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Todd Hart
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Originally Posted by stratkat
8-bit human abstract.

And I agree with most of what he says yeah.
It still doesn't look that great, but there are MMO's that look way better than WoW and are free.

It's the main reason I watch his stuff.

And I don't like MMOs, and have never really played any, and from an external view I have to say I fail to see why anyone plays WoW. Guild Wars seems far better story/graphics/gameplay wise, and free games like Runescape seem to be just free to play WoW.
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Originally Posted by entity0009
Kind of ironic how they are organising a smear campaign against someone on the grounds that her character is known for using dirty tactics.

Well, Republics are known for Pandaring to the luddites
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I mean like rusty hearts, and teh company that makes it has quite a few MMOs, never played, but it's even hack and slash. A MMOFPS like MAG is pretty amazing, pick a faction, have up to 256 people fighting a war to control areas and blow shit up. The community has died off on MAG.

I found realm of the mad god sorta fun, because you can only reach a certain level, and when your character dies, he's dead, forever, you start over. If you max your level you might unlock a new class. Five hours of that and I was bored.

Runescape hadn't even crossed my mind.

^it's free, and you can play for free.
Compare that to hitting each other on the head with a stick, or casting magic while jumping around like an idiot.
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Originally Posted by Trowzaa
There's gonna be a massive shitstorm over this no doubt. I don't know if they're just trying to wind her up or what but this is a dark day over the city.

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I don't think she's fit for office, but it's not because she plays an orc rogue. It's because she plays WoW at all.

Originally Posted by Ikillintel
LoL , you think you're so smart, cunning, clever, forum swagger.

Originally Posted by yope
If I were going to medical school I would learn all I could about treatment of the neck bones.
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Originally Posted by Trowzaa
It's called a mage

Originally Posted by JohnnyGenzale
Ehm... there's no wizard in Wow.


Do you mean a mage or a warlock?

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Originally Posted by CrAzY-RiLeY
you rich mo'fo, my computeur can't even run runescape

Yeah but have you seen that shit lately. HD graphics and what not.
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the US should revoke their right to a seat in the senate altogether, they're bringing us down man

*oh it's just the Republicans. let's get rid of them instead?
Originally Posted by archerygenious
Jesus Christ since when is the Pit a ****ing courtroom...

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What utter tards
Originally Posted by The_Blode
she was saying things like... do you want to netflix and chill but just the chill part...too bad she'll never know that I only like the Netflix part...
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I am very proud that I don't understand any of these puns in this thread.
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