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what amp thread

current gear
- marshall mg15mszw
- crate fw15r (main amp)
- ibanez s420
- epiphone special 2
- boss ds1
- danelectro fab metal
- boss ME-70 will be selling for a POD HD500
- progressive metal - dream theatre
- classic rock /blues rock - led zeppelin
- neo-classical
- regular metal - black sabbath

need it for medium sized gigs , home use

my current list of amps i have in mind (looking mainly for a combo - for price reasons)
- peavey classic 50 2x12
- peavey 6505 2x12
- jet city JCA5212RC
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the 6505 would prob do everything you are looking for.

i have heard good things about the jet city products, the one you listed has a soldano licensed circuit in it.

the 6505 prob has more gain on tap, but you'll be getting a HD500 and may prefer to use that for your gain instead. both those amps have an effects loop for running the HD500 through. might be easier for you to grab a used 6505 than a jet city through ebay or CL
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Jet City JCA50 head or combo. It has a usable clean channel and plenty of gain on tap. the HD500 will cover the rest of your bases, but just like in your other thread I'd suggest you a used Pod XT Live. it's basically the same thing, but the XT Live is better IMO.
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Get the 6505

It's totally bitchin' dude
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I wouldn't get the classic for metal, it's just not designed for that. Might as well just get a power amp & cab (or powered cab) and run the hd500 through that. And the JCA5212RC isn't really a metal amp either, the JCA5012 would be better. Or the 50w head.

If you're going to use a hd500, I'd probably go 4 cable method with a 6505. That way you can use the preamp of the 6505 or a model, depending on how you have a patch setup on the POD.
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Yeah pretty much as everyone else has said, get the 6505. It's an awesome amp!
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You'll be disappointed eventually with the older stuff like Zep or Sabbath with a 6505+. It's too modern voiced for that. I'd go with a Jet City 50 watter with a tube screamer infront for the more modern stuff.
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I wouldn't really want to use a 6505 for any of those genres TBH. The Peavey's I would suggest looking at are the XXX or the JSX. The Jet city is a good suggestion too.

If you could find a way to raise your budget a bit you could probably find a used Mark IV combo, which would be pretty much ideal.
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If you sold the amps and pedals you don't need, besides the hd500, you could increase your budget and pick up a great combo or 2x12 and head.

Personally I say get the Mesa Mk IV if you can find an used one on the cheaps, totally worth it.
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Jet City

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I have a 6505+ and can't recommend it for classic rock/blues and classic metal (aka Led Zepp, Black Sabbath). It sounds great for modern metal, but for your genre choices, a Mesa Mark IV would be much better for you. A Marshall JCM 2000 may fit the bill.

The 6505 will not give you a good tone for the older stuff.
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