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Peavy Vyper Sanpera whatnot FOR GIGGING need advise for GIGGING metal

Need some advise from people who are experienced in what I'm talking about, bare with me

I own a Peavy Vyper 100w combo amp.
I like it. Its an alright amp.
Now I want a chromatic pedal tuner.
So I'm thinking I might as well buy the sanpera so I have all the effects as well.
Hopefully its pedal tuner isnt as gay to use as the tuner built into the amp.
All good I can get allot of effects out of the sanpera right so It be an alirght investment

But I'm not sure if that would be worth it.
The sanpera as you most know can only be used with the peavy vyper, it controls the effects inside the amp, its more of a footswitch.

I am currently forming a metal band in the gold coast, australia.
I've been to several metal/hardcore shows in my local area and most of the time they have a cab set up on stage with a few heads on top of it.
I dont know who the hell owns which amp wherever they'r owned by bands or the promotor I dunno.
All I know is that if I was relying with my peavy vyper/sanpera I dunno if I'd be allowed to use it. Like u have to mic everything up and soundcheck it

So im not sure of making investment
And Im very tight budget

Like I want advice from guys in local/touring metal bands, maybye australia if their is a regional difference like how things work out on using your gear and whatnot

I want to use my peavy vyper on stage ultimately it is a gutsy amp and it has 100w and I know it packs a punch and all amps get micced up anyway so it not problem but yeah I want to have some advice wherever i should invest in sanpera

im not saving up for anything fancy like an ax fx or a tube amp anywhere in the near future so no no no

thanks for your advice

lol some im so tired i relaised i am typing like a mexican lol sup senor
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sonny bb
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Wrong section i think, but I'll give my 2cents.
I don't know how it works in aus, but you should be able to bring your own amp and mic it up (usually house mics, but if you want you can bring your own. Some places might have their own backline, but you should know these things beforehand)
if you plan on channel switching a lot, the sanpera would be what you need. I'm assuming it has a tuner. You can get a tuner for pretty cheap. it doesn't have to be a polytune/tu-2/tu-3
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You bring your own amp.

At metal gigs I play, I don't let other bands use my amp or cab, it's mine. People ask to, but no. Some people might be a bit nicer than me. Always check with promoters or the people setting up the gig if anyone is providing the backline.

Vypyr is a solid state 1x12 combo right? You'd have to mic it up, even if it was all tube I'd still mic it up.
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To answer your question, yeah it would be worth it to be able to control the tuner and effects from a distance.

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Originally Posted by Ultraussie
Hopefully its pedal tuner isnt as gay to use as the tuner built into the amp.

Yeah. I hate it when I end up with a tuning pedal that wants to have sex with other tuning pedals, as opposed to having sex with compressor pedals like a normal tuner!
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