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7th string to E?

I have had an Agile 7-string for a while and recently wanted to try something a little different seeing how the novelty of having an extra B string has worn off. I thought I could tune the 7th string down to E so it was an octave lower than the 6th string. I tried using 70gauge& 74gauge strings (both Ernie Ball brand) and got the desired note but the string itself was slack to an almost unplayable degree. What should I change to fix this? Is what I want even possible? ....I'll admit I'm a little out of my element here.
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But yea, it's doable, just get a thicker string. Probably like an 80 something or other.
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For E I wouldn't use lower than an 80.
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Of course you can. What's your scale length? My guitar's 27", and for my sixth-string E I use a .041 and for my eight-string E I use an .086 from Circle K Strings. I think it's perfect, but they're slightly heavier and flexible strings than normal.

Plug your details into this string tension calculator and find the tension you have for the strings you like. Then find out what gauge gives you a suitable enough tension.
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It sounds like what you really want is a bass 6. Schecter make some prety good ones at a reasonable price.

If you're hell-bent on putting an extra low E on your 7, bear in mind that electric guitar tuners are not designed to take a string thick enough to do that on a non-bass scale guitar (i.e. anything shorter than 30"). You will need to fit a new tuner - possibly even a bass tuner - and the nut slot will have to be permanently widened, and possibly raised too.
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The tuning could be quite cool.

Adaptations would have to be made with your:

-Intonation, the saddle will sit much differently than that of the previous B string
-Nut, the thicker string will require you to file the nut down a fair bit in order for it to actually fit!

You shouldn't have too many problems with the tuner, as long as you unwind the outer core of the string and use that to wind it. As for gauges, off the shelf i would try anything from 74+ but i would be inclined to start at an 80 minimum
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