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Dr Boogie


What is everyone's opinion on the Dr. Boogie DIY pedal??

I love the Rectifier tone but can't justify saving 1000 at 17 without a job.

I'm just wondering your opinions as I might have a crack at building one

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General reviews say its good, however, from my experience, you simply can't replicate the feel and touch-sensitivity of a good amp through a pedal. So don't be going around expecting a bang-up replica.

The pedal might give you the level of gain of a rectifier, but it won't give you the rectifier sag that the Rectos are known for.
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what exactly does rectifier sag mean?
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The sag is from the response time with the rectifier tube. It almost give it a compressed feel.

SS rectifiers do not have this.
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Go for it I bought the shin-ei fuzz diy pedal I just haven't got around to making it
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Originally Posted by R45VT
The sag is from the response time with the rectifier tube. It almost give it a compressed feel.

SS rectifiers do not have this.

Eh, I dunno about that. I guess in general that's true, but most people who own Rectos run it on the SS Rectifier setting.
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^ that's what i'd have thought.

still the general point is good- i haven't tried it either, but from all accounts it's meant to be a killer pedal. If you go in expecting a killer pedal, it's probably worth a shot. If you go in expecting something which means you no longer need or want a killer high gain tube amp, you might be disappointed.
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