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Euphoria (Instrumental Rock)

A song I had recorded during my winter break from school. Some flaws are present (It is my first shot at home recording) and some tips would be nice.

I would put it as just a good old fashion rock instrumental, but some of my friends tell me that it sounds a little progressive. I will leave you to decide that. But please give it a listen to and leave a comment on what I should work on improving (a long list I reckon). Thank you.

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1:00 and 2:20 a bit too low treble level on the lead at this part. Maybe making the guitar sound closed and like it was in a another room than the microphone was the intention for the song, but in my opinion it would sound better if they were a bit more sharp and bright.
Snare drum volume level set a bit too low so it drowns a bit with the cymbal and kick.
At 2:13 the sweeping sounded slightly messy and sloppy, if that's worth pointing out.
If you could try to get more power in the part with the main theme (chorus) at 1:35 - 2:13 and 2:54 - 3:33 that would be sweet. Perhaps a double tracked rythm guitar to support the bass would do the trick.
I love the sound you got with the harmonized parts on the leads.
A pretty solid song when it's your first attempt at recording.
Keep making intrumentals like these!

You don't need to, but if you could do something in return, a critique on my band's song would be nice. It's heavier / harder than your music, but it has some rock elements in it.
Here is the link to the thread: http://www.ultimate-guitar.com/foru...d.php?t=1579524
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you would definitely benefit from some eq-changes, not unlike those suggested by ^^^^. The clean lead guitar definitely needs more presence. I feel like the different guitar tracks aren't exactly in tune with each other at times. Also to clean things up maybe use a bit less gain on your sweeps. I think there's a tendency for us as guitarists to use way too much gain in solo passages. All that being said, I think the intro and "choruses" are epic as **** man, job well done there.

check out my demo, it's not that long. Let me know what you think
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Hi, this is really good. I love the intro, and how it evolves. The modulation thing you do there (or maybe its just one chord) where great. I feel maybe some of your fast runs is to "metal" for the song. But hey, nice song and very good recording! Makes me want to hear more from you. You earned a follower.
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The composition and playing are amazing.

The build into the chorus is great and even without lyrics I can feel a strong story.

The ride? cymbal that begins around 0:50 sounds like it is cut off a little too soon.

The lead tone is a little too subtle I think with some more treble it could sit even lower in the mix and stand out more.

Excellent first piece though the playing is top notch
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Thanks to everyone who listened. Your tips have been very useful and hopefully I'll have a better instrumental out after my exams.

Oh and I forgot to mention (itsthatDude did though lol) but my guitar was slightly out of tune at one point but due to holiday plans, I didnt have time to retake them.

Also Ozzy, the drum program i used (Acoustica beatcraft at my friends place, cuz I dont like piracy, and I have a tendancy of being broke) kind of limited me to that.

Ps - I have resolved to controling my itchiness to increase the gain.
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I really like the harmonies in this. from about 1:00 on, I like the whole thing, but before the drums kicked in completely, I just wasn't feeling it. Maybe the tone? I'm not really sure, but I couldn't get into the intro. The rest of the song though, I really liked! Keep it up!
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