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Pedal (and amp) Puzzle


I'm looking forward to spend a budget of 300 Euros on some new pedals to spice stuff up.
I am using the following:
Music Man JP6
Ibanez S7420
3xTexas Special American Strat
a super awesome Fender Mustang III.

Ok I know that's shit, but then my Diezel had to go because of tiny volume issues. Anyone in Diezel's 40 meter radius goes deaf just at half volume.

This'll be another thread, but I will buy a new amp sometime in the next 3-4 month when I save up a bit more. That's not the issue.

The pedals are going to go through:
Amp suggestion welcome as well.

I play:
METAL! Heavy Metal, Thrash Metal, Progressive Metal, Doom Metal, Death Metal, Djent and sometimes I get inspired by PIRATE METAL!

Blues: Not looking forward to get someone's tone, but I like to have the blues tone that you get by putting a TS in front of a clean twin.

Rocks: Pink Floyd mostly, but their music is all over the place. A Fuzz sounds good?

Pedals I thought about:
Tuner: PolyTune
OD: TS808
Wah: EB Wah
Mod: Rotovibe
Fuzz: Big Muff Pi

and bam, that's way over the budget.

Help me UG, and I shall come and save you once.
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If you really want the price down, get a digitech bad monkey for an OD, and either an MXR analog chorus or Boss super chorus in place of a rotovibe. That should knock it down to 280 euros (youre current list is at 470).

These prices are just estimates, though, and only account for new options. Sorry if the quality's off for some of my ideas.
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I suggest just getting a nice MFX. Look at the Line 6 M series.

Definitely go used in any case.

If you do want to go analog though, the TS808 is a comical waste of money. All tubescreamers are nearly identical inside. I got my TS7 for $25. I'd take it over any other Ibanez TS any day of the week (mostly because I strongly dislike button switches, and greatly prefer Boss style switches).

The Bad Monkey is an excellent OD for the price.

Look at the Ibanez "7" series in general. I'm pretty sure they were discontinued because of how much bang for buck they offered (personal theory). The CF7 and FZ7 in particular in your case.
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