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"Silent" Guitar Cables

Hey everyone, I'm wondering what makes a "silent" or "noiseless" guitar cable different from your run of the mill cable. Less static overall, when you unplug, etc??
any sort of answer is very helpful. Thanks!
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Ones that cut off sound when you unplug so you can safely change guitars without turning your amp off.
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Originally Posted by pepelepew040
Hey everyone, I'm wondering what makes a "silent" or "noiseless" guitar cable different from your run of the mill cable. Less static overall, when you unplug, etc??
any sort of answer is very helpful. Thanks!

i 'silent' guitar cable is a unicorn. doesn't exist.

there are lots of way to combat noise in a cable, most of them have to do with sending a balanced signal over the cable (to cancel noise), these would be tip-ring-sleeve (TRS) cable or XLR cable (mic cables). but guitar cables don't allow for these conveniences.

if you want to limit noise then choose shorter cables. some cables that claim to help eliminate noise are cables with extra shielding and/or better conductive material (gold for example). the amount of performance increase you get from this is quite minimal.

if i pay more for a cable, it is usually for any [lifetime] warranty it may come with.

what is the specific problem you'd like to address?
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"noiseless" or "low-noise" guitar cable is usually referring to handling noise. Lots of lower end cables don't have a nice jacket around the wire and braid, and you suffer from handling noise. Any noise canceling I have noticed comes from the type of pickup configuration you have, rather than changing cables themselves.
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Silent usually refers to a spring loaded tip that grounds the signal when it's unplugged from the guitar. So no noise when switching guitars.
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There's a little possibility for confusion here. Noiseless cable is just better quality cable which makes a lot less noise than some of the cheaper stuff, unbelievable some guitar leads are made of cable that is microphonic and makes a noise every time you handle it.

Silent leads have a plug (made by Neutrik) with a built in magnetic reed switch which as the guy above says shorts out the earth and tip of the plug. You can pick up the plug for about 5 in the UK or a ready made lead for about 15. If you play live then I personally wouldn't use anything else.
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honestly i wouldn't pay a dime for a cable that doesn't make noise when you put it in the guitar. get a tuner, my pitchblack silences anything so if i need to do something i just engage it. if you are gigging IMO you should have a solid pedal tuner, the clip-on tuners aren't bad, but i have had two break on me, so i got the pitchblack. silences and you can use it to tune.
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