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Huge Guy
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I don't have a problem having multiple guitars, though all mine are different. I have one single coil, one HSH, one with EMG's, and a bass.

No point in having a ton with all the same/similar hardware.
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I think I hit 12 at one point, plus other stringed instruments. That was when I started to realize that too I didn't enjoy owning so many guitars as much as I enjoyed buying them.

I've actually sold some of my collection, and I'm down to a 8 guitars and a banjo, a bass, and a mandolin.
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I have 10 myself, and there are more I want. There is never too many.
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I'm some where around 25ish

Never too many
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Asking people on UG how many guitars is too many is like asking a group of alcoholics how many beers is too many.

I mean that in the best way possible.
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Originally Posted by Ippon


Surely that's not one person's collection...
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Black Cherry Jello
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It could be- I don't see any price tags anywhere.
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Never too many. I would want one in every tuning from B-E, including all open tunings, in 6, 7, including 12 strings, one set of all these in acoustic, and electric, then hollow body, and with all these copies of each with different pickups and wood on the body and board, then more copies with and without tremolo bars, whammy bars, and bridges without either bars.
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Originally Posted by CoreysMonster
Well that's not entirely true. I'm assuming your 8 string has a baritone neck and humbuckers, which means a tele or strat - heck, even a les paul - would sound very different.

Not to mention that in my experience, sometimes songs just sound nicer and warmer when played on a normal scale, and to be perfectly honest, I still would like to have a 7-string for the sole reason that it's a different feeling and gives me different ideas when writing. I mean, I don't NEED one, because I can always just take of the low F# string on the 8, but it'd not be completely redundant to have one.
Depends on the setup. Mine is pretty versatile, so that's nothing a bit of EQ and tweaking can't fix... assuming I want that sound. The rest comes down to playability, which is why I opt for longer scales now.

Beyond that, I think it just comes down to personal preference. Having a different instrument in my hands with the same tuning I'm used to just does nothing for me. I just think "oh great, I had an idea but the range limited me..." or I'd just play it on my own guitar. Now if I was given an instrument in a different tuning... that's where I start having different ideas! It's something new and exciting that I can't otherwise play with. Even going A-C# on my lowest strings instead of my usual B-E brings out a wealth of ideas. I find a ukelele more interesting than a Les Paul in standard tuning.
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Depends on how diverse your taste in music-playing is. I play a lot of styles, so I have a singe-coil strat a jackson rhoads for rock and and an SG in drop C tuning for tje heavier stuff.
Then there is a steel string and a nylon string accoustic.

As long as I still use all of them regularly is see no reason to get rid of them just for the fact that is is "to many" guitars.

There are so many differences in guitars to get different sound. Singe coil, P90, humbucker, solid/hollow, guitar/base, electric, accoustic, string through, floid, bigsby And all combinations of those ofcourse.

I would say that owning 8 guitars all with EMG's and a floyd is not necessary, there is not that much difference in sound. So if you have a good reason to have a specific guitar I wouldn't get rid of it, just to get rid of a guitar.
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If you use all the guitars you own, you're fine.
I personally own a guitar for standard tuning, one for alternate tunings, and one for backup.
I've needed the backup numerous times due to string breakage during gigs.

Also, find out why your parents want you to sell your guitars. Explain that you disagree with them, bring up a valid reason. If your parents don't see the purpose in owning different guitars for different tunings, bring up the tool analogy below. Explain that each guitar sounds different and as such will be useful in a different song.

Parents want to hear well-thought-out reasons for anything their child does. That's what they're parents for.
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Your parents sound like my dad. "Whats the difference between your Marshall (Valvestate) And this one(JCM DSL)? Why is this one so much better?" Trying to get him to understand that tube amps (a dead audio technology in his opinion) are better was very hard. Luckily it worked out.

Just let them know its for a purpose. Theyre tools of your trade. The shoe analogy was great for your mother. Does your father have any tools? That would be one for him. Why does he have a phillips and a flat head screwdriver? Why does he have 15 ratchets instead of one?

Parents are parents. And remember you are there kid. Dont fight them or argue with them about keeping them. Calmly explain theyre important to you and if they sell them they are inhibiting your creativity as a person as well as a musician. That argument almost worked for mine. haha
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Compare them to automobiles.

You can't carry a half-ton of dirt in an econobox, you can't win an Indy car race with a pickup truck, and a sportscar can take the starting lineup of your basketball team for hit dogs & sodas.
Sturgeon's 2nd Law, a.k.a. Sturgeon's Revelation: “Ninety percent of everything is crap.”

Why, yes, I am a lawyer- thanks for asking!

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I've been playing guitar for more than 40 years and have owned probably more than 100 guitars (not all at the same time). I've never owned or even saw a "half-step guitar." What is that??? Does that mean that it is tuned a half-step down?

I currently have 20 or so guitars. I don't need that many. If I were to downsize, my "essential list" would include the following:

Les Paul
Semi-hollow 335 style
P-90 solid body
6-string acoustic
12-string acoustic

It sounds to me like you use all of your guitars, which means you don't have too many.
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Axe Murderer
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I have 5 and feel like I have too many for my skill level (I dont gig, but I do practice every day).

I'f I played better and wider variety of songs, then I could see having as many as I could afford/store.

Right now I have:
MIM 1959'ish Roadworn Strat
2010 American Deluxe Ash Strat
American Vintage 1959 Sonic Blue Strat
ESP EclipseII Standard
Recording King RO 126S acoustic
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From a collectors point of view:
I asume if you where collecting stamps, they wouldn't even ask you to sell one "book of stamp" because it's too many...

From a player point of view:
If one is "collecting the dust", then you might have "too many", but as long as you play em and use them, it's not too many...

Presently, I have 4:
Standard / Drop D
Half Tone / Drop Db
Full step / Drop C

I would have no problem adding 3 just not to have to go from standard to drop,
I would have no problem adding 2 more for Two Steps / Drop B
I would have no problem adding 1 more half step with 24.5 scale for fooling around in "slash mode"
I would have no problem adding a nice fender to get a nice pink floyd tone

and on, and on!

I think, if you're not short for space or cash, it's most likely not "to many"
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I think I have 10 at the moment. Half of them have double locking trems, so its a pain to change tunings, and all of them are technically in different tunings I'd say.
6 strings in standard, dropped D, dropped C, half step down, Bb standard, and I think D standard
7 strings in standard, half step down and one has 2 high E strings
And an 8 string in half step down.

I can probably do without the Bb standard 6 string because its almost the same the 7 tuned down, but as that's the ultimate stage presence guitar, I can't.
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I have 6 electrics, I don't really use lots of different tunings but each guitar has its own sound and use for me. I don't think I'll be buying any more in the near future but I would like to replace my g-1275 for a real Gibson when I can spare the cash.

Parker fly (my workhorse/main gigging guitar)
MIM Fender Strat (bought for that strat sound and th trem although I don't gig with it anymore because the Parker has taken it's place live, still used at home and at rehearsals sometimes)
Epiphone G-1275 (two necks needed for some songs live)
Gibson SG Classic (P90's used used as a backup to the Parker live now, just in case)
Gibson SG Standard (taken the place of my old 1963 SG mainly used at home and rehearsals)
Gibson SG Standard 1963 (only used on occasions at home really due to the age of the guitar, it's a little worn out lol)

I also have some accoustics which I have on stands in my living room so I can just pick them up and play. Plus a banjo and a mandolin but they don't count as Guitars do they
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Mr. Flying V
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I have 10 and would like a few more
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