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How much does it cost for a Luthier to repaint your guitar?

I want to purchase a guitar, and it only comes in red burst, and aged black, and I want the Schecter in white. So I want to buy the guitar, and have a professional guitar paint the guitar white.

How much would it cost to have some one do this? Would the original color and paint need to be sanded down and then would the guitar need to be refinished?

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depends...i've seen 200$ and even up to 400$...

honestly i'd find a different guitar in white.
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it could become very expensive. there is A LOT of work that goes into painting a guitar. most of the time, a complete repaint is somewhere in the ballpark of $350+ for solid colors. It's a very time intensive process (removing all hardware and electronics, masking, sanding down, priming, painting, clear coating and polishing- as well as all the sanding and bufffing in between that gives you a nice finish).

Honestly, either buy the guitar and live with the color or buy a different guitar.
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you could do it yourself. I've seen hundreds of guides on the internet on how to do it, you'll probably find a sticky in the gear building/customizing forum.
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It's pretty subjective with price, depends on where you live really. If you supply the paint, it will cost less, too. Open your phone book or check online for local luthiers, give them a call and have them give you an estimate, make sure it's a reputable person, you want someone that's going to do a quality job.

Yeah, I think they would probably sand it down to the wood then start the whole process over again btw. You might want to go with WaltTheWerewolf's advice & just buy a different guitar in white. BUT, if your heart is set on that model, maybe get the red one & just do it yourself like Jacques-Henri said.

Paint over it with white yourself like this, over time the old paint color will show through, if that's your kind of thing:


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What model is it you want to buy? See of we can find an alternative .
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find an alternative.
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Say you're gonna get it repainted.

First off, take all the hardware off. Absolutely everything, pickups, tuners, knobs, switches, wires etc... Even the neck if you can.

Then if you're comfortable with it, sand it down yourself. To the wood. But do this right. Read up and watch videos about it. You want to get this right first time.

Then give it to the luthier. That will save him a lot of time, thus, saving you a lot of money.

But everyone else has said, just buy a different guitar or just put up with the colour.
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^ YES + 1
take everything off BUT if you're not comfortable with the stripping at least just hand him/her the body only with a simple job description:refinish in white
I don't know what your guitar is you're looking at but if it's poly finished thats time consuming as all hell to strip & sometimes a badly stripped body is just as time consuming as one that isn't stripped.

here's an example from someone who does amazing work
sometimes the cost of stripping is comparable to buying a new unfinished body though
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A luthier to paint it? WTF? Strip it and take it to a reputable spray painter or panel shop. If you pay more than $150 and not get the most perfect coat of paint ever seen then youve been done but that wont happen because the good ones are geniuses and if they like you they might even go and purchase the right sealer.
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Take it to an auto-body shop/pin-striper and have them do it. But be prepared to pay quite abit to have it done.

I have refinnished several guitars and for a solid color I have charged $150ish plus the cost of the paint (which is expensive for good paint). You can do it with rattle cans and still get a great finnish, but the rattle cans (good paint) will cost $15ish a can and you'll need 5-6 (1 can sealer,3 cans color minimum and 2 cans clear)cans to do a proper finnish.

Sullys Guitar Garage on youtube has some great re-finnishing videos
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Thank for everyone for replying it was very helpful. The Model I able going to buy is the Schecter Blackjack SLS C-1 FR-S (comes in black or flamed red top). It has a sustainiac neck pickup, and the alternative is the Special Edition C-1 (comes in white) or the Blackjack ATX C-1 FR (comes in white).

I've decided to go with the SLS C-1 FR-S, in the aged black, because it looks pretty badass and I could always have a logo or something painted on it. I would get the ATX C-1, but it doesn't come with sustainiac, and from the research I've gathered from talking to a sustainiac representative and online searching, the sustainiac pickup costs 226$ + 130 to pay for installing, plus shipment fees to and from, plus payment for buying and having a battery compartment installed, more fees, eventually, having the pickup installed would cost 400+ dollars, making it a decision to buy a different guitar in white cost me 400+ more dollars, at that point I might as well just have the guitar painted a different color and pay that fee. So I'm going to stick with the black on the SLS C-1 FR-S.

And I know that I could install the sustainiac myself, but my guitar modding soldering electronics knowledge is very primitive and its easier just buying a guitar that comes with one.

Thanks every one!
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