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For Those that have multiple electrics

I have five electrics and i'm trying to decide if I should set them all up with different tunings. Most of the stuff I play is either a half step down or in standard tuning. A few open G tunings , quite a few drop D songs, and then some miscellaneous tunings. It's a tough decision because of few of them really have different sounds. I have an Les Paul, a Strat, a Schecter, Jackson Soloist, and a PRS P24. What do you guys do that have multiple guitars?
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Tune to 440.
A bunch of stuff.
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I think it really depends on how often you use alternate tunings. personally, I keep 1 guitar tuned to C# standard and the rest are in E standard. I don't play in open tunings or various dropped tunings often enough to justify keeping a guitar there.

that being said, if you play in open G all the time, you may want to set-up a guitar for that. or, if you're playing in a band that has a couple songs in 1 tuning and the rest in another, its probably worth it. if you aren't changing tunings often enough to consider it a nuisance, then it probably isn't worth setting up a guitar for the alternate tuning.
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I would stay the LEs Paul or the strat standard, the other one in open G. Depending of the pick ups, the schecter and the jackson in Drop d and Eb (half step down). Keep your PRS for other tunings. That's what I would do with the information you give us
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Only tune your guitars to tunings you're using to play songs or want to experiment with, don't tune to something for the sake of it.

If two guitars seem like they fill a similar purpose (similar sound etc...) then you could tune them both differently to get the sound in different tunings.

That's what I do anyway, I used to want to tune all of my guitars differently but then I realised I'd rather have 2 guitars in E Standard with different tones than one in E Standard and one in D and barely ever touch one of them (which is what happened with my C#/drop B guitar).
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Well, I have 3 guitars.

One is my 7 string. That's in one of 3 tunings: B Standard, Drop G#, or Tesseract/Fellsilent tuning (Bb F Bb Eb F Bb Eb).

One is a Floyd-equipped 6. It stays in E Standard.

One is a hardtail 6 string. It's between Eb and Drop B depending on my mood.
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I've got two guitars, one i keep in standard. The other is really for anything but standard, like right no i have it in C# but it's been in D and Eb. I keep it open to different tunings because i like to expirament.
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I have two, one a SG and the other a strat. I keep them both in Standard E and tune down when I need to. I like having the variety of tones in each tuning.
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trem guitars i keep in one tuning mostly, hardtails i tune to whatever i want to play.
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i have two guitars ones an ibanez with an edge bridge...that one stays in standard
and a hardtail guitar which i use for in standard or tune down whenever i need to

my acoustics go through many tunings though mostly E standard drop D dagdad open D of open G
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Count me as another who has multiple guitars used for different tunings. About half are tuned to Standard- including my sole tremolo-equipped guitar- and the rest are tuned to New Standard Tuning (a.k.a. Guitar Craft Tuning), which is CGDAEG.

I plan to do some experimenting with Open G and DADGAD in the near future, in part to expand my horizons as a musician, and in part to expand my guitar collection!
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