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I'd start with a hotrodded Marshall-type amp, then go from there.

Pretty, yea?
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That looks suspiciously catlike.
Trying to get in the first cat are we?
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Engl E530. With a very broad interpretation of preamp, I consider it an effect.
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If you want crazy, how bout a shin ei fuzz wah
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tremolo is nice, or you can get some messed up sounds with a whammy, like using the harmony mode in octave up and picking chords.
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Digitech Whammy.
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Crazy effects you say, I say if you can get a voodoo lab wahzoo or earthauaker devices rainbow machine. The kimgs of epicly trippy effects.
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Originally Posted by chookiecookie
@everything lb has ever said

Wtf is wrong with you

Originally Posted by lolmnt
everypony calm down!

Originally Posted by Bladez22
numa, if I grow boobs and cat ears in the night, I'll let you know
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Need a dispenser here!
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If you've already got a nice board and you're happy with your sound, don't buy more pedals for the sake of it.

Get something useful like a rack tuner or a good wireless system.
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You want to re-create your 'organ-like' sounds through an amp, you say???


Originally Posted by Spaztikko
Imagine the part of the ballsack where occasionally old poo sticks to the pubes and hardens, and you then have to pull out, but as an amp. That's an MG.

Greatest quote of all time?

I think so...
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