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Bitter old sod
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Originally Posted by Portuguese_boy
Feels good being a more superior being than smokers.

You're from Portugal. Nothing is superior that comes from Portugal.
sometimes I see us in a cymbal splash or in the sound of a car crash
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Originally Posted by JohnnyGenzale
Nothing is superior that comes from Portugal.

Nice grammar bro.
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I thought about making a thread like this. I gave up smoking 2 months ago.

I cut down to 1 a day before giving up, so I probably haven't had it too bad, but after 4 years of smoking? It's torture. I go through phases of irritability and hyperactivity, I keep pulling my hair out when I have nothing to do with my hands, I'm freezing cold, and I seem to be suffering from symptoms similar to Tourette's.

The worst part is that my mind keeps finding ways to rationalise going out and buying cigarettes- 'You're only giving up because she wants you to!', 'Go and buy some tobacco.. you can just have one and no-one will know!'.

Don't expect anyone to understand except other people in the same position. Smokers will be bastards to you and try to foil your efforts, because deep down, all smokers want to give up. People who don't smoke won't understand because they can't possibly know how it feels to give it up.

I understand though.

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Bitter old sod
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Originally Posted by Portuguese_boy
Nice grammar bro.

I know. It's portugese.
sometimes I see us in a cymbal splash or in the sound of a car crash
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smoke weed instead
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I don't understand the whole "quitting" thing.

I like to smoke pot on the occasion. Mostly without tobacco, sometimes with.

I like to have a few beers on the weekend afternoons.

I like to treat myself to snacks here and there.

The only thing I'm really addicted to is caffeine and the internet.
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I'm trying to do the same. If all my fuckin friends didn't smoke it'd be a lot easier. I don't even get nicotine cravings really, just the thought "go smoke dude why not you're still young" several times a day.

At this point I've stopped giving a shit about "quitting" and focused more just cutting down. If you "quit" and then smoke again you feel like you've betrayed yourself, you're weak willed, you're a dumbass, etc. If you just try to cut down to being a casual smoker again(I'm aiming for once a week right now, currently at like 7 a day xD), that seems like a much more rational way of doing things and you don't have to beat yourself up for smoking. Or maybe I'm just naive and 20 years from now I'll be smoking 2 packs a day. The whole "all or nothing" shit never made much sense to me.

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Quitting smoking is the hardest thing I have ever done. I was smoking about a pack and a half each day and quit cold turkey-ish. The only way I was able to quit was to stay so high for the first week that I could barely function. Probably not the best idea but it at least got me through the cravings. After the first week or so, the smell of smoke made me sick for about the next five months so that helped too. Then for about a year I had to change my entire life. A lot of my smoking was by association. I smoked when I drove, in between classes, played guitar, etc. I had to cut down or completely quit doing a lot of the things I enjoyed for a long time in order to get the association thing out of my brain.

All in all it worked. Two and a half years later and I still haven't had a cigarette. The cravings never leave though. You just learn how to deal with them. I still want a cig every single day. I'm jealous of those that still smoke even though I know I'm healthier for not smoking. I even have dreams about me smoking again and I wake up with huge cravings. It's a lifelong process. That's why you hear about people that quit for 10 years and start back again.
Originally Posted by _Mayday_
That's what he wants you to think. Every action you carry out the next week has already been predetermined by him. You might as well kill yourself.

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This guy's videos might help. He smoked for like 35 years or something and then decided to quit, and found that the difficulty was really only about resisting giving in to the habit for a few minutes at a time, at regular times of the day. Nicotine gum and such is really missing the point.

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Also, tell people you're quitting. The more people you tell, the more guilty you'll feel about breaking your promise and disappointing those people. Try to get support. Promise people you'll stay off for 6 months. You can do 6, it's not that bad. Then when 6 months go by, you'll be feeling great and you won't want to smoke nearly as much.

Distract yourself, especially the first few days. Nicotine is completely out of your system after a day or two, so just fight through that. Watch movies, go for lots of walk, listen to music. Anything that you like to do. Start a new television series on Netflix.

Believe in yourself. Whenever you get a craving, just sit back and breathe very slowly or chew some gum. In a few minutes, it will subside and you will feel proud that you didn't give in. Remember, you are your own worst enemy, but you are stronger than your addictions. Every day you refrain makes the next day that much easier. Keep at it, keep positive. You'll feel much better physically and mentally very soon.
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Long, boring story ahead ; I remember when I smoked and you'd be given stats about lung cancer and lung disease by condescending adverts and it didn't feel real or relevant to your life. Then at 24 I'm taken into hospital, then into a gastro/resp wing for 14 days. As soon as I mentioned that I had smoked for about 9 years but quit, the Dr instantly put me down for CTs and a bronchoscopy, that's when I started to feel a little guilty about smoking.

The guilt worse when I spent a few days in the hospital talking to the guy beside me, who was in his 50s, smoked 40 a day, went to the same school I went to, had a family, etc. I wake up and he's gone, he died during the night. One day 3 died in my wing of 22 men. The head Nurse told me that, roughly, 75% of resp patients are smoking related illnesses and 80% of gastro patients were alcohol related.

I want to take all of my friends who smoke into that ward, I want them to spend a day watching middle aged men struggling to function, on nebulisers all day and hearing these men screaming in pain all night. The same goes for one of my friends who finds his constant need for alcohol 'amusing', I'd love to see him confronted with a man in his 40's with alcohol induced dementia who kept calling his daughter (who appeared be about 10 years old) "A ****ing ****" as he had no idea who she was. Although, one of my friends has quit smoking after seeing the 3 inch scar on my throat from an operation I had to investigate my lung problem.

I don't have lung cancer but I have a chronic lung condition which, ironically, can be suppressed by nicotine. My left lung is scarred and has a massive growth on it but I feel so lucky that my 8/9 years of smoking didn't end like the poor guys I shared that ward with.

Good luck quitting.
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crack hitler
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Originally Posted by Micehorns
I don't have lung cancer but I have a chronic lung condition which, ironically, can be suppressed by nicotine.

that is irony at it's finest
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I've quit for about a month now. Hope it lasts.

I haven't had a cig for longer periods though and gone back to it so I dunno.
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Originally Posted by JayT44
Woah, nice man! I knew you'd been wanting to stop smoking but were allowing yourself the chance to still every once in a while.

Good shit Zomb!

Thanks man! My GF helped, but shes a bitch so I quit her, too! Been about 2 weeks absent from chat, missin the homies. I thought Purdue had swallowed you up! :P
This is why I don't like arguing on the internet.
Originally Posted by damian_91
If only you could back that statement up.
Originally Posted by Zombee
Wolfgang's Philadelphia Study. Look it up yourself.
Originally Posted by damian_91
No need to, absurd generalizations aren't my thing.
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Originally Posted by InfiniteRain
...Distract yourself, especially the first few days. Nicotine is completely out of your system after a day or two, so just fight through that...

After high-school I'd just smoke at bars or whatever. Then just on business trips. At first it was actually harder switching it on than off because you kinda feel the nicotine poisoning you if you have 10+ a day after months of none. I think shutting it off was easier because I never associated it with anything I did at home and I didn't have to think of it as "quitting;" just "pausing" until the next trip.

After a couple of extended business trips, it got harder to turn it off, even if it was a short trip and it had been a long time since the last one. That was proof enough for me that the addiction is progressive--it gets stronger over time whether you're smoking or not. On the last really long trip I started really feeling the effect in my lungs and decided to leave it behind for good. The first couple of days were pretty rough, and since then I'd only want one if I was around someone else smoking, but it was manageable. That last cigarette was about 5 years ago.

About 6 months ago I was stuck in a super smoky bar (with almost no ventilation) for about 4 hours and I could feel the poisoning setting in; it was probably about the same nicotine I would have gotten from smoking 5+ cigarettes. I had nausea and headaches for the next two days and ironically the strongest cravings for a cigarette ever. Yet just writing this brings back fond memories involving cigarettes, and part of me wants one even though my lungs feel heavy and sore at the thought.

If you make it past the first 48 hours, then next time you're tempted to cave in, just ask yourself if you really want to put yourself through another 48 hours of withdrawal misery again. And by the way, that cycle gets worse over time even if you hadn't had one in 3 years.

Also remember, that "relaxed" feeling you get from a cigarette isn't really caused by the cigarette. Nicotine is actually a stimulant. You only feel relaxed because it's a reprieve from the nicotine withdrawal symptoms. The feeling an addicted smoker gets when having a cigarette after going a few hours without one is the same feeling non-smokers have all the time. So if you smoke again or even take the patch/gum, youíd just be starting that dreaded cycle all over again.

Good luck and hang in there.
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I'm in, I need to quit because I'm trying to become a better runner and singer. Smoking is holding those goals back. I'm not addicted, but I do smoke often enough to need to stop. I'm also only 16.
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Quit smoking at the beggining of this week. Just bought a pack and smoked a few after not being able to sleep for the last 3 days. I feel like a failure.

Does anyone have some good tips? I've read alot online but a lot of the things they mention to get passed a craving dont really work for me and it seems like the majority of stuff I've read hasn't been helpful.
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Originally Posted by So-Cal
I decided to stop a few months ago. I could feel my lungs degrading and I just thought **** this shit. Just distract yourself with other things.

Yeah because that will work you fucking idiot
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My chest feels like Rosie O' Donnell is sitting on it. Quitting=ghey.

EDIT: ^I was about to call you out for being unnecessarily hostile, but then I realized who you were being hostlie to

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I haven't smoked for 9 months. I just stopped buying cigarettes.
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