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So what did you do with your master ball(s)?

In your Pokémon games what did you use them on? By the way who here got B&W2?
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I rubbed them on TS.

Actually I think I remember I found Celebi and tried one on it and it didn't work. Maybe it was Mewtwo. It was in some cave.

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Mewtwo. You can get the three legendary birds with ultra balls easily enough.
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Missingo glitched them.

Or used them on the legendaries that ran away.
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Always Mewtwo. Always.

Actually I used it on Zapdos once because it was being a cunt.
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red gyarados
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Todd Hart
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I always just kept them. In the early games they were useless. In the later games I guess using them on Latios/as or other fleeing legendaries makes sense. Usually I just kept them and hoped for a shiny.
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The roaming dogs/ latios or latias. Anything else and you're a noob

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In Ruby version I wasted it on a level 16 Skarmory because my friend said it was impossible to get him/her any other way so I believed and didn't try to catch him/her until I got a master ball. Edit: I was only eight by the way.

In Fire Red I used it on Mewtwo Edit: And I know it's dumb not to use it on a roaming dog, but I didn't know you could get one until I found one. Luckily I was able to get Suicune with a great ball.

In Emerald I used it on Latios.

In Diamond I used it on Dialga (**** battling the guy before Dialga and not getting to save first, so I just used the master ball).

I haven't played a fifth generation game yet.

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My balls dropped and I never played pokemon again.
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i have 30 masterballs anyway
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ali, you're really cute.

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Flying Couch
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Mewtwo. What else?
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RBY- Mewtwo
GSC- I duped them.
RSE- Either Latios/Latias, or Rayquaza
DP- I believe it was Cresellia
HGSS- Raikou/Entei
Sadly, I haven't finished BW yet.
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I was playing yellow, and as soon as I left the Silph Co building, I encountered a Drowzee. It was about level 14, and having no other balls, I threw my master ball.

In crystal, I tried to catch my rivals pokemon.
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I used it on Moltres I think.
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losing battle
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In my last Nuzlocks run I used it on kyrouge and raped the elite 4 like a sir.
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thinkin about thos Beans
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I used an ultra ball on mewtwo...

Get on my level
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I pretty much never leave the drug thread anymore.
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Those fricking annoying dogs in Gold and Silver.
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Thou mayest
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My friend let me play on his file once and I accidentally threw out the masterball instead of a pokeball. It was a zubat. He wasn't happy.
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