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My first ever recorded demo! Feedback needed! C4C

Just looking for a bit of feedback on both the song and the quality of the recording. I've worked so hard to get this done and it's my first attempt at laying down a complete song.

Things I am aware of:
The intro is probably too long
The vocals aren't as clear/good as I'd like but I feel self conscious singing when there are people in the house LOL
Drums are a bit generic, but I'm not a drummer

Machine Gun Love (Demo)

This has been done using fairly cheap equipment, and I now feel as though I want to spend more money and buy better mics and recording interface!

Thanks to anybody who looks/listens. Just need to find a band now so I don't have to do all this stuff on my own!
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Intro is good man, but ya cut down it got boring. Don't spoil a good thing. Outro is chill, I woulda shredded a little bit there in the end but that's your call. Vocals need work, I understand the empty house thing I been there too. But ya try to find a day to redo that I think it would really benefit from some balls behind it.

I think the recording quality is great though. Pretty crisp and mixed nicely. Great job for a first recording. Nice work dude! I like it. Take a look at mine if you get a chance!

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Still listening. However, yeah, the intro is hella long. Just chop out some of it and stick a crossfade in there.

Vocals really do need help. It's pitchy, and yeah, there is little energy in your voice. I was going through a similar thing, and it's worse for me as I'm in an apartment. Really go for it! Nobody likes a stiffy.
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I agree with the others; Really long intro. Vocals come in at 1:58 or so and my kid was listening to it with me and about 1:00 he says, "I've lost interest.", then left the room...he's 12. So, that is something to work on. I don't have to tell you about the vocal quality though. I think the others covered that well enough. The instrument tracks sound great though. Clean and crisp and the distortion stayed tight not muddy at all. Really good. Keep up the great work. Hope to hear a refined version later if you do it.
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Thanks guys :-)

Will listen to yours tomorrow Shortyafter, as I'm on my phone just now

Vocals are a difficult one for me. I seem to be better singing other people's songs. It's as if anything I write is in a slightly awkward key, and I feel self conscious trying to really go for it when I know there are people in who can hear me without the music.
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Keep practicing man, keep recording, listen to it, see what you like and don't like - sing in the shower, sing in the car, practice! I used to be so god awful it's not even funny. It will come with time. And put some balls into it! Don't focus so much on how "bad" you sound, try to feel the vocal and get emotional with it. It's a zen kind of thing, shut your mind up and totally be in the moment and feel the vocal. Understand what you're saying and why. It will sound a whole ton of a lot better. Pitch is easy, that just takes practice.

Definitely sucks with people in the house. Find a time when you're home alone and just ****ing go for it. It really is impossible to sound good if you're worried about people hearing you. You want people to hear you, it's music! ;D

phew ya hope that helps a little bit man
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aaron aardvark
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Audio quality instrumentally is pretty good. The intro (yep, too long) gets repetitive without vocals. Vocals are OK, they could be EQ'ed with more higher frequencies. Vocal melodies pretty good. Drums are fairly good, but could use more fills. Pretty good song overall. Please review my music at this link:

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