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So check this out:


It claims its the 6505 right, but just with a 12 slapped on there! wooo :/
and it's half the price, and half the wattage (60w)

What if I used this as a head? Would that be complete shit added on with my B52 cab?

This is just an option obviously, but would going with a used, full 6505+ 120w be a better option even if it's a bit more? Or could this little guy do the trick
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the 1x12 combo version of the 6505+ is made in china- that's why it's a lot cheaper (the other 6505s are made in the USA). I've only tried the USA-made ones. I mean, I guess it's worth a try, kind of thing. assuming they use the same (or a pretty similar) circuit it should sound pretty good for what you want, though the build quality might not be as good as the USA ones. EDIT: just to clarify- the jet city i originally suggested is made in china too, so i'm not suggesting you should discount the 6505+ 112 and then buy the jet city. I'm just saying it might not be as good as the USA-made 6505s. But for what you want, and on a tight budget, it's bound to be worth considering. unless you come across a deal on a used USA 6505 (and don't mind going used).

looks like you can plug it into an external cab, too- so you might as well try it with your b52 cab to see how it sounds.
Originally Posted by classicrocker01
Only on UG would I say I got engaged and bought a jet city and get congratulated on the amp

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The 6505 112 sounds just as good as the USA-made ones, in my opinion. I think anyone that hears a difference is just convinced that there's a difference. I mean, there might be a slight difference because of the difference in wattage, but i honestly find that the main difference between my Vengeance's two power modes is that the 60w sounds slightly better for bedroom volumes, although I have no idea why. I should re-read Craig's low-wattage amp/bedroom tone post again and look for reasoning behind this.

Like Dave said, I would certainly give it a try through your cab. Worst case scenario, it sounds bad. Don't let the size of the combo fool you, though. They'll get PLENTY loud.

If you can afford it, you might want to grab a DigiTech Bad Monkey to go with that, as a lot of 6505 owners like the sound you get by boosting the amp with a Tubescreamer-like pedal. The Bad Monkey is a cheaper alternative that many people prefer on here. What you do here is, max the level/volume, set the gain to 0, or as low as it'll go without being silent, and set the tone/EQ to taste. It tightens up the sound and response of the amp, especially the bottom end, for teh chugga-chuggas \m/

Not that you'll NEED one, but you might enjoy it. A lot of people do this with a lot of amps, so don't think that it's some issue with the amp. For example, the entire Thrash Metal movement (The Big 4) started with JCM800's that they boosted in a similar fashion.
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I was a vocal opponent of the +112 for a while, but I've kind of accepted it over time. I realize that a lot of people need combos for financial reasons, and the 6505+ 112 is really the only answer to that if someone needs a 6505. I mean, I know for damn sure that I will never recommend the 5150/6505 212, as a former owner of one.

The most convincing factor is that you can find the used +112 combos for as low as $350... that's hard to argue with for what they offer.
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I like my 112, I don't think it is quite as durable as the head, but put it this way, I ain't worried about it breaking either.
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The thing I like about the 112 version is that it is cheaper, lighter and has a better clean tone. Plus the light up logo is bitchin' I would never own a 212 of that amp. Just too frickin massive. A USA made head and decent 212 would be the way to go if price was not an issue.

That said, I prefer the Vypyr 60 even more. Granted it is a modeling amp but the front end is analog and the power amp section is the same as the 6505+112 (per Cath).

You would then get the added benefit of a headphone out jack and the Recto and Diezel amp models which hit like a juicy battering ram. Hard to explain. The 6505 and JSX models are nice too but the Recto/Diezel models are so yummy. I've seen them as low as $250.

But yeah - for a strait ahead no pussy footin' around tube amp I think the 6505+112 is hard to beat for the price. New or used.
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I completely agree. I mean, it used to be about the only half-decent budget tube amp with any headroom was the Valveking, but I honestly think the only benefit those have now is that they're about the best modding platform for an amp that you can get. I mean, there are SHIT TONS of mods for them, and they're pretty damn cheap.

Honestly, I think Peavey is about the best damn amp Manufacterer around anymore. They have so much to offer that it shouldn't even be considered fair

Not really that their quality or sound is any better than anyone else, but they cover so much ground in terms of budgets, tones, genres, and all-around flexibility.
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