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I just can't seem to find a good sounding distortion tone. My actual amp isn't all that great, (it's a Peavey special 112) but it sounds better than any tone i've been able to come up with on this game. If anyone has a good sounding set up, i'd really appreciate it if you could share it.
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Originally Posted by jetwash69

Not the TV.

Not the stereo.

Doesn't matter if I use onboard speakers or plug it into a stereo. Doesn't matter if I use the built-in display or jack into a seperate monitor or a TV. Because the lag is in the computer. Maybe it would be worse if I tried to use HDMI for audio, but the main cause is the computer itself (including the operating system and anything going on in the background).

The point is that things external to the RS software are what causes high latency. On the consoles, it's the TV, stereo, etc. On the PC, it tends to be device drivers, discrete sound cards, software running in the background, Windows overhead, etc. Some people have had success with configuration file tweaks (see the RS forum thread for details) to send less data to your sound card's buffers, etc. That thread might be able to help you. Unfortunately, PC users are a relatively small percentage of RS players and your experience seems to be very atypical, which can make it hard to find a solution out there on the Internet--and Ubisoft support seems pretty useless.

Your best bet is to ask for help on the official RS forum.
Originally Posted by xadioriderx
you should just mount a really big chunk of wood

Originally Posted by Wisthekiller
How does one safely remove the smell of a corpse from a banjo?
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Originally Posted by BasementCat
...On the consoles, it's the TV, stereo, etc...

Sorry, but there's no significant lag in any analog stereo system; it would range from fractions of a millisecond to several milliseconds. You start really noticing lag at 50ms and up. Stereo systems just don't have that kind of variance so, no, it's never going to be the stereo system creating lag unless you're using HDMI.

Normally TVs don't have lag either, but with some of the complementary technologies that come with LCD and plasma TVs it's possible there could be a barely perceptable difference among TVs.

Originally Posted by BasementCat
...Your best bet is to ask for help on the official RS forum.

Actually, I don't think forum users will be able to make my older laptop faster (or the new one either). Ubisoft clearly states on the packaging they they haven't tested the software with laptop video cards, so they don't really support it for laptops.

Rocksmith is usable on the newer dual core laptop, even if I have to shut it down and start over every now and again. Still beats using my quadcore HTPC hooked up to the entertainment center just because it is more convenient to use the laptop. It's good enough for my purposes, so I'm not looking for help with Rocksmith.

I realize you're trying to be helpful, so I thank you for that spirit. Take care.
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I love Rocksmith. It's actually got me back into playing guitar. I used to just noodle about with tabs and various tuition websites, but kinda lost the motivation when I felt I wasn't making any progress.

I've got the game on the PC, just using onboard sound and a set of Creative speakers, no issues with lag whatsoever, though I can imagine that WOULD kill it dead. I think the playlist is brilliant, especially now there's plenty of DLC out. The Pantera pack came out a few days ago (Cowboys from Hell, Domination and Walk).

I agree with the person that said it shouldn't be your only learning tool. Youtube, books, tabs and lessons from this very site should be enough for every self-teaching guitarist.
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