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The Madcap
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How much do you care about how a musician looks?

Do you prefer your musicians to be attractive and cool-looking?

In a lot of genres, like Rock, Pop, Electronic, etc. generally the musicians are in shape and moderately attractive. There are some exceptions (Adele), and the famous people aren't necessarily George Clooney, but they're not ugly, either. Metal is one of those genres where you guys listen to some ugly dudes.

I personally don't like admitting it, but I do care how my musicians look a little bit. I'd be disappointed if I heard a track by an artist I'd never heard of, and I loved the track, but the musician looked like this.
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haha no
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not at all
Originally Posted by beadhangingOne
What happened to Snake?




Originally Posted by TunerAddict
you can take my mouse and keyboard from my cold, slightly orange from cheetos, dead fingers

Originally Posted by Baby Joel
Isis is amazing
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Not very much
Originally Posted by robertsanidiot
Jesus died for their sins. It would be a waste if they just didn't sin it up. If you ask me, it's almost unchristian if you DON'T eat the kiddies.
Originally Posted by StewieSwan
Hahaha you short fuck
Originally Posted by due 07
LOL manlet
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It's not a reason to not listen to them but it's an added bonus if they're beautiful or look cool as hell doing their thing.
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I listen to bands with dudes that look like women in them.

So no.
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only if they are a pop star becasue obviouisly im not looking at they music videos for th emusic
a youtube link?
maybe you should click on it

Originally Posted by whoomit
You sound like an amazing friend
i sound like one...im secretly a huge dick

my bands soundcloud
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Hard Boyled
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If it's a female they have to be smoking to compensate for their lack of talent, if it's a guy he just has to not look like a serial pedophile.
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First sentence in OP is like asking if you prefer your food to look good, or look like shit.
It's weird because you have artists that look attractive (see: Katy Perry) ones that...well (see: Lemmy Kilmister) and then there's weird ones (see: David Bowie), so attractiveness isn't the only factor taken into account. Obviously I'll be a little disappointed if I can't fap to them, but I won't not listen to someone because his/her physical appearance doesn't appeal to me.
Originally Posted by link no1
Originally Posted by jazz-rock-feel
How damaging is it for a trans person to be referred to the incorrect gender as a child?
I don't see how it would be damaging. I got called C-dog for a number of years despite not being a dog. I turned out alright.

Originally Posted by mickel_w
PRS is not enough
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Likes Satchurated fat.
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I don't listen to music because of what the artist looks like.

That would be like going to a Picasso gallery because you thought he was a good pianist.
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Everything you love sucks
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I was going to talk about how I didn't like how freddie mercuries looks but still found him amazing and looked it up on google to pull an image and got this


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Lemmy dissaproves
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Originally Posted by jetfuel495
Jesus, Horsedick, you are my hero

Originally Posted by JayT44
don't worry guys his girlfriend is black, she said it was okay for him to say that.

Stalk Me

Shitty Covers

Original Music

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uncoachable; unsociable
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I can't say I don't at all, but its definitely not the biggest reason I like bands by a long shot.

That said, I don't watch Lights videos on youtube just for the music.
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locks from the inside
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it can add to the whole image, yeah
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lamb of dog
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like (@)(@) this much.
Welcome! Now do yourself a favor and run away. Run as far away from gear forums as is humaly possible! If you follow this advice, you'll be able to tell your grandchildren about the guy who saved you from yourself.

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Bad Kharmel
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I'm not sure if it matters, the Rolling Stones are a huge thing and they all looked like gargoyles
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Cap'n crunch
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It does matter to me, but I find people 1000% sexier if I dig their music.
My tumblr.
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I don't think I've thought about this before
Also, I usually have no idea which men are handsome and which are ugly
I care about the music, they can have whatever clothing style or physical appearance they want
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Originally Posted by Bob_Sacamano
It's not a reason to not listen to them but it's an added bonus if they're beautiful or look cool as hell doing their thing.

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