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Performance poetry (slam, almost), I'll record this later on for you guys, when I've had a chance to edit it a little.


I am a kitty cat
My Battle-cry's a Lions Roar
I'll talk straight from now on
I used up my only metaphor
I use a keyboard to taunt whores
on the internet. I'm not proud of it
It's just something to fill up the
empty hours in a day
I'm not a happy person really,
just a lonely little man
with more pent up sexual frustration
than a One Direction fan
and you might know it in your heart
or see it with your minds eye
but you'll still fill with white hot fury
when I correct your spelling.
Because I'm a troll.
I live under bridges taunting billygoats
Wreaking havoc as I'm crossing all your
firewalls and moats
as I infect your media circuts
as I influence your kids
I fuck up your Ebay sale by making million dollar bids
My jollys come from all the frustration I can surmount
You'll love penis if you let me near your facebook account
and I will quote you Batman movies
I'll talk circles to and fro
I'll fucking fight you in real life
Do you even lift? come at me bro!
My taste in music is better than yours
and I will never beg your pardon
I sound smart because I google all this
esoteric jargon
I had sex with your mum last night
Me and your sister pashed
My girlfriend just blew me
man that shit was so cash
I'll find myself a RIP page
and laugh at the deceased
Let them come to try and stop me
let them call the damn police
I'm behind 7 proxies
and my IP has been masked
I'm a 1337 H4X0|2 bitches
you can't touch my pale white ass
And if you try I'll sit and laugh
because you must be taking the piss
but if you ever mention v-plates
I am 12 and what is this?
I'll avoid the question til the end
attack you ad hominem
more infectious than the sebum
in my acne skin condition
This is my plan, I'm the tactician
and it's coming to fruition
as I'm citing this rendition
of a writ of prohibition
I will be the one omission
and devoid of all suspicion
if you think I'm causing trouble
I'm just causing juxtaposition
It's for fun, I'm not a bad guy
let it be known across the nation
that my favorite Pink Floyd song
Is "We don't need no education"
Music is an art form that celebrates potential. So long as you're looking for it, you'll always find it.

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Woah... this is so.... inspiring! This helps me to cope with the death of my pet rock. Thanks.
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