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UG's Kanye West
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If you could donate to charity...

Let's say you're on a TV game show and could earn anywhere from 5 to 7 figures, to what charity would you donate it to?

I think I'd go with children.

Originally Posted by desperatechris
Love you too Philip.

Originally Posted by magnus_maximus
I now dub thee UG's Dr Phil. Screw that other guy.
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Ahh yes, the children charity. The most ambiguous and far reaching of them all.

And what's this "if you could" bullshit? I wasn't aware you had to be a millionaire to donate.
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Probably awareness. Because people need to know.
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Look mum, no brakes!
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Cancer research
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Cancer research.
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Alcohol research.
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maybe cat
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I'd keep it and use it to build my own personal wealth and influence, which would one day allow me to do something more meaningful than giving to a charity.

Originally Posted by lemmyisgod97
Anyone who needs a degree to think their good isn't doing music right, it's like taking a class in being funny.

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Tight Tight Tight
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Cancer Research.

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what up wit dat?!
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If you can split the money between charities then it would go between cancer research & autism research. A clean 50/50. If only one, then, I guess probably an autism research/awareness charity.
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Epilepsy Awareness

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Fleshlight R&D.
Originally Posted by primusfan
if the greeks were serious about turning their economy around they'd exploit the oil reserves in their hair and skin.

Originally Posted by Xiaoxi
I hope there will be more mass shootings. At least 4-5 a week. I want it so that everyone is personally affected.
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UG Fanatic
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Afghanistanis With AIDS.

Originally Posted by willT08
Originally Posted by HowSoonisNow
How was Confucius death metal?
You've clearly never read any Confuscius.

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I can see the walls being torn down again
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Originally Posted by thePTOD
Afghanistanis With AIDS.

Rabies research.
Originally Posted by Dreadnought
Bitch idiot children
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Burning away
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Mexican Marijuana Research! DUH!


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I honestly don't know. With that money I'd divide it between several, but not too many to give them large amounts. I'd imagine giving one donation one million is more effective than giving smaller amounts to lots of organisations. I'll have to look into this more.
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I don't know what music theory is.

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I closed your thread.
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Homeless then Science.
“There's never enough time to do all the nothing you want.”
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Goodbye and Good Luck
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caught w/the wack calzone
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Heart and Stroke, Greenpeace, David Suzuki Foundation, Sea Shepard, or Free the Children.
I already donated like $400 to FtC last year though, so probably one of the others.
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Stuck in the 70s
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I'd donate all the money to my pocket.
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