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How long is the average song on your iTunes?

Open up your calculator take your total length, which is most likely in days then

x24 (hrs a day)
x60 (mins per hour)
x60 (sec per hour)

divide by amount of songs
divide by 60

This is now the amount of average minutes

Take the numbers from the decimal point on (eg. 4.0657)
and multiply that by 60. That is the amount of seconds to add to that number

My average was 4 mins and 25 seconds. I was expecting longer due to my extensive Opeth collection, but I guess it evens out in the end. I challenge all you progheads to destroy my precedent.

inb4 I dont want to do math
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Not caring no more
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Fuck itunes.
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Joshua Carcia
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3.7 minutes.

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Diamond Dave
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2 days, 12 hours, 5 minutes and 35 seconds, but I may not have carried the 4 correctly

EDIT: 3 minutes, 51 seconds average. I must love pop music or something
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Harvey Swick
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i dont want to do ma-

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All smiles :)
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4 minutes and 30 seconds.
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spelt bizarre incorrectly
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4 minutes 20 seconds

I remember it being a lot shorter in a thread just like this a year or two ago because thrash and crossover made up a much larger proportion of my library back then.
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is the bees knees
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5.6 minutes.

Also, you don't need to multiply by 60 then divide by 60 again later, so all you really need is...

(Days x 24 x 60)/#of songs
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4 minutes and 41 seconds.
I have a lot of prog songs balanced out by a lot of punk/short pop songs, so it goes to something pretty average by the end.
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Lord Waltaa
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4.6 minutes.
Cool stuffs
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2 minutes 26 seconds.

Long songs get kinda boring.
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Who'd've thought I had about 10,000 songs. I only listen to 6 or 7 on repeat.
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Hmm 3.7 minutes. Makes sense since I only have like 600 songs downloaded.
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4.7 minutes .
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5.9 minutes.

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I have like 5800 songs, and about 100 of them are riff ideas I recorded and are mostly 10-20 seconds long. Otherwise the average would be a bit higher.
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4.7 mins.
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ali, you're really cute.

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Almost exactly 4 minutes. I feel like it would be a bit higher if I didn't have 3 gigs of Jamaican dancehall music, but I simply can't resist the riddem.
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5,2 minutes on Itunes
4,2 minutes on Spotify

This seems pretty pointless however if you got some extreme values like 30 minutes prog epics in the list.
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