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I have 5, my main Ibanez Prestige, a half scalloped Jackson DK2 tuned to drop D, A Taylor Acoustic, Classical and Bass. Covers everything. I could get another but don't want or need one really. Might upgrade the Prestige one day.
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tune up turn on rock out
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How Many Guitars Is Too Many?

Actually, I go by Dave, but there are already too many Daves on this forum.

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UGs Only Rhythm Guitarist
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I've always bought loads. However, I've always come back to my les Paul. So I now have just that and my baja telecaster. Just never found a better guitar for my needs. However, I am currently saving up for the end all. A Gibson Les Paul 57 reissue. 3 pickups, bigsby...
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I have 4 guitars which are all preety much crappy.
So the number of guitars doesn't matter, quality does.
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I have, I think 7 currently, including a 12 string, 7 string, and a bass.

That being said, I'd rather thin my collection down to just my SG and bass. It was nice to have the otehr guitars to experiment with other types of styles of guitars but.. at the end of the day, I only play two of them. Personally, having multitudes of guitars is a bit of a waste- I can only play one at a time! That being said, I understand the desire to have many.

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I own 4 basses and 10 guitars. To me, it'll probably never be enough. I got them over the years, and the longer I played the more expensive they got, from a no name generic brand to a few epiphones to gibsons to ESP artist signature series. Some I play a lot and some I haven't touched in a long time. I'll never sell them because I'll never get what I payed for them, and as soon as I do, I'll probably want to play them.
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I got up to 35 and am now trading/selling down to a lower number. I am getting rid of anything that doesnt feel, sound, and look great. I think that with about 12, none will be cased up collecting dust in a closet. They will all get played.
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I've had up to 4 at one time, 2 electrics and 2 acoustics. I wouldn't really call mine a collection, just upgraded to better equipment really. All of my guitars have been played though. I would love to one day have a stable of a few good strats, teles, and maybe even a les paul. Just to sit down and be able to handle a few different at will would be nice. I used my lesser quality guitars sometimes on trips and just ended up missing my newer upgraded stuff. It reminded me of why I upgraded in the first place.
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The evil old man
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When you are eating the dogs kibble for supper you spend too much money on guitars.

The following statement is true. The proceeding statement is false.
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One among the fence.
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Too many is when you are completely happy with what you have, but you buy another for the hell of it, or when you you can't afford to live (bills/food) and you buy another. Anything else is fair game.
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When there's no more room for them in your house.

But more realistically, when you have guitars you don't ever use and aren't collectibles or decorative. If you regularly use all your guitars, in any way really, doesn't really matter if you have 3 or 30 guitars...

I only have 1 guitar. I would love to have at least 3, for different tunings and styles.
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Muchacho Moderno
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I really can only play three of four. But they are such works of art I can never have enough!
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tough one. how many is enough? ..... just one more,
i knew a guy in Ohio that had over 150 Ovation acoustics. that was just one room. he liked Taylors and Gibsons too. musta been over 1000.
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Bay Area Thrash
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I'm at 10, not enough
Originally Posted by shredder3386
Yup, Addonexus nailed it...
My band
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I play Bass.
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Same, I'm at ten. Not enough.
I'm the Bassist for Shard Of Ruin: https://www.facebook.com/Templarband?fref=ts
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I had six electrics and ended up buying a Carvin earlier this year, didn't play the others as much so I ended up giving my four friends each one of them for Christmas; felt good, and now I'm down to my Carvin and one back up, and that's perfect.
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You can't have too many guitars. But there probably comes a time when you start running short of space to put them, money to buy them, and/or time to play them. I had about 20 before I realized my practical limit was maybe 6, and the rest were just for collecting. Not that I'd mind adding to my collection, but it's no longer very urgent.
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as long as the guitars are of good quality. there is no such thing as too many
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Judge Shredd
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My take is as long as as you have one "quality" guitar everything else is gravy.

Being serious if you are playing at a Bon Jovi level (Stadiums/being rich as ****) you need one guitar for each tuning.
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I have 21. Its too many.
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