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Boss DS-2 or Digitech DF 7 ?

So I've been looking to buy a distortion pedal lately and I've narrowed down my options to these two pedals. I play a Fender Highway One Strat usually through solid state Marshall amps. I play pop, jazz, blues, and rock (probably the heaviest kind of tone I'd go for is the Satriani or Vai tone). Is the DS-2's "focus" on one sound higher quality than the DF 7 trying to emulate a lot of different distortion models?
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I am pretty sure GG&A will tell you you need a new amp and more than likely they will tell you a Peavey Vypyr tube 60. Which if you just jam out in your bedroom is overkill, can you be more specific on which ss Marshall you are using, because they aren't exactly equal. You might just be better off with a used line 6 pod of some sorts rather than a simple distortion pedal and the ones you listed aren't exactly good especially if your just jamming in your living room or something. If the choices are between those two pedals I would just use the amp even if its just a mg. Lastly I ask you what is your location, budget, willing to go used, what exactly are you going to use the pedal for just home use gigging? Jamming with buddies? gigs? because if you answer these questions you will more likely get the answers you are looking for. If for some reason you just want a pedal for the sake of having the pedal i would recommend a visual sound Jekyll and Hyde its a solid pedal that should do those things and more very well and if you decide to upgrade your amp to some kind of tube amp it will do very well with it because the other channel is a tube screamer.
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Hoy christ on a boogie board, just answer his friggin question. That post looks like if Ed Hochuli was a guitarist as opposed to an NFL referee.

Anyway, I suggest the hardwire SC-2. It's got more tonal control then the ds-2 and df7, and costs between the two (as of now, any way. $78 for ds-2, about $90 for the SC-2. and $100 for the df7).
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to echo Losing Battle in not so many words, what's your current gear?

No need to get a semi-decent overdrive if you're going to play it through an amp that won't get the best out of it.
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