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Question What kind of pregnant radiation suits? Effect which radiation suit?

What kind of pregnant radiation suits? Effect which radiation suit?

Currently, many radiation suit brands on the market, so pregnant moms moment are spoiled for choice, then, radiation protection suits generally are divided what types? Which radiation suit effect is good? The baby Golden Shield will give you 11 to explain.
Pregnant women, radiation suit radiation suit vest style sling radiation suit, radiation suit apron radiation suit stomachers, radiation suit underwear radiation suit Maternity Dresses Maternity Pants radiation suit radiation suit pregnant women shirt. The common style vest, pregnant women skirt, halter top, stomachers,.
1, radiation-proof vest:
Usually sleeveless and shorter jacket, long clothing and abdomen position. The main function is to make the chest area before and after the insulation, to withstand electromagnetic radiation and to facilitate your hands. Can be outside with a coat to wear, can wear underwear outside. Is the most common radiation suit styles. General can wear when you go out or go to work.

2, the radiation suit stomachers:
Bellyband also known as "Bra", is a traditional Chinese clothing care thoracoabdominal lingerie, mostly square or rectangular shape, diagonal design, upper corner cut off into a shallow concave semicircular lower corner of some was tapered Some arc. Wearing suitable for the use of early pregnancy, mainly to resist the radiation of the first part of the stomach, can not fully protect. Radiation are generally showed a the arc diffuse, less linear radiation. Is also a more common radiation suit style, more suitable for wearing at home.

3, radiation sling:
Small shoulder strap, Length and abdomen. Length can be divided into harness clothing and Dress resist the other wrapped around the area of ??radiation. Is the most popular summer style.

4, radiation protection aprons:
Waist apron when cooking work to resist electrical radiation.
Anti Radiation Pregnant Dresses women dress:
Dress, style, the main difference is that combination of pregnant women Waist enlarge some tie rope can adjust the clothing size. With the radiation suit vest similar. Different from the radiation protection clothing vest Length longer.
6, radiation Maternity Pants (prop belly pants):
Waist pants, can be wrapped around the the stomach mainly from the warm and can withstand radiation around. Inconvenient to the pregnant women overalls wearing expectant mothers more options bust Maternity Pants. The this radiation Maternity Pants rare, general pregnant women to wear a radiation suit vest, women dress more.
7, radiation pregnant women shirt:
General radiation suit is the protection of human body parts, and pregnant women shirt can be more comprehensive protection of the outside of the body part arm.
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u wot m8
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How did you get a radiation suit pregnant
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what is this i dont even


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how babby formed? how girl get cancer??

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i kinda wanna leave this up since it's an interesting read
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