle of the track has that middle east feel to it. Also has that Cossacs vibe to it hehe.

woah now it's more into modern type of sound. I actually love how you did some of those synthy stuff. Now when the lead kicked in it really sounds like a old sega genesis song or something. which is good I love genesis.

next up is inside your head, intro was so Terminator. and again has that sega era vibe. great!

Did you do the vocals btw? you have some great job done there.

Actually a good idea came to my mind. may be we could do some collaboration work? like if you come up with a new track like this one (inside your head) I could play some nice solo for it (with some chromatic bits and weird moments)

I'm The Creep!

I'm a mixing engineer, hit me up

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Yes We Nyan!
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I've only had time to listen to Magnum Opus, but that was great dude! I liked how it changes mood a few times throughout the song - the last was my favourite :P That beat was awesome.

I'm not really in a position to crit anything else as I know barely anything about producing this kinda music. What programs do you use?

Also thank you for commenting on my work
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Both of the songs sound well. Like monwobobbo wrote "Inside your head" sounds like the song of some 80's professional band, as for "44 Magnum Opus", which I prefer, it sounds very epic, especially the first part, I guess If I were you, I would do it whole in such style. Nonetheless good work on that. Cheers
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Can't say I was expecting anything like this on UG, haha. .44 Magnum Opus was definitely interesting; I saw that you said it "mutates" later on in the song but that was not at all what I had imagined. It's cool, man! I'd be lying if I said I've ever heard anything exactly like that. Well put together.

Inside Your Head started off sounding like video game music, straight up. You could have a job in that! When the vocals kicked in it was definitively 80s sounding. Drums sound like an 808 pad? Anyway, still really cool. I enjoyed both songs!

C4C? http://www.ultimate-guitar.com/foru...d.php?t=1554659

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44 magnum opus: The initial part that starts at 9 sounds a little stiff to me but once the drums come in and more instruments start filling in behind it that feel goes away. The tone of the lead that comes in around 1:14 is a bit sharp but I like the eastern feel there. After that the song turns atmospheric and its pretty impressive the ground it has covered in just 2 minutes. Now that this bassline has come in it sounds more like what Im accustomed to with your music. Im digging the drums and their industrial feel if youd call it that. solid guitar tone in the last part too. I like the way this song doesnt stay in one place for too long a time although I actually felt like the jam at the end could have gone on longer with that bassline. for the first half i wasnt wild about all of the particular tones of the instruments but compositionally, i think its strong

inside your head - nice driving beat to start it off, when the vocals first came in my first thought was joy division. not so much in the lower parts but it seems like it could be a possible influence on the rest of it. im digging the modulation on some the percussion parts.
There's a lot of movement going on in the bass during the 1:50s too. Im actually surprised this song just ended but thats not necessarily a bad thing. that ending jam is probably my favorite part of the song. i just started it back over and the mix sounds tight. i think the structure is making more sense to me now that im noticing the break in the 1:teens is similar to the one at the end but this first time it goes back into the vocal part of the song. at the end i was almost expecting it to go back into the other parts so i must have not picked up on it when it happened the first time. like i said in the last one, when the bass is by itself in the beginning, it sounds a little stiff, but once the song gets going its not even a thought anymore. the bass gives this song a strong base throughout.

thanks for the review on my music as well
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Inside your head:

All i can say is i love it. 80's haha, so catchy and well-written. I'm not a fan of when the vocals go very low though, kinda iffy for me. Besides that, the whole track is mixed well, good instruments used, and the vocals sounds perfect for this style.
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