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Need help with metal song I am working on

I am trying to make my first metal song. I have already made a great deal of it, but I am having trouble wrapping my brain around choosing the right scale to go with my chord progression.

I have been using the following image I made to write the song:


The problem I am having is that my chord progression I realize now uses F# as an integral part, but that is not part of what the circle of fifths allows. All the chords used are:

C G E F# and B

This leads me to believe my song is actually in the key of B, but the E Phyrgian scale is used for all of my riff / non chord work and it sounds good to my ear.

Any advice?
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If it sounds good, f*ck the circle of fifths.
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It's most likely not in B if you have C and G naturals in there--in the key of B you'd normally have F, C, G, D all raised a half step. You're probably in E minor, but the above advice is most useful regardless.
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I might add that those chords I am using are all power chords.
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as above, if it sounds good screw theory
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Please use the appropriate forums for your threads.

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Everything appears to fit perfectly into E minor to me, with the exception of the C# on the F# chord, but one out of key note isn't a big deal.

Using power chords exclusively gives you a whole lot of wiggle room with the leads, so practically anything related to E minor will yield good results provided you watch for any accidentals that might potentially clash. I.E. if you play E natural minor watch playing a C or D note over the F# power chord.
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It's usual to use notes that don't "fit" the key signature. They are called accidentals. And using them is not against theory. And when you use chords outside of the key signature, one scale might not fit all of the chords though it really doesn't matter if you for example play a minor third over a major chord. (I'm talking about key signature because you can use any chords and still be in E minor for example. As long as it resolves to E minor, you are in E minor.) To make it sound good, you should listen to how different notes sound over different chords so you'll know which notes to avoid.

And you are not using E phrygian scale if the song has an F#. E phrygian has an F. All of the notes you listed fit E minor.
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